Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

The Merriest of Christmas Eve's to you and yours.  I wanted to share a little bit of our home decorated for Christmas and what better day than Christmas Eve?  All the presents are wrapped, Jingle Bell Rock (our elf) is keeping an eye out for one last day and we've got a bunch of cookies all ready to go for Santa!

Starting off with a chalkboard:

And then into our living room.  Our tree is on its last leg.  Last year we broke the stand and had to get a cheap replacement - that makes the tree all wobbly- and this year over 60% of the lights are not working. Thomas was a genius and grabbed a few strands of lights to fill in the gaps.

Additionally this is our 9th Christmas in our house and we moved our tree! Traditionally we have placed it by our fireplace but did some rearranging by our front window and I am in love with this location.  It's the best because we can see it from the road which is so exciting.  I love our tree so much and the addition of our Disneyland Monorail has been awesome at creating a barrier for all the presents.  Luckily Ellie hasn't been too interested in touching our tree but she did grab my stack of felt snowflake coasters and added them as ornaments on the tree and we're not allowed to move them ;)

I really wanted to simplify this year and pared down our decorations to try and keep our home festive but also light.

We have our girls "Mistle-toes" artwork displayed on the wall (where we used to put our tree) and then Ellie's holiday paintings from last year and this above the fireplace.  I absolutely adore having FOUR stockings this year and it warms my heart so much. 

The ice skates are a fun decoration that we use for the puppies (they usually get a bone) and then the poinsettia in the owl vase is my favorite.

Looking over into the dining room I added some garland to the window and there is a wreath hanging there as well.  Along with some little trees on our buffet.  The pillows are a fun touch and I am loving that they are festive but also a bit neutral.

And just to keep it real we do have a lot of Finnley's baby stuff in our living room as well.

I had all sorts of plans to put more Christmas into the kitchen but the reality was that it just wasn't going to work.  So a grapevine wreath, some flowers and a mason jar snow globe do the trick.

Now into the girls rooms:

Finnley got a stocking and a garland by her crib.  I love how simple but festive it is.

She got the silver tree this year and I love it in her room so much.  She has pulled it over more times than I would like to share but I figured that would happen so she has non breakable ornaments.  I am just smitten with little Christmas Mice for her and so I made sure to get those for her tree.

In Ellie's room she has some festive bedding, although her reindeer sheets were in the washer so she has a plaid blanket.  A sweet little Christmas wall hanging and a green tree "just like in the living room".  I don't think we need to get Ellie anymore ornaments because her tree is chock full!

She also has a stocking and an extra white pom garland on her gallery wall.

Decorating the girls rooms is so much fun and maybe by this time next year we will have made the improvements in our own room that I've been wanting to do for a while and we can have our room decorated as well...yeah right!!

A Very Merry Christmas!!

♥ Ashley 

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  1. What a cute idea to decorate the rooms of your children! We only ever decorated the living room! I love it!


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