Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday! [OOTD]

Outfit posts are so fun and I love reading them on other people's blogs. So I thought I'd jump on the train and do an outfit post today for "What I Wore Wednesday!"

Shameless bathroom selfie at work. Sorry guys but is the only place I can find a full-length mirror so I can actually get my whole body in.

This is pretty typical for me to wear: skinnies with Toms and a loose top. My hair is pretty much the same every day straightened and then pulled half up with a clip. Occasionally I switch it up and put half up with a ponytail and do a topsy-turvy flipping it just to give it a little something extra.
 Top: Gap (similar here and here)
Pants: Ross
Shoes: Toms
Bracelet: Haley's Cottage

I love my new bracelet that I got for Easter. It's perfect with the cross and I can wear it to school.  It replaces all of the rubber bands I usually wear on this wrist to cover up my tattoo at work.

pleated poppy

♥ Ashley


  1. Loving the top girly!!

  2. Oooh are we wearing the same shoes? They look super close!

    Me likey :)

  3. great outfit and the peach color is so spring. :D

  4. Great outfit, especially loving that bracelet!


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