Friday, September 11, 2020

Ellie’s first day of school September 2020

 2020 is the year where nothing makes sense.

This school year is not what we envisioned back in February when I filled out Ellie’s enrollment paperwork or March when she was sent home or even June with the hopes of returning to school. 

But here we are doing a hybrid of Homeschooling (with The Good and The Beautiful curriculum) and Digital Learning through her school district. She’s in good spirits and able to go with the flow. 

We started a few days ago working in the Schoolhouse (more to come) on our homeschooling and now she’s officially started 2nd grade with her digital classroom. I’ve got my strong feelings about all of this and the challenges this new platform of learning (that I don’t feel will be serving our kids well) but will keep them mostly to myself and encourage Ellie to have fun and learn. We have some things we need to figure out: like what to do with Finnley & Séamus but I’m sure we will find our groove.

Our day started off with some technical difficulties, which further proved the errors of this system, but we were able to overcome them and improvise.  Some emotions got hot and I made sure to add some extra Stress Away to our diffuser and an extra couple of swipes of our rollers.

So here’s to second grade and hopes a return to the classroom happens this year 

XOxo, Ashley 


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