Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Christmas Vacation 2016

Well I can't believe that 2016 is coming to a close.  This has been our best Christmas Vacation yet.  We are so lucky that Thomas is a teacher and he has a 2 week (albeit unpaid) break during these holidays and that my nanny job is flexible that we were able to make the most of it!

I mentioned in an earlier post that we moved our tree to a new location this year and I absolutely loved it!  Special things on our tree this year was a couple First Christmas ornaments for Finnley - how much I love that words cannot express.

Starting off our vacation Finnley and I made a stop by Target to pick up a Keurig, (in white pearl) I actually ordered it online through Ebates and chose the same day pick up in store option #worthit

Then we braved Costco right before the holidays and actually it wasn't as crazy as we anticipated.  We just needed to grab a few necessities like formula for Finnley and Ellie always requests Pizza and a Hotdog when we visit!

On Sunday before Christmas Ellie and I went to the Nutcracker for a Mama/Daughter Date, Nanny was supposed to come but she came down with the stomach flu so it was just the two of us.  Ellie did much better this year and we made it through the whole ballet!  She got a little squirrely and was a difficult to get a photo with her...I guess that's a 3yo for ya!!  About an hour after we got home Ellie started throwing up and I guess that explains her behavior a bit!  She was a tough girl and made it through the night with no puking episodes.  She and Dada stayed home on Monday while I took Finnley to work - somehow the two of us managed to steer clear of the sickness!  Dada wasn't so lucky.

On Wednesday we went car shopping (for me!!) and celebrated with a Milkshake for Ellie at RR, although she only took like 3 sips from it... My order from Old Navy came in and I was so excited about my maroon pants and lace detail top!!

Some Christmas decor in the girls rooms will always bring a smile to my face

The girls rocked at their before Christmas weekly photo shoot...this might be my favorite to date!

On Christmas Eve we spent the morning cleaning, prepping for dinner and then getting the girls ready for Christmas Eve service with my Dad.  Of course the candle lighting was Ellie's favorite part.  She wanted to blow out and re-light her candle a hundred times and this was the first year I wasn't having a panic attack about it.  Finnley enjoyed the candles but wasn't has obsessed as Ellie has been every year.  After the service we took our annual Christmas Eve photo by the tree in the lobby and then this year in the annex they had a foam/snow machine and Ellie was in love.

Ellie's Dress and shoes  Finnleys Dress and cardigan

After church we headed back home to finish getting everything ready for Christmas Eve's a formal affair in the Parsons household and this year since we were hosting we thought we would stray from tradition of Prime Rib and attempt a Beef Wellington.  For my first time I thought it turned out pretty good but I have some room for improvement.  We had my Dad, Nanny and Papa, and Thomas older brother and his family.  We were so busy eating and celebrating that I totally failed at getting any photos (and I am so sad I didn't get any of the table!!)  But we did manage a couple of the cousins right before they left...Ellie was a maniac and this was the best photo I got ;)

After our company left we set out milk and cookies for Santa and sent Ellie to bed.

Christmas morning came way too early and Finnley was up first and enjoyed some one on one time with Mama and Dada before Ellie joined us.  Then it was time to see if Santa came, grab the stockings and go to town.  We finished up opening presents and had a yummy breakfast.  Then we took our family picture in front of the tree in our matching jams!! I love being a family of four!

After naps we got the girls ready to head north to see my family.  Thankfully my sister offered to host our crazy at her house and Ellie had the best time.  Finnley and the twins are just 5 months apart (they're older) and she is taller than them!!  I absolutely love that Ellie is the oldest in this group and she does a pretty good job keeping them all in line, just like her Mama  ;)

The day after Christmas we had another family gathering at Thomas older brother's house since his younger brother arrived back in town.  Celebrating with these two is my favorite.

and after 3 days of non-stop Christmas all the girls were worn out and this was the best picture I could get!!

We took the train up to Seattle and walked around.  My socks were a mess and so we had to stop into a drugstore for bandaids and new socks for me and boy do I love them!! It's a wonder what a pair of good new socks feels like, haha!  We started in Chinatown and went to my favorite Chinese spot, stopped at a park and then made our way towards Pikes Place Market.  On the way Ellie saw a Fire Station, which happens to be the headquarters.  We stepped inside and amazingly they have a Fire Truck Museum, Ellie had a blast checking out all the old Fire Trucks and had lots of quiestions.  Then we stopped for an afternoon pick me up at the best coffee shop and decided to have it in, I think this is the first time I've had fancy foam!  It was a solid day at the Market and Finnley had the best time on the train ride home!

After the train we stopped for Dinner and then made our way home.  Ellie was all about her Dada!

Once home Ellie requested a bath with her sister and if you follow me on Snapchat (@alifeonthefarm) then you saw how much fun they had.  Finnley was giggling and laughing up a storm.  Baths are her new favorite thing and Ellie and I are just happy she doesn't cry anymore.

The girls took another weekly photo but before we could get ready Ellie fell down and scraped up her lip, so she donned a bandaid mustache and she was just a crack up.

We stopped at the Zoo (we actually made two trips) and I was so jealous of Finnley's cozy warm outfit.

Then today on New Year's Eve we had Thomas family over for New Years Enchilada's and Football.  Ellie got ready for the game day with Dorito Chippies and water in a big girl cup!  Cooper supervised the whole thing.  We had a fabulous time with family and are planning on spending the evening just the four of us...we might make it to the ball drop on TV but I'm not making any promises.

Happy New Year, I hope that 2017 will be the best year yet...I mean it can't get much worse than 2016 amiright?

♥ Ashley 


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