Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favorites!! the Mid July edition

It's been hot here in the PNW and all I've been focusing on is having a while we're still waiting for him to arrive I thought I would share with you some things that I am absolutely loving.  I will admit that I took advantage of Amazon Prime Day and Target's Sale Day.  Also I totally waited to the last minute to get some Maternity photos done.  My friend is a photographer and we went out last night for a quick shoot.  My BFF came and Ellie insisted on tagging along as well.  I'm so glad that we got together and that I'll have some photos to treasure from this special time in our lives.


I've been really into podcasts lately and The Minimalist Moms podcast is pretty much perfection.  I just recently listened to EP34 Soulful Simplicity and it really spoke to me.  Maybe it's this pregnancy but I just feel like we have so much stuff and I just don't want it all anymore.  I've been purging "like crazy" for myself at least which is actually pretty hard because I'm extremely sentimental. I mean I started keeping favorite clothes and stuffed animals when I was like 8 years old for my "future children" so getting rid of things is actually pretty hard.  But you know what - once the stuff is gone I honestly haven't missed it at all.  Have you looked into the Minimalist Movement/Lifestyle?  What is your take on it?  Do you think you can get on board?  What are some tips you have for getting the rest of the family to buy in?


To know me is to know that I love to vacuum.  I practically vacuum on the daily and I get so much satisfaction from it.  Years ago I got a sweet little dirt devil to keep in our bathroom to clean up all my hair (or monster's as Thomas likes to refer to them).  About 2 months ago we finished up the Playhouse well enough for the girls to play in there and I moved it out there so they could do some cleaning of their own...#raisingthemright 😉😂😂 and I've been missing that dear little vacuum something fierce.  So I bought a new one and the heavens opened and the angels sang because it's new and so much better than my old one! The best part is that Ellie loves to help with the cleaning and she can totally use this vacuum.


Speaking of cleaning...basically what my life consists of.  (I'm convinced this pregnancy has made me even more of a clean freak) I've also upped my mopping game.  In all honesty, I love how my floors feel after I mop but I really don't enjoy it, like at all.  Whenever I mop I'm constantly reminded of the scene from Cinderella when she is down on her hands and knees hand brushing the floor and Lucifer dips his feet in the dust pan and walks all over her wet floors 😡.  That's like mopping at my house.  I try to do it while the girls are napping but I usually have to vacuum first and that doesn't always happen in a timely fashion (also dogs) or I'll try to do it while the girls are watching a movie and that's when they absolutely have somewhere else they want to play, or Thomas comes home before they've dried and he walks all's a battle I tell ya!  Anyways one of the reasons I'm not a huge fan is getting out the mop and I decided to try a steam mop.  I'm actually still waiting for it to arrive but the reviews are just too good.  Not only is it going to clean my floors but since it'll be using steam that means its going to help sanitize as well, and with a new babe almost here he is inevitably going to find his way on the floor and I'll have great peace of mind knowing its clean.


My pregnancy pillow has been perfection!  I don't know how I ever lived without it and I'm kind of thinking that I'm going to keep it forever because it's just so amazing.  I love how it wraps around me and its just simply the best.  I got a killer deal on it and love that I'll be able to use it as a nursing pillow too once Little Man decides to make his arrival (yesterday would have been nice FYI 😉)  But seriously y'all even if you're not pregnant you need this pillow in your life because your sleep will be changed forever.


I've been a long time oils user but just recently got a new diffuser, from Young Living, and I have to say that I am loving it so much.  It's so much fun coming up with different combinations of oils to diffuse but my favorite has to be the sleep well blend that we've been diffusing in the bedrooms.  Seriously it's working like a dream in the girls room and honestly it's pretty fantastic in our room too.  Before I got my diffuser I used our oils topically for a variety of support in skin, pain and digestion.  I also really enjoy a couple drops of lemon in my water.  Now that I've gotten into diffusing the oils it's so interesting to me to see the difference it's making in our daily lives.  Click here if you're interested in starting your oil journey.

♥ Ashley

Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Five - the Nesting edition

Happy July!! We made it to Baby Month and I am working on crossing off all the things on my list.  This erratic urge to nest is just what I needed to get to the finish line and I'm loving the progress that we've made.  The girls together room is coming right along as is the girl nursery transition to something slightly less floral and more masculine.


I'm sure I shared it on here but I'll just blame the pregnancy brain on this one.  Last year we replaced the carpets in the bedrooms with wood flooring and I never got around to putting the baseboard back in (it was awful 2'' orangey/brownish wood from 1989) because I needed to go out and get new white baseboard, cut it all to fit, and I wanted to make sure the floors had enough time to acclimate to their new home. Well I finally decided that since we were going to be rooming the girls together I might as well get the baseboard done in their room since we needed to replace Ellie's bed with bunk beds.  Before we installed the baseboard I took the opportunity to give the room another coat of paint since the last time I did it I did a terrible job. For the baseboard Thomas and I made a great team; he helped me clear out the room, I did all the cutting and install, then he went around and caulked all the seams for me, and finally I went over it all with one final coat of paint.  I can't get over how great it looks and now I can check their room off the list!  It's pretty much done now, I just have to go through and decide which pictures and items are making the cut to go back on the wall and I know that will always be a work in progress!

curtains, no longer available


I created our registry on Babylist and y'all that is the coolest thing ever.  All you do is set up your registry and then use their add feature to search all over the interwebs to add to it!!  That way you can ensure that you're getting the right item and the best price around.  I have items from Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Etsy all in one place on our registry and that just wouldn't have happened if we'd chosen to go the traditionl route.  I can't get over how easy it was (and they have an App for your phone) to set up and add to it.  Seeing as this is our 3rd baby it was a bit hard to come up with items for the babe but I was able to come up with some items that I think are really going to make a difference this time around.


The nursery is coming along and I finally have a "theme" for it.  I wavered back and forth between a Disney type theme or a more Scottish/Irish theme.  Both of those idea's were just too hard for me to wrap my head around to what that would actually look like because I don't really care for a very juvenile look that I was sure the Disney theme would come across as and the Irish/Scottish just wasn't obvious for what that would look like, save putting our family Tartan all over which I wasn't too wild about.  So I've gone with my gut and decided on a "botanical" theme.  That way I can keep a majority of the neutral/natural items I already had in there and really incorporate pops of green.  This week I finished up the touch up paint on the walls, installing the baseboard (final room of the house!!), and bringing in my IKEA hack dresser!

rug, no longer available
drawer knob, no longer available

The dresser DIY actually wasn't too bad of a project.  I went to IKEA and got the dresser then once home I took all the pieces out of the box, read the instructions over and over and then painted each of the pieces individually prior to putting it together.  Once I built the whole thing I went over with one final coat let that dry overnight and then applied the wax sealer.  I love how it turned out and the addition of the green is everything I ever imagined and more!! Green is my spirit color 😂.


Speaking of bedrooms and sleeping.  We finally are moving Finnley into the shared bedroom!  We tried a nap a couple of weeks ago and both girls slept for about 40 minutes.  I actually transferred a sleeping Finn from the car into the bed so that was probably my first mistake because when she woke up she was freaked out.  So we've been spending extra time in there and since I've been working on the nursery lots of talking has been happening about the girls sharing a room.  Well last night we decided to just go for it.  I got Little Miss all set up with the sleep diffuser (similar), a calm roller on the wrists, and a tranquility spray on her bed, turned on the sound machine and laid with her for about 10 minutes.  I told her this was her new bed and she needed to stay in it the whole night and just go to sleep.  She made it from 7:30pm to 1:30am when I was awakened by Ellie yelling that Finnley was climbing the ladder and needed help.  So into their room I went, put Finn back in her bed, told her to stay in there until morning and gave Ellie a kiss and apologized that her sister had woken her up.  The girls then both went back to sleep and slept in until 7:00am!!!  Which is totally winning because they are both usually up by 6am.  So I would say that we had our first successful night, I know that there are going to be some challenges in the future and we'll have good nights and not so good nights but I'm so glad that their first night went so well!!


Other bits of nesting I've done is having Thomas fill in all the nail holes around our house so that I can then go and do touch up paint.  I also painted underneath our breakfast bar in the kitchen since it was all scuffed up from our old barstools.  I've been vacuuming like crazy and just want to get rid of all the things.  We pulled down the girls old baby clothes so I could go through and hold onto some keepsakes, pull out the gender neutral ones for Little Man, and then sort and bagged the rest for selling on FB groups as well as some nicer pieces for our local JBF sale.  But I'm not posting any of the clothing until our babe makes their arrival because I need to make sure baby is a HE before I get rid of all the girl clothes 😉.  But really though, I cannot believe how many clothes we have for the girls and I am really excited to start clearing out some things.  Our local Goodwill's have gotten several loads from us lately as have some awesome ladies from my MOPs group.  It is so freeing to get rid of these things that are just taking up space.

Did you find yourself nesting during the end of your pregnancy?  What were some of the things that you absolutely had to do before baby arrived?

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♥ Ashley

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Monthly Bumpdate - weeks 34-37

Hello July!! We made it to Baby Month 👊 it's incredible how quickly this pregnancy has gone considering we've been waiting nearly 10 years for it.

I've been nesting and crossing things off the list.  All of the bedrooms finally have baseboard (that matches the rest of the house) including the nursery, we filled in all the extra nail holes and I finished doing all the touch up paint around the house because obviously all of that is necessary. We still haven't moved the girls into their room together but Ellie is sleeping well on the top bunk and we're hoping to get Finnley in there this week.

How far along: 37 weeks!!

Size of baby: my apps say the size of a Winter Melon

Weight gain: just around 30 lbs

Sleep: overall sleep has been pretty good thanks to this awesome pillow.  I have had a few nights where sleep hasn't been the best, dreams have been vivid and I'm starting the frequent the bathroom much more.
Cravings: same as last month but I've been craving sweets lately: cookies, ice cream, pies you name it.  I also still love all the pastas and spicy foods.

Miss anything: just the ability to easily maneuver around and getting in and out of the car.  I also would love to have an afternoon coffee...

Movement: YES!! He is moving all around and most of it feel like rolling on the top of my belly.  He is also super low and getting lots of cervical pressure.

Gender: BOY!! We're pretty stuck on a name but then just the other day Thomas threw in a wrench and suggested an alternative...why is this so hard?!!

Wedding rings on/off: still on and fit about the same as they have the past couple of months even with the heat we've been experiencing.  Hopefully I can hold out and wear them the whole time which would be awesome 😉.

Happy or Moody: actually I think I've been a lot less moody this past month!  I have been nesting and putting a lot of focus on trying to finish up some projects around the house, which is helping to keep me busy but also feel accomplished.

Looking forward to: getting to meet this sweet boy that we've been waiting nearly 10 years for!!  I can't believe we're getting so close and he is almost here!

Next appointment: my appointments are weekly now, so this week and next week and the next, unless he makes an early arrival (fingers crossed)!!

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♥ Ashley

Monday, June 25, 2018

Day in the Life - Spring 2018 the one before baby comes

I love DITL posts!!  With the impending arrival of baby brother I wanted to make sure that I got one of these on the books before he makes an appearance.  

Life has been pretty busy during this season and pregnancy is no joke for keeping me always on the go.  I often find myself vacuuming, mopping, cleaning, or picking up because I cannot stand the chaos and want to enjoy the peace and calm before he flips our world upside down! (and all that newborn/infant baby crap reappears in our house 😬)

I had an unexpected day off so we decided to make the most of it!
Date: Thursday May 31
Ages: Ellie 5, Finnley 2

5:10 my alarm goes off for me to take my daily Rx for my thyroid (thanks pregnancy) and then I go back to sleep.
6:00 I'm up and spend some morning time with Thomas before the girls get up and he leaves for work.
6:20 Ellie is awake and gets all the lovin's from Dada before he is out the door.  Our morning started off with me hanging out with Ellie in her bed browsing my phone while she plays on a kindle.  There was a bit of consoling to happen since she was looking forward to going to work with me.  But she was quick to get over it and we were able to start our day on a positive note.

6:50 Finnley wakes up and starts calling for us "Where are you??"  Ellie loves to help wake up her sister so I sent her in.  Then I came in her room and helped her gather all the stuffies to bring out to the couch for a show.

7:00 I get the girls their "first breakfast" of rice crispies, corn flakes, and crackers (all items I have deemed acceptable couch foods...)  While they're watching a show and eating, I head outside to cut some flowers to bring inside, per Ellie's request, and then vacuum and mop the bedrooms and hallway.  While it wasn't necessarily in my plan for the day, Cooper has been pissing in the house in the middle of the night lately so frequent mopping is a must.

8:00 it's time for "second breakfast" of eggs and pineapple.  Then we get dressed and ready to head out to take Ellie to Pre-K and Finnley to gymnastics.  Finnley loves her gymnastics outfit and throws a fit when I put a dress on over it since I have plans to do errands once shes done...

10:00 Finnley and I are done with her gymnastics class, she had a lot of fun and was a decent listener.  We're off to Costco to get some things on (and off) our list.  We started out going the opposite direction we normally go and I loved it!  Finnley did great during our whole trip there.

10:30 We're done with Costco and head home for lunch.  Finnley snacks on some crackers and I have some potstickers.  Finnley watches part of a show and then we head outside to look at the garden and check out the honeyberries (yum!!) and my new Magnolia Wreath I picked up earlier from Hobby Lobby.

11:45 we leave to pick up Ellie from Pre-K.  They had the Police Dept visit at school today and the teachers saved a swag bag for Finnley too (love them!!)  Ellie was obsessed with the sunglasses in her bag.  We stopped for the girls lunch, McDonald's, and then headed to gymnastics for Ellie.  We had some time between eating and gymnastics for the girls to run around in the "play area" as Ellie calls it...but really its just the raquetball court 😉.

2:00 we are finally home from all of our running around and I get Finnley down in her crib for her nap and Ellie into her room for some quiet time (where she actually falls asleep).  I browse around on my phone, read some blogs, check the IG, and decompress until Thomas gets home.

3:30 Thomas arrives home just as I head outside to do some prep work with my horse, Rags, before I put her up for sale.  I just do some quick exercise with her, where she does amazingly and I really hope she sells quickly.

4:00 I'm done with Rags, head inside and get cleaned up...farmlife is dirty 😉
4:10 Ellie is up and she hangs out with Dada and we enjoy some time just the three of us
4:45 Finnley starts making noises so we get her up and start dinner.
5:00 we put on Coco for the girls to watch and I peruse the new cookbook I picked up today at Costco.  I wasn't planning on getting their cookbook but here we are!

5:30 dinner is ready and we all sit down at the table to eat.
5:45 we ate fast and the girls begged to go outside to ride bikes (short lived) and then out back on the farm for some more fun...playing with the goats, riding the Gator, and playing in the Playhouse!

7:10 we head back into the house to get cleaned up and into our PJs for bedtime.  Finnley finds her swag bag and is also obsessed with the sunglasses.  The girls play a bit and we do some picking up around the house.

7:50 Finnley goes to bed and Ellie does some more playing and tv watching.
8:40 Ellie is off to bed with her Kindle...and is asleep shortly after.

9:10 I just can't hang anymore and am off to bed myself.

And that's the end of our day!!  I think we made the most of our day off and I love the rhythm we're in right now.  I know it's going to change very soon and we'll create a new one but for now...I'm going to love it, enjoy it, and soak it all up!!

♥ Ashley

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