Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Toddler Tuesday - with Erinn

Ladies! I am so excited for this weeks edition of Toddler Tuesday.  I have Erinn guest posting today and she is by far one of my most favorite bloggers! It's really come full circle having her here on the blog today since she was the first blog I guest posted for almost a year ago!  She has some top notch tips for keeping your sanity during the all time favorite subject of bedtime!

Be sure to check out the giveaway I'm hosting for a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs HERE

Life on the Parsons Farm

Hi everyone!  I'm Erinn from Strawberry Swing and Other Things.  I'm a wife and stay at home mom of two sweet little girls.  I'm excited to be sharing some of my learn on the go toddler wisdom today.  Ashlynn is just a month shy of two and half and regarding the topic of toddlers and sleep, we've hit all the hot buttons.

In A's babyhood, I was a coddle mom, getting up at all her cries and nursing her  to sleep.  Finally around ten months she finally starting making it through the night, or close enough, and all was right with the world.  Until I became pregnant two months later and I needed to wean.  It actually went smoother than I ever dreamed cutting the feedings, but she still was in the habit of being rocked to sleep each night.  Of course, I enjoyed this part of my day. A few books, a few songs, and sitting in the dark rocking until I could transfer her to the bed.

As my belly grew... and her body too, this became a bit more difficult.  Plus, I knew once the baby arrived, I wouldn't always be free for a 30 minute bedtime production and it was time for dad to take over.

We started with just having dad do bath and books, and I'd tag team in for songs and rocking.  Slowly he took over and started singing and rocking and doing the whole thing himself.  Of course, at this point (somewhere between 15-18months) she would still wake here or there looking for a lost pacifier or needing a quick night time snuggle.  By the time her sister was born at 19months, she was doing great, even better sleeping through the nighttime newborn cries.

Until 22 months.  And I'll always remember it was 22 months.  It was February and about two days into this 'sleep crisis' our region was hit with an ice storm that left some residents without power for a week.  Some of those residents being my in laws who came to stay in our warm house... and listen to the absolute madness.

At 22 months, out of nowhere.  She no longer wanted to be put to bed.  As usual, dad would lay her down, and she'd pop up and frantically cry.  He tried a few attempts to resettle her and then left her hoping a few minutes of tears she'd settle.  She didn't, so in came the big guns, mom.  We re-read a few stories, calmed down, and when it was time for bed.  The same. Hysterics that were so bad and lasted so long when I tried letting her cry it out she ended up hyperventilating. That night, I had to stand at her crib and wait for her to fall asleep.  I sang some songs and made up stories. After two nights of this, we needed a new plan.

We purchased a Cloud B Ladybug and hoped the novelty of watching the stars change colors would be a good enough distraction, and it worked enough that we could at least get her to lay down in bed.  She has had a crib soother since she was 4 months so now she had two things to entertain her as she tried to fall asleep.  Except, it wasn't enough.  We started leaving her door open, and I would go to our bedroom, which she can see from her bed.  I would watch her on the monitor and every time she stood up, I'll yell over for her to lay down and that mommy was here in her room.  She eventually would settle and fall asleep and I could leave my room.  After a week of this, I started heading down stairs, but still leaving her door open.  A few nights later we were back to our regular routine.

During this hiccup, which seems like almost all toddler parents experience - my one friend would find her almost two year old laying on the bath mat in the bathroom in the middle of the night! - we ordered a Tot Clock.  We taught her that if it was blue, it was night time and she had to sleep or stay in bed, only when it was yellow, was it day time.  This worked wonders.  She no longer insisted on getting up at 5:30am for the day and her naps lasted longer too.  I truly believe it's what made our transition to a toddler bed last month so smooth too.

My small bit of non-professional advice I'd offer parents going through a sleep transition with a toddler is simply patience.  The first few nights are definitely tough, but they are working through something - fear of the dark, fear of being alone, maybe even cutting molars.  Something is new and it'll soon end, try out some new routine shake ups, books before bath, or books while laying in bed instead of the chair.  Maybe a new stuffed animal or light up toy to help them feel secure and be excited about bedtime and not fighting it tooth and nail.  Of course, as tough as it is since we all want to punch the time card come bedtime, it won't last until kindergarden and will be over probably within a few days.   And when all else fails, just grab a bottle ... of wine for yourself!

Thank you Ashley for letting us share some of our toddler sleep history!  I would love to hear what advice other toddler moms have about sleep issues since no two kids are the same. Have a great week!

This info is certainly coming in handy as Ellie is starting to cut her molars (ALL FOUR at once!!)  Thank you so much Erinn for posting here today.  You always have such great insight and your girls are just adorable!!

Do you love this series as much as I do?  Do you have a toddler and some wisdom to share?  I would LOVE for you to guest post on this series!  Just send me an email or leave a comment and I will get you on the schedule!!

♥ Ashley

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Apples

Thankfulness. I am thankful for our great neighbor who let's me jump the fence to pick his apples! I'm not much of a raw apple girl but I have found to be a fan of cooked apples (of the baked variety). And who can say "no" to free apples? Not this girl.  Especially since we are on a serious budget with me being a SAHM now. 

I mean gorgeous and delicious right?  So I am busy baking Apple Pies, Apple Bread, Apple Coffeecake, and any other apple dish I can come up with!! (Plus some for our generous neighbor to show our thankfulness!)

What are you thankful for?


Apple Pie

2 1/4 cups Flour
1/3 cup Sugar
1 tsp Salt
2 sticks Butter (cold and cubed)
5 T Ice Water

Directions: Pre-heat Oven to 375

1. In a food processor combine Flour, Sugar and Salt. Then add Butter and pulse until crumbs appear. With food processor on slowly add 3 T of ice Water. If dough does not come together add more water 1/2 T at a time. 

2. Once dough comes together dump it out on a well Floured surface and divide into two balls.  Dust rolling pin with flour and roll out dough to fit pie pan. Set aside in fridge. 

A bunch of apples
2 T flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon 
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg 


1. Peel, core and slice Apples and put into large mixing bowl. Add remaining ingredients and stir to combine. 

2. Dump filling into pie dish and dot with 2 T cold Butter. Cover with 2 half of pie dough, crimp edges and cut slits to let steam out. 

3. Bake for 40 minutes with foul covering edge of crust (to avoid over browning) then remove foil and bake for additional 20 minutes or until bubbling in center. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Words cannot express how much I am loving being home with Ellie. If our finances allowed I could rock this SAHM thing for a LONG time. 

E and I are starting to get into a bit of a routine and I am loving having her on a nap schedule. While it's not set in stone it is my time to get chores done! And now that she is "used" to putting herself to sleep in her own - naptime and bedtime have become a lot less stressful!

One of my favorite things I am loving right now is how interested Ellie is with our puppies. It's taking them a while to get used to her as she makes them a little nervous. And I am constantly reminding her to be gentle and not hit the puppies. 

But it really is so sweet. I am looking forward to the days when they will cuddle and play with each other and have that awesome bond that I believe is so important for children!  Just yesterday Ellie was "throwing" the ball for Cooper. It was adorable. Although Coop got bored rather quickly as he only had to move 3 inches to retrieve te ball!! Too cute!

What are some of your favorite moments with your little and their pets?


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Toddler Tuesday - with Natasha

 I can't believe that it is Tuesday again already!!!  Natasha is here today for Toddler Tuesday and I am so happy to have her guest post.  She has the most adorable daughters and I have been reading her blog for quite a while now! She has some great tips for us SAHMs (I get to say that now until I find a job!) that will help us from getting cabin fever!!

Life on the Parsons Farm

Hello friends! First of all, a brief introduction: I am Natasha and I blog over at Hello! Happiness. I am a Nashville native, lover of all things southern, owner of Sugar Bit baby and children's boutique, wife to Jeff, and mother to two darling girls, Caroline (2.5 years) and Carson (15 months)--you could say I like to juggle a full circus show! I am here joining Ashley today for Toddler Tuesday and talking about the things I do to keep my two toddlers occupied.

Get Out of the House. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but get out of the house and do stuff together as a family...our favorite weekends are spent with quick trips to the local zoo, afternoons at the park (swinging, slides, and kicking the soccer ball rank high on my girls' list), visits to the ice cream shoppe, and just making sure we're getting out and about together. It can be rough at the house and a change of scenery does all of us some good!

Check Out Local Happenings. There are so many resources online to keep track of things to do in your area in the fall...we are always venturing to the pumpkin patch, corn maze, street festivals, and anything else we spot that jumps out as a fun adventure. Take advantage of all sorts of local events (lots of them free or at a discounted rate) and savor these special times together!

Take Them to Kid-Friendly Places. Sometimes I feel it's hard to take my kids places that are baby and child friendly, and yes, it takes some investigating, but they are out there...the library for story time, the local indoor blowup center, the bowling alley- it can totally be done and these are the places where if someone has a meltdown, you get the looks from other parents who have been there, done that and can totally relate.

Live Adventurously. Don't look back five years from now and say "I wish I would've done this with my children"...get out there and do it now. Pack the car up and drive away for a weekend getaway, go to the apple orchard and pick apples to make a pie (and big mess) at home, and by all means, get outside and get dirty! It's OK...these are the memories you'll remember most, and your kids will know their parents made an effort to give them a fun-filled childhood!

Isn't she just the best?!  Thank you Natasha I love these ideas and will be putting them into action here at home!

Be sure to check out my post from last week for your chance to win a pair of Freshly Picked moccs!!

♥ Ashley

Do you like this series as much as I do?  What to contribute a  guest post with some of your Toddler related stories or advice?  I would LOVE to have you! Just send me an email or leave a comment and I will get you on the calendar!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Update & Monday Meals Mashup

Okay y'all I think I can officially call myself a SAHM!! I had my last opportunity for a teaching job last Friday and they chose to go with another candidate. I can't tell you how much relief I felt. I just don't think I can leave Ellie!!

Saturday was Ellie's Adoption Day, we officially became a legal family on September 6,2013 so this was our one year anniversary. While we had a pretty low key day we fully enjoyed being together as a family and know that in the years to come this will be a big celebration day!

Also on Saturday I went to one of my best gals Engagement Party. I had such a great time and really enjoyed hanging out and "partying". It took a wild turn of events and I found myself playing flip-cup for the first time!! I think I need to let loose and have fun a lot more and allow myself to have a drink every now and again! (I've let myself be consumed with Infertility  for too long!)

Sunday we went to visit our nephew (my sister's brand new baby boy) and he is such a cutie! Ellie had a blast looking at him but was getting a little jealous of me holding him for so long!  After a quick visit with my sis I was off to a baby shower! What a baby filled day. We ended the weekend with a BBQ at my I laws for Grandparents Day. 

Here's what's cooking on the farm this week:

Monday: just our go to rib eye steak and then I can't wait to try these potatoes!!

Tuesday: we've had a butt load of zucchini this summer and I've been wracking my brain on different ways to prepare it!  I found this in my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and thought I'd give it a try. 

Wednesday: since my sis has a new babe she can't go to The 5th Ave theatre with my dad for a musical so I get to go. Thomas and Ellie get to have a Daddy/Daughter date (just like me and my daddy!)

Thursday: we still have a can of Thai curry paste in our pantry so I think it's time to use it! I'll probably add in some of our green beans from our garden as well!

Friday: Thomas has a Seattle Sounders Soccer game so it's just me and Ellie for the night. We will probably have some sort of pasta!

Saturday: our green beans are doing great this year so I know we will have them for a side dish (I also have everything else for green bean casserole so that's probably our ticket) then since you can't just have green beans for dinner I think they go well with chicken. 

Sunday: can I consider it Fall now that school has started? Okay good! Now it's really time to start up Soup Sundays again!!

What are you cooking up this week?


Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh Hey Friday Favorites!

Its Friday already?! I am so excited to have Thomas home for the weekend! We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us and while it's nice to sit around and relax I also really enjoy going out and doing things!!

One of my main gals, Marit, is getting married next summer and the best part? She has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!! I am so excited and also have been asked to help plan the whole thing! I love planning parties and had so much fun with my wedding that I am super happy to have the chance to help a sister out! Marit and I first met in college when we were both on the cheer team together.  I am so happy to have a cheer sister like her.  She is one of the most uplifting, happy and kind person I know and I am just so blessed to have her in my life!  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and I am so happy to return the favor!  We are actually celebrating her engagement tomorrow and I couldn't be happier for this adorable couple!!

Last week I posted my love for Toddler Shoes and gave you a chance to win a pair of your own Freshly Picked Moccs for the little love in your life! go here to enter!

It's the first day of our State Fair and if you bring canned goods before Noon you get in free (with the donation of canned goods) So you can bet your bottom dollar that we are "Fair'in it up" today!!  I can't wait for Ellie to see all that animals and if they will let us I think I'm going to take her down the BIG slide! I am so excited to have a Krusty Pup in my belly again and some other fair goodies - like SCONES! I will take a dozen please! I order them "naked" so that we can save them for future days, but I do get one regular with butter and jam! YUMMM

Yesterday I posted about what I would do if I won a million dollars.  I am sure that I would throw some vacations in there as well. But overall I was hoping to be somewhat financially responsible!
What would you do? 

And finally, I have been LOVING this whole SAHM gig I get to do lately.  I have totally taken advantage of nap time here is an example, and gotten some much needed house work done.  I painted our kitchen, working on a deep clean of the house, and finally just finished weeding one of our flower beds that has been sorely neglected for about 3 years.  I am so ready to buy some more plants (it's an addiction) to refresh this bed and I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

♥ Ashley

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

If I won $1 million

think the first thing I would do would to put away half of it for Ellie's (and future children) college and wedding expenses and for retirement. 

With the other half, I would pay off all my outstanding infertility bills and other medical expenses, our truck, and credit cards. 

With the money left over we would start the adoption process again ASAP (it ain't cheap y'all) and start IVF (or maybe a less invasive process) because having a bio-baby is still something I so strongly desire. 

After all of those expenses are paid, I think we would put our house on the market and then find our forever property and build our dream home. 

Also, I think I would probably get my hairs did (colored more often than once a year and cut more often than every other year) and invest in some quality makeup brushes.  And any money left over we would use for our daily/yearly life. 

And because no post is complete without a picture:

My little helper in the garden!

What would you do if you won a million buckaroos? (After taxes)


Monday, September 1, 2014

Toddler Tuesday - Giveaway!

Ladies! I cannot express enough how much I am loving this series!!  I have the opportunity to once again post on this subject and I have to say at the moment this is my favorite topic!

Life on the Parsons Farm

Now that Labor Day is over I can officially consider it Fall and I am so excited.  Here in the PNW School is starting and what better way to kick off "back to school" than with an awesome giveaway?

 Make sure your toddler is outfitted like the stars with a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins!!

 I am sad to see Summer go but as we made the financially strapping decision I am staying home with Ellie for the foreseeable future!! I am so excited but still need figure out some way to earn an income to help our family (especially since we are planning to adopt again!)

I wanted to talk to you about shoes for Toddlers.

As many of you know, the Toddler age is when walking is a new skill and one that our little's almost insist on doing all the time (whether we want them to or not!).  Sometimes tantrums occur when we don't let them walk around.

(the Heirloom moccs - so super soft and perfect for my polka dot loving heart!!)

Through my research and conversations with our doctor barefoot really is best for balance and correct walking form to develop.  While many of the shoes on the market and the stores I frequently shop in sell hard soled shoes there is a multitude of soft soled shoes that can be found through shops on IG and Etsy.

Freshly Picked is probably a company that you have heard of.  Susan is the brains behind the brand and she was even featured on Shark Tank last year for her adorable moccasins.  I have to tell you that not only are these shoes functional but they are totally cute to boot! They are made out of quality leather that is so soft and so is the sole! They really help to protect your little ones feet when walking around outside, in the mall, at the park or even in the grocery store!  One of my favorite thing about these moccs is how your little one's footprint is formed after just a few uses on the soles!  Just adorable.

(Chillin in the car in Ireland in our Glacier moccs)

Ellie really started to walk while we were on our trip to Scotland and Ireland and these moccs were a life saver!  I knew her feet were protected from anything that could hurt the soles of her feet as well as keep them clean!  We got so many compliments from locals about her shoes (and still do back in the states!) and I just had a blast telling people about them!!  Ellie loves her shoes and carries them all around the house.  She gets super excited when I pull them out and say "let's put on your shoes" because she knows we are going for an adventure outside - and boy does she love to be outside exploring!!

(exploring the Irish countryside)

I have become obsessed with these moccs and they are my preferred shoe for Ellie to wear.  She seems to be much more sturdy in these than any other shoe we own.  I love the colors and how Susan comes up with seasonal prints as well!  I mean can we please talk about these adorable Watermelon ones? 

Because I love these moccs so much and Susan is so awesome I am hosting a giveaway of one pair of FP moccs to one lucky winner (color of your choice)!!!

*Disclaimer: this giveaway is only open to US residents and cannot have won a pair of these moccs in the past 60 days.

♥ Ashley

Do you love this series as much as I do?  Have a toddler and a topic you would like to share? I would love to have you write a guest post and be a part of this series! Just send me an email or leave a comment and I will get you on the calendar!

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sip and Shop Sunday

How can it already be Sunday?!!? Tomorrow is Labor Day and there are tons of sales going on out there, so if you have the time make sure you get out there and shop!

We have had some running around to do this weekend as we prepare for Thomas to start school on Tuesday.  We have one more day to complete our Summer Bucket List of home projects (still need to paint the kitchen and finish the trim work on our Chicken Coop and then I think can call it done!)

We went to church this morning and Ellie has become a little more difficult to keep entertained during the sermon so we dropped her off in the nursery.  This was the first time.  (She has been in there with us since she was 3 weeks old and went almost everyday with Miss J this past year.)  I knew she would be fine but I was a total nervous wreck the whole time during the service!!! I kept looking at the pager and wanted to go check on her every 3 minutes!!  And of course she did amazing and had no clue we weren't there.  All that worrying for nothing!


The Iced Caramel Macchiato

Yum!! This really is my preferred drink at Starbucks although confession: I like it upside-down and stirred.  I usually always get it hot, but sometimes the day just calls for it to be cold!


AmericanGirl BittyBaby

So Ellie has been on a huge baby doll kick lately.  She always grabs the "dolly" at Nanny's house.  So we tried to get one for her at Wal-Mart.  I chose an all cloth one that can be thrown in the washer. Ellie likes her alright but does not give her the attention that she does to the "dolly" at Nanny's.  I am a long time owner of AmericanGirl dolls and always knew that I was going to get one for Ellie.  We stopped by our local AmericanGirl Store and all Ellie wanted to do was carry one of the BittyBaby's around and push in the stroller.  Knowing how much I loved love my AmericanGirl dolls and their accompanying stories we couldn't leave the store without one for Ellie.  I know that this doll will get a lot of love and I can't wait to share my love for dolls with her!

Is there anything in particular you have your eyes set on for your littles?

♥ Ashley

PS.  Be sure to check back on Tuesday for an awesome Giveaway I am hosting.  It's one you aren't going to want to miss.  hint: it was on my list for 9-12month favorite baby items

Saturday, August 30, 2014

{favorites} baby items for 9-12 months

I know this post is a little late - as Ellie is already 15 months but I sure do love going back through and seeing what items we really used a lot. I know that when we adopt baby #2 these posts will come in extremely handy!  
9-12 month favorites

9-12 month favorites by lifeonthefarm on Polyvore

1. Baby moccasins from Freshly Picked. Choose any color you like these ones are the best! The craftsmanship is axing and the leather is so super soft not to mention these babies last for a lot of miles!! And the footprint the create on the sole is the sweetest. 

2. Nuby sippy cups. I have to admit I was going to be pretty particular when it came to sippy cups. I wanted ones that had a leakproof nipple and these were the best I could find. They do leak on occasion and you need to put the lid on correctly but we love these and more importantly so does Ellie. The caps are interchangeable with the bottoms so you can make any color combo you wish - right now we love the "watermelon" and the "Sounders" colors. The best part is that it seems like TJMaxx and Marshall's always have these in stock!

3. The Ergo Carrier. I got mine used through an iPhone app and just love it. Ellie does too! Even though she is starting to be on the move it's so nice to have a carrier on hand. This one is super easy to put on, helps with proper hip position development, and really helps to distribute Ellie's weight. Plus she gets so comfortable she sleeps in it and I love how I can put the privacy hood up to make it a little darker for her. 

4. Our three in one Exersaucer continues to get more use. Now that Ellie is standing with assistance better and started cruising we were able to take this off the base and open it up so she could get even more use out of it. She now how a whole new way of discovering all the bells and whistles this one has to offer!

5. The Circo straw cups from Target. Wow are these things great. The straw has a one way valve in it to help prevent leaking and really helped Ellie learn how to suck. This is a daily user with water and the animal tops are so cute!

6. Now that Ellie is sleeping in her own room (mostly) the Motorla video monitor is a sanity saver for my neurotic ways! I love that I can pan and scan the room/crib to see her, that it has both day and night vision and that it has two way communication - not that we use it now but I can see the benefits when she gets older!

7. The Jenny Lind crib. I love the vintage look and how the mattress has so many levels it can be adjusted to. I also love how the side rails are both the se height so you really can place this crib anywhere in the nursery - not just against a wall!

8. Amber Teething necklaces. Aside from it being a cute accessory it is thought to have natural pain relieving properties from the oils found in the amber that get released through skin contact and heat. For best results you want to have your little wear it practically 24/7 aside from baths. I was nervous at first having Ellie sleep with it on but now barely bat an eye at it!  You also want to make sure you clean it periodically with a soft rag andild soapy water and then let it "recharge" in the sun for about an hour. 

I really hope this list is helpful to you Mama's out there who have kiddos approaching this age. They truly are a blessing and so much fun!!

♥ Ashley

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

What a whirlwind of a week.  Sorry for the late post. 

Thomas started up with the beginning of the school year meetings (school starts next week!). And seeing as I don't have a job for this year I had the opportunity to SAHM it up and let me tell you - I don't want to leave Ellie!!! 

The breaks are one of the major perks to being a teacher and let me tell you we work hard for those breaks (and don't get paid for them either)!  And most of the time we are preparing and planning during these breaks for our classes and students. 

Summer is such a tease to us teacher parents. We get to have this 10 week plus long vacation home with our family and then BOOM it's time to go back to work for 8 hours and then daycare or a nanny for our babes if they aren't school age yet. Talk about a change in routine and it is anything but a slow transition!

I have had the opportunity to do a lot of self reflection during this break. 

First off I don't want to leave Ellie anymore - so unless a position comes along and it's a teaching opportunity I just can't pass up we are going to be pinching some major pennies and I will be staying home with E!  But seeing as how we have a bunch of medical bills to pay (for my last miscarriage almost a year ago, a few trips to the urgent care for Ellie, and then my migraine appt that was barley half covered) I need to bring in some sort of revenue for our family. With talking to some friends I am seriously looking into becoming a nanny! That way I can be with Ellie and she can get some socialization! Hopefully I'll be able to find a teacher looking for a nanny since I will get to have all the "vacation perks" still. All I know is that God has a plan and has continued to help provide for our family! He knows best and I need to continue to put my trust in Him. 

Secondly I read this awesome post a couple of weeks ago about how Hurt People hurt people and it really spoke to me. I realized that I have been holding on to some things and most likely have been taking my hurt out on other people.  Instead of wallowing in my 4 miscarriages, 5 years of Infertility, instability in my employment, and the death of my mom I am choosing to start fresh and anew. I am choosing to be happy for all of the pregnancy announcements happening all over my FB and the blog world instead of jealous. I am rejoicing in my friends finding jobs and getting their promotions and those who are getting to share their journey of parenthood with their own moms. I'm not perfect and I know I won't be a fresh daisy everyday but I want to set a good example for Ellie and raise her up to be a nice, happy, good and thankful person. After all bullies and mean girls have to get it from somewhere. 

And Finally, I am sad that summer is almost gone but I like to embrace the changes and coming of Fall. Afterall it marks the beginning of the holiday season!  

PS. Make sure you check back next week I have some great things lined up for my readers to celebrate Fall and Kiddos that you aren't going to want to miss. I'll give you a hint one of them has to do with "FP"!!! I'm so excited!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Toddler Tuesday - with me

Hey ladies! I finally have the opportunity to write a post for my own series!!

I really hope that y'all are loving this as much as I do! It's been so great to read these posts from the mama's who have gone before and to have learned from their expertise!

Today I wanted to talk about how we transitioned from bottle to sippy cup and/or straw cup. 

At first I didn't think we were ever going to be able to get rid of the bottles. We first introduced a sippy when Ellie was around 10 months old. We just put water in at first and she hated it. So then we tried her formula and she hated it even more!!!!!!  We still continued to offer it to her despite the tears. 

Then around 11 months we got a straw cup and after showing her three times how to suck out of the straw she was hooked!  No more tears! We only offered it occasionally since she was still mostly drinking her formula fr her bottle. 

At our 12 month check up our doctor told us it was time to transition to whole milk and to a sippy cup. The sooner the better to help with her teeth.  He suggested going cold turkey with the sippy and to take no longer than two weeks to switch to milk. He said the first few days might be challenging but then she will be just fine.

We decided to slowly transition her to milk and after about a week she got used to the cold milk and the taste and was just fine. 

When we returned home from our trip to Europe it was time to kick the bottle and bring out the sippy. The doc was not lying the first 24 hours were extremely testing. I almost caved in about four times but stuck to my guns and kept at it. By lunchtime the second day we were on to smooth sailing. On the morning of day three I finally got to pack up all the bottles - hallelujah!!' I have been dreaming of that day since she was about a week old! Haha. We loved out bottles but they just had so many parts to clean!

We use the Nuby sippy cups and the Circo straw cups from Target. 

She also gets to share drinks with us when we are out and about or go to dinner since she is so good with a straw!

My advice to Mama's who are getting ready for this transition: you can do it. It might be tough for the first couple of days but once they figure it out there is no turning back and you will be so proud of your accomplishment! 


Do you love this series like I do? Want to contribute a post about your life with a toddler? I would love to have you! Just send me an email or leave a comment and I will get you on the schedule!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey Friday Favorites!

TGIF!! can you believe that its Friday already?
We got a sneak peek of what Fall weather has for us this! morning, it was crisp cold (I needed sweats and a blanket!) and then its heating up for the afternoon!!

I thought I would share a few things that I am really loving right now!

7652611.jpg (611×695)
have you seen these books?  The Pigeon series is adorable and I can't wait to get them for Ellie!

ls.jpg (250×250)

the Morning Bun from Starbucks! it has just a touch of sweetness and its great to share with my little Ellie!!

2014 02 13_8426_edited-1.jpg (900×642)

I just recently got these jars from World Market and they have quickly become my favorite way to enjoy any type of drink!

these beauties growing in my vegetable garden.  All of the sunflowers are volunteers from the ones I planted 3 years ago.  I am thinking that I need to purposely plant some in my flower beds because they are so beautiful! A sure sign of fall!

this necklace from DolceAve that I won in a giveaway.  Let me tell you that the craftsmanship that Megan does is great and she is so much fun!!  Lots of goodies in her shop right now so go check it out!!

Life on the Parsons Farm

and lastly I am so loving my Toddler Tuesday series!! I am looking for some more guest bloggers to post about anything and everything about life with a toddler.  If you are interested in collaborating with me just shoot me an email or leave a comment and I will get you scheduled!!

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Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

♥ Ashley

Thursday, August 21, 2014

{monthdate} fifteen months

Wow. Is it really true that another month has gone by already!?

This has been my favorite month so far! Ellie has quite the little personality and is pretty smart too!  Every day she amazes me with yet another new skill or talent. She is so much fun and just the biggest little love!

Eats: Ellie is definitely letting us know what she does and does not like to eat. We are officially off the bottle and she drinks around 20ounces of milk plus water every day. We introduced food pouches and so far we haven't found one she dislikes! Favorites right now are bread, pasta, Cheerios, peas, beans, blueberries, fishy crackers, string cheese, yogurt, and corn.  She is not a fan of meat or mushrooms. Ellie eats most if not all of her meals in her high chair and I love having her go out to dinner with us every week!

Goes: we have been crossing activities off our Summer Bucket List like crazy!  We have gone to NW Trek (a wildlife preserve), the childrens museum, the splash pad, parks, sprinklers and pony rides!! Ellie also got to go to her third wedding this month but this time she got to walk around and "dance"! 

Does: can now self soothe herself to sleep for both naps and nighttime sleep, we no longer need to rock her to sleep! It was rough in the beginning but now have a fairly good routine down and even have a sleep schedule! She walks all around the house and can play with her toys, she even know what some of them are called and will go get or play with them if we tell her! She is quite adventurous and dangerous at times trying to climb on everything!! Pretty good at self play and will go into her room all by herself to play with room toys and books for at least 15 minutes!

Loves: sticks and rocks. She loves her teepee, anywhere chair, a shopping bag toy, and just fell in love with all her stuffed animals carrying one all around the house and then grabbing another! So cute. She also loves books and shoes! Outside is a favorite and she cries if one of us goes outside without her! She loves to help with the farm chores riding around in her wagon or chasing after the goats!

Baby Gear Love: ergo, Solly Baby Wrap, FP moccs, Britax Boulevard car seat, and baby monitor!

We have had lots of adventures and I can't wait to see what happens in the next month!  I just adore watching her walk around and explore and listen to her baby babble!! 

Sweet Ellie Faith oh how I love you so!

- Ashley