Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Séamus Weekly - week 7

Sweet little Séamus it's hard to believe that just 7 weeks ago you were trying to make your appearance on the outside.  While I joked around that you were so much easier to take care of when you were in my belly you've actually been a super great baby and we feel so blessed to have your sweet calm demeanor in our family.  You have quite the go with the flow personality (something us 3rd borns have in common 😉) all while knowing that we will all dote on you forever and always!

Sleeps: Séa has been sleeping pretty good!  He's been taking a couple of serious naps each day (thank you swaddles) and then sleeps from about 7pm - 1am and then up again around 4:45am.  We started up work again and he's been a champ on the go! Before he was born I was completely torn on whether I wanted to get a Snuggle Me or not, then I thought about how nice it would be to have a portable lounger for him when we're at work.  So we used the Amazon gift card from Thomas coworkers and had one sent to our home.  Best decision ever!! It came to Disneyland with us, has moved from our bed, to the Halo, to his crib and back!!  He loves it and so do we.

Eats: boobies and more boobies!  He's able to get more at each feeding and they aren't taking as long as they were, I am so glad that I went in for a lactation consult and was referred for his lip and tongue tie.  We are still working on his latch and doing his tongue exercises the progress is slow but he's getting there.  At our lactation appointments he was getting anywhere between 3-4 ounces at each feeding, that makes me feel good knowing that I can provide him with his nourishment.  Nursing him for his first year is a goal of mine so I want to make sure that I am producing enough, so I got some Fennel Essential Oil in my Essential Rewards order this month and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it's going to support our Breastfeeding Journey!!

Goes: Just like his big Sister's Séa is our baby on the go!  Unless he's hungry he is a happy camper in the car.  We've gone to doctor appointments, school pickup, our nanny house, out to eat, out to target, and to visit with family!  Ellie loves to show him off and Finnley loves to give him is paci!

Wears: he definitely needs to be in size 1 diapers, I found a couple of newborns we had left and geesh they're a bit tight on him!  We're changing his diapers often and contrary to the girls on formula, just about every diaper has a poop...we've had a lot more poop-splosions and I can't quite figure it out because there really isn't that much in there - he just must use A LOT of force 😆😂.  He's growing out of some of his newborn clothes but the 0-3 is still a tad big on him.  He can wear the 0-3 sleepers as long as they don't have feet in them otherwise he gets super fussy when his feet come out and get stuck.  I had to snap a picture of him in this green dragon onesie before he grows out of it because it's one of my favorites ever!

Does: we're really working on the tummy time and he does great most of the time.  He can hold his head up and look around, he loves Finnley's puppy and that has given him a lot of entertainment (the girls too) for tummy time.  He is quite the grunter and it's so incredibly cute.  We also get to see a lot of smiles out of him when he is sleeping and they are just the cutest!

Mama: We finished up my first week back at work and all the kids had a great time playing with each other again! I'm happy to have a bit more of a routine and know that life is going to get a little bit more structured now that school is starting.  Ellie is starting Kindergarten this week and that means that we really have to get our act together in the morning, like every single day!! It's going to be weird without Ellie all day but I know that Finnley is going to gobble up the alone time she's going to get and it will be perfect for her.  I am going to rely on my Essential Oils to get me through it all.  I still can't get over how much they have supported me both mentally and emotionally this summer after having Séamus!  I just want to share the oily goodness with every one because I truly want all the people to get to have the support for their family that oils can provide!  Starting up an Essential Oils business is hard (starting up any kind of business is hard) especially when I decided to start just 2 weeks before I gave birth to Séamus, but when you love something and you're passionate about sharing it it keeps you going.  I love that I have something that is mine and that I can help contribute to our family and work around my own schedule and still get to be home with the kids. Let me know how I can help you get started with oiling, I would love to have you join my team and oil with me!!

Sisters: they are still OBSESSED with little bro!  Ellie is constantly giving him kisses, telling him she loves him all the time and wants to be a part of his every waking hour!!  Ellie is so ready for school to start and keeps asking if she gets to go to Kindergarten "in the morning". Finnley is always the first to alert us that "Baby crying" insists on touching him at all times (not always gently), rarely wants him out of her sight, and gets quite irritated that she isn't allowed to bug him while he is sleeping.  Finnley is a champ with her new sling and has adjusted quite well to missing an arm, she gets to be in the sling for 3 weeks and then we will have another Xray to check on its progress.

I was reading through the girls week 7 updates and it's crazy how similar and different all three are.  I made note of how much I wanted to nurture a sisterly bond between Ellie and Finnley - while they can get each other's goats at times they really do get along great and sharing a room has been awesome for them.  I think it's safe to say that they absolutely adore Séamus and that the sibling love and friendship will continue on and include him!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Our Weekend

I started back up with work and it was so fun for the girls to get to play with their friends!!  Ellie was supposed to have a meeting with her kindergarten teacher but the teachers were on Strike so we missed out on that, which also meant that all 5 kids got to go to all the things on Friday.


Finnley had a followup Xray appointment for her broken collarbone, unfortunately it hasn't been healing and anticipated so we are under strict orders to keep her arm in a sling for 3 weeks.  All five kids did great at her appointment and admittedly Finnley was the most challenging of them all.

We stopped and had lunch before we were on to the next.

Then Séamus had a followup lactation appointment for his lip and tongue tie procedure.  He did great at the appointment and seems to be healing well.  IF only I could get the latch at home that I get in these appointments!!! The other 4 children did awesome watching Cars and they got all the compliments in the world for their outstanding behavior (good thing we had conversations about it all morning long!).

On our way back to the kids house, all 5 kids fell asleep in the car!! It was the perfect opportunity for me to finish up a couple of podcasts I've been listening to about growing and building my Essential Oils business.  I'm planning on going into a deeper blog post about my Oils Journey but I just have to share that I am loving all the mental and emotional support they are providing my family.  I am getting so inspired by taking these classes and listening to the podcasts.
My work ended early so we met up with Thomas for Pizza Friday and when we got home my Essential Rewards order had been delivered!! Yay for all the oils and freebies I get through this completely customizable subscription program!


Saturday we had a slower morning and then headed out for some errands.  We made our way to Target and they were having an American Girl Puppy Adoption Day and both of the girls got to bring home a puppy, Ellie named them Lady and the Tramp 😍  We picked up the cutest Dumbo swaddle blankets for Séamus and a Halloween outfit for him too, I'm swooning over the ghosts!  Then we made our way over to Hobby Lobby and we found a stuffed Bison Head to hang in his room.  I was on the lookout for a cute shelf for my oils but wasn't inspired by anything.

We had lunch at this cute restaurant that has a traveling theme, each month they feature a different country/city.  This month they were in Hawai'i, all the artwork and music had a Hawaiian theme.  Then we stopped at MetMarket for some groceries and then headed back home.


I spent the morning cleaning out our closet and choosing items to get donated, Thomas was outside taking care of some neglected farm chores and the girls were extremely needy!  We got an email that the Teacher's and School Board had made an agreement and School will start on Monday!! I'm so glad the teacher's stood their ground and were able to get a good contract!!  Ellie doesn't actually start school on Monday, for some reason Kindergarten starts a few days later so we're going to soak up all the extra time we get to have her at home before she becomes a "Big Kid".

Then it was finally time to get ready to head up north to visit with my Dad.  We met him at his new condo and played with his model train set he's been working on.  We went out to lunch and the best Farm to Table restaurant (owned by a high school friend of mine), made an impromptu visit at my brother's house, then back to my dad's condo for Ellie to go in the pool!  It was freezing but she loved it anyways!  Finnley was so sad she didn't get to swim and Séamus slept in his carseat.  Out on the water there were Pirate Ships shooting off cannons and it was so fun to watch.

We then headed home, talked on the phone with Thomas' mom about hotels for our trip to Ireland next summer and made it home just in time for me to start hosting a Back to School with Oils class on Facebook.  It was a late night for me but I had so much fun teaching my class!  If you have any questions about Essential Oils or living a more toxins-free lifestyle hit me up!  I would love to talk Oils with you!!  Also I'm offering all new enrollee's who sign up with me for their Premium Starter Kit a "Back to School" special where I will personally send you a second diffuser!! 
Good through September 12

♥ Ashley

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Séamus Weekly - week 6

Sweet little Séamus is just getting bigger and better every day!  He had a pretty big week with going to the lactation consultant, then being referred to a specialist for both a lip and tongue tie, visiting the Great Grandparents and spending Labor Day at home.  I've had multiple people comment and ask if Séa has red hair this week and my answer is "I sure hope he does, my fingers are crossed for a ginger!" Only time will tell but man that would be so exciting...and not totally out of left field.  Both of my Mom's sisters have red hair and my cousin's twin boys both have red hair - so there is hope!!

Sleeps: little boy is sleeping great! He's been getting some super good 2+ hour naps in and then has been sleeping from about 8:30pm - 1am and then up again around 4am!  He seems to be a pretty happy baby until around 6pm when he gets a little fussy.

Eats: Séamus is still all about that boob, all about that boob, no bottle! And I really couldn't be happier, he eats on average every 1.5-2 hours and we've introduced feeding on both sides at each nursing session.  Like I mentioned last week, I was noticing some leaking while he was nursing, he falls asleep while nursing but won't unlatch and then I've been experiencing some wincing pain in my nipples.  So I wanted to go in for a lactation appointment to see what they could do to help.  They determined that he had both a lip and tongue tie and referred us to a specialist, which I was able to get into at 9am on Tuesday. My GPS told me it would take 2 hours to get to the appointment but thanks to carpool (with Finnley and Séa - who slept the whole ride) I arrived with 30 minutes to spare - then Séa was hungry and while I was feeding him he had a huge blowout 😳 and of course I left the diapers in the we had to trek back out and I scoured the car for an extra outfit (I found one!!) and back into the office we went.  The Specialist determined he did have both and we did the procedure right then, Séa did great and Finnley was a worried mess about her crying baby.  I fed him again before we left and he slept the whole way home.  We have to do some healing exercises with him to ensure that he heals "open" and we're working on his new latch.

Wears: newborn and 0-3, I love that he is growing!  It is still so much fun seeing him wearing the same baby clothes as the girls and then also into the boy clothes we've picked out for him.  He is so much more fun to dress than I was anticipating.

Goes: We went to Ellie's last swim and gymnastics classes of the summer, to her open house at her school, up to visit Thomas' Grandma and my Grandparents, out to eat, to the lactation and to the specialist.  And of course the usual errands to Costco and Target.

Mama: I'm doing great! There have been some times where I've lost my cool and I was feeling a little anxious the other day and was trying to figure out what the heck it was...then I realized I hadn't applied my "Happy Mama" essential oil roller, that thing is a game changer!  I practically want to bathe in it all day long.  Having the opportunity to watch the girls grow in love with their brother is just fantastic and a little scary at times since they have a tendency to love a little hard.  Also I am looking forward to my next appointment with my Midwife to discuss my physical state and whether I can start working out again...I'm in between pant sizes and really don't want to buy any new pants, so I keep hiking up my maternity jeans and hope for the best 😆.

Sisters: All either of them want to do is get themselves all over the baby!  Ellie is much lighter with her touch than Finnley but it's hard to get them to leave him alone when he's sleeping.  Finnley is extremely loud - which he sleeps through right now 😓 so here's to that continuing because I don't think there is much of a chance quieting her down!! Finnley loves to sing and dance, requests Moana, Coco or Booba all day long and getting her to keep her fingers out of her mouth is quite the challenge.  Ellie is ecstatic for school to start but her district is currently on strike.  She has also decided to go pull up free at night, we've had a couple of accidents but I am so proud of her for making that choice all on her own!  She is quite the fashionista and got to go shopping with Nanny for all sorts of cute clothes, that she picked out all by herself!!

Life just keeps getting better and better! Bring on the Fall!

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Five on Friday - the last of August

August just seriously flew right by.  We spent our month soaking up all the new baby goodness, celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary, a broken collarbone, a trip to Disneyland, and Ellie's Open House for KINDERGARTEN!!  Tomorrow will begin September and then we can all truly start enjoying All Things Fall while we're weeping in sorrow that Summer is Over 😩


How is he already 1 month old?  I can't get over how cute he is.  I mean we made him (technically the embryologist did that) and we couldn't be more in love.  Our hearts have multiplied tremendously and I am so thankful that he is finally here, our sweet Rainbow 🌈  He is 21.5" tall, weighs 8lbs 6oz, makes the most adorable grunting sounds, loves to nurse all day long, sleeps long stretches at night, and wears size 1 diapers.


Ellie had her open house at her school this week and seeing her run around the playground, making new friends, and meeting her teachers!  It was so fun to see her walk the halls of the school (well, one of the schools) I used to teach at and one of my former cheerleaders is a teacher there so she's going to keep tabs on Ellie for me 😉


I've mentioned oils on here over the years and I honestly cannot tell you how much they have changed our lifestyle!! Ellie loves to help apply our Wellness roller not only to herself but to Thomas and myself.  Our diffuser's are going every night and our sleep has been so great, I even brought one to Disneyland with us and I've never slept so well in a hotel room.  We also have our diffuser's going throughout the day to support our immune systems as well as our emotional state and we've seriously had the best summer ever (Séamus has helped too).

I wanted to let you know that today is the last day to take advantage of my End of Summer promo, when you sign up (here) for a Premium Starter Kit I will send you a welcome package, just like I always do, but I will also send you a set of roller bottles and a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil so that you can start making roller's with your oils!!  In your welcome package you'll receive a recipe card for roller blends and diffuser blends!! 

Here is the breakdown of what comes in a PSK!!


Finnley has been cracking me up lately. She is adjusting well to having a broken collarbone, we go in next week for another xray to check on the progress, and is still trying to do all the dangerous things.  But she has also really been into sunglasses.  She finds all the pairs we have around the house and puts them on (usually upside down) and then will push them up on her head like a headband.  She walks all around the house making a duck face and all we can do is laugh, which makes her day so she just keeps doing it.


Like I said above, we love Diffusing our oils in our home.  I love that by using our diffuser's we are still getting some great scents in our home from the essential oils but eliminating the toxins that come with candles and we are supporting our health and emotions!!  Often times candles are scented with "fragrance" which is a chemical substance that has toxins which are released into the air when the candle is lit.  

Diffusing Essential Oils takes that out of the picture and you get so many great benefits!!  Often times I am diffusing for seasonal support or to keep the calm...because 3 kids.  But now we are approaching Fall which is when we all want to burn all the candles, so we have oils for that!!  When you Oil with me you'll get to have all sorts of resources at your fingertips, like these great diffuser blends!  So what are you waiting for? Come Oil with Me!!

♥ Ashley

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