Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Favorites - an Amazon Edition

Happiest of Friday's my dear friends!! Gosh it's been a while since I've posted one of man! It's crazy.

We ALL love ourselves some Amazon, am I right?  I love it when bloggers post about what they're loving from our favorite shopping website and I always shop it through Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) just in case I can get myself some extra cash back!!

I've briefly mentioned on here that lately I am striving towards a more minimalist and sustainable lifestyle and have been learning so much about it through podcasts (there are so many to choose from so you can't go wrong!) which has been encouraging me to actually move forward with it.  If you've been a long time follower you might remember that we do a vegetable garden every year and have a fruit "orchard" of sorts that we grow organically and without chemical fertilizers, so already sustainable ... sort of😉.


I've been wanting to get rid of the plastic sippy cups for a while but just wasn't sure what to do.  I asked the Facebook and got so many suggestions which were great.  Then I went to the Amazon and found some great options!! I really wanted some stainless steel cups for the kids with plastic free lids and this set of four with adorable silicone lids that look like Elephants are perfect!  The girls love them and it only took a couple tries to figure out how to put the lid on.  Since stainless steel can get pretty cold I love that they came with the color coordinated silicone sleeves.  I also wanted to introduce some straws to Séamus so these Boon lids are great, though I do think the straw is plastic they can work on any cup so they'll be easy to throw in a reusable bag for when we're out and about.  I am still on the search for some non plastic plates and bowls for the kids, I'm thinking stainless steel again but am totally up for suggestions!


Another item we've been loving in our kitchen for cleaning up with our Thieves Household Cleaner are these Bamboo dish cloths.  They're super absorbent go in the washing machine and are made of sustainable Bamboo!


We're headed on a 3+ week road trip over Ireland and England this Summer!! I am so freaking excited for it!! Wahoo!  Since we have 3 kids in car seats and have to buy plane tickets for both Ellie and Finnley we are going to be bringing our car seats with us.  I've been looking all over trying to find a way to easily transport them through the airport (and doesn't take up much room) since we are only bringing an umbrella stroller and so I found these straps to attach them to our luggage!!  They are en route to us as I speak so I have no idea how well they will actually work but they have great reviews so I'm hoping they will work.  Speaking of our luggage - we are planning on only bringing 2 carry on bags for all 5 of us!!! Eek wish us luck!


I got some similar baskets to this on Zulilly that were so cute because they were pink and had polka dots but they drove me crazy because the paint kept chipping off of them.  I loved these baskets to help corral all the kids toys in their bedrooms and our living room but the chipping paint every where caused my vacuum to go into overdrive 😜 so I wanted to fix it.  I love this basket and it suits all our needs (plus it doesn't shed or leave any paint chips behind).  It's the best addition to our living room and now that I've donated the others I can't wait to get a few more of these for the kids room and the Playhouse!


I hosted a Sleep Class on Facebook this week and shared some great DIY's, roller and diffuser recipes as well as our bedtime routines for the kids!  This sleep roller is the bomb diggity (and I love the roller bottle too)  and if you're already on my team and sign up for Essential Rewards by May 18th I will send one to you!  If you're not already a Young Living member and you want to join my team I will send you a bottle of Cedarwood when you enroll by May 18th (sign up for Essential Rewards at the same time and I will also send you a sleep roller)!! I'm on the BEST TEAM EVER and you will get to be too when you enroll with me!  We have some awesome online communities full of all the Oily Resources you could ever imagine (and they are FREE for you!!!).


The girls shared room is still a work in progress, I swear I go through it every other week to eliminate more toys and they seem to multiply 😆.  Finnley loves herself some stuffed animals (as does Ellie) and their beds are just covered with them!  Ellie had taken to decorating her bed with stickers...which at first I wasn't too thrilled about but then I remembered how easy it is to remove them with some Lemon Essential Oil.  Both girls are also really into painting and I love adding their artwork up on their walls.  It is so special and meaningful to them that it gets to be displayed and I love seeing theirs skills progress!  I was so nervous about how their transition to sharing a room was going to go and it has gone so smoothly, I will credit their love for each other but also diffusing in their room has been so so beneficial for our bedtime routine and keeping those girls put all night long!


Finnley had school pictures this month and I cannot get over how great she did!! She was so brave and I love having this snapshot of her! My sweet girl is getting so big and I love seeing who she is becoming.  She started Pre-school a couple months ago and has blossomed so much.  It's funny how much more academic she is than Ellie, though she is super nervous in social situations (with or without me).  I make sure to oil her up every day with our magical Unicorn Roller.  It's a blend of essential oils that are so good for emotional support: Valor, Frankincense, Stress Away, Bergamot, and White Angelica.  The difference in her demeanor and personality when she gets her oils v not is just incredible.  I am so so glad to have this simple, easy, and natural tool available to give her all the support and courage to let her true self shine!


Séamus is just so much fun!  He is so busy and gets into all of the things and is rarely ever still, which is a bit much but also so so perfect.  We still have about 10 weeks to go before he turns ONE and I have absolutely adored documenting his first year here on the blog.  I love sharing each of his milestones and having a place to reference back for all things Séamus!  He has fit so well into our family and experiencing the first year of life all over again has been so much fun.  I have been doing my best to soak it all in because I know he is our last and babies just don't keep.  He is standing and so close to walking, I cannot wait for it to happen!! He is such a joy and the happiest baby ever.  He has his own roller that I am sure has attributed to his splendid personality: Gentle Baby, Frankincense, and Lavender.  He has been getting this roller on his feet every single day since he was a week old.


My dear sweet Ellie is going to turn SIX next week and I can hardly believe it. She has been the best five year old I've ever known and I can't wait to see what six will bring.  She is hilarious and feisty, kind and sensitive.  I keep telling her we're going to skip Tuesday so that she will stay five and she is adamant that we are NOT going to do that.  She wants her birthday and she wants it now.  I cannot wait to celebrate her and bring in treats for her class.  She wants to be so many things when she grows up it's hard to keep up! She wants to be a horseback rider, a roller skating instructor, an oil slinger like her mama, a doctor, and an animator for Disney!  Girlfriend has some high dreams and I want to support her in all the ways!  I am so incredibly happy that I got chosen to be her Mama and am blessed every single day by her!!


Finally the girls have been absolutely obsessed with The Duck Song and I would be remiss to not share it with you all! It's hilarious, catchy, and has so many lessons to go with it! So enjoy!

♥ Ashley

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Séamus Weekly - week 41

How on earth are we past 40 weeks already?!! I have to tell you that the 40 weeks that Séamus was on the outside were so much better than the 40 weeks he was on the inside.  I shared a bit about my thoughts on pregnancy after infertility here, it's raw but it's my experience.

Eats: Séamus is becoming more and more into eating all the real foods...which is so great!  He can get lots of different food into his mouth but seems to really enjoy graham crackers and pretzels. We are still nursing throughout the day though some of our nursing sessions he is quite the acrobat 😳.

Sleeps: sweet boy is sleeping through the night!! my boobs are so full in the morning but it's totally worth it! He usually joins us around 5am for that early morning feed and then back to sleep for another hour or so in our bed.  Love him so much.  He's been doing most of his naps in the car and then falling asleep on the boob before being transferred at night.

Does: Séamus is standing all the time, pulling up on everything, and cruising like it's his job!  He sits, loves the bathtub, and will not lay still on the change table despite all the distractions.  He is blowing raspberries and is beginning to mimic us!! He yells when Finnley yells and its the cutest thing ever!

Goes: we had the girls together party with my side of the family at my grandparents place and it was so fun getting to see all the cousins together playing and being maniacs.  All Séamus wanted to do was keep up with the big kids and crawled all around everywhere.  We also made a trip to the mall to go to the Disney Store and out for "dump-a-lings" as Ellie calls them.  Nanny came out for a visit to watch the littles while I showed my horse to someone and then we went out for ice cream after Ellie was done with school!

Mama: I am focusing on soaking up all the goodness with this sweet boy.  A part of me wonders what it would be like if we had a 4th...maybe I would feel differently about pregnancy if I experienced it again? But then I am so over this baby/infant stage and don't want to do it a fourth time, because it is HARD!!! I love it but I love it more as we reach each new stage and milestone 😉. I am learning more about the Enneagram, listening to podcasts, and just practicing my word of the year and embracing everything I can as much as I can.  I feel really good.  I feel really solid.  I also feel really hungry most of the time 😆.

Sisters: Oh My Word these girls are in love with their brother!  Finnley really is the best sister to a baby. She is concerned about his whereabouts all the time, is constantly "saving" him from who knows what and bringing him back to me (even when I tell her to leave him be He's happy and fine), and she brings him all the toys somehow knowing exactly what it is he wants!!  Ellie helps me to get him out of the car, also carries him away from predicaments, and is so loving and caring for him.  I am so lucky to have 3 children who are growing up together and building friendships with each other.  It takes a lot of work but when I see it happening it's all worth it!

♥ Ashley

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Séamus Weekly - week 40

Happy May Day!! I've got some friends coming over today to plant some flowers and the weather sounds like it's going to just be perfect!

We've hit it, just five more days and this little boy will be on the outside as long as he was cooking on the inside.  So mind blowing how much he has changed over the past 40 weeks.  He's crawling, laughing, standing, feeding himself, getting into everything, and sleeping! It's just incredible how much these babes change and grow over their first year of life...and we have just 12 weeks to go and he will be ONE!! like how is that even going to happen?

Sweet boy had his monthday and turned 9 months old!! Time sure is flying.  We had his well baby check up and he is still clocking in the 1% for weight and nearly that for his height, so he is just a petite little guy.  Once again we had the conversation with the pediatrician about his weight and while he gave me some very strange feeding suggestions - no I will NOT be feeding my 9 month old six Tablespoons of Olive Oil, he did finally see that this is just Séamus and his curve and seems to be satisfied.  So we're just going to keep on doing what we've been doing, maybe a little more intentional with what solids we are giving him.

Eats: little Séamus is all about the boob and the food.  He loves it when Finnley gives him pretzels and graham crackers, he loves pasta, bread, and beans. cake, puffs, and rice.  Pretty much he eats whatever we give him like chips and hummus or avocado, sausage and other meats too.  He still loves the boob and has been trying out all sorts of new nursing positions which I am less than thrilled about 😁. He still snacks all throughout the day so I feel like my supply is still enough.

Sleeps: eek, I almost don't want to share because I don't want to jinx anything but Séamus has been sleeping almost 8-9 hours at night!  It has been so amazing.  I still woke up a couple of times in a slight panic because...where was he?? 😂 and with some very full boobs.  I learned that you produce milk based on the demands of the previous 24 hours so now that he isn't nursing in the middle of the night, I'm not as full in the morning.   He still naps a few times a day, mostly in the car but occasionally in his crib.  I have been working on getting him to fall asleep on his own and if he is tired enough it works great, other times he just doesn't want to miss the action.


Does: he is cruising!!! Just a little bit at a time but he is doing it and it is so much fun.  He loves to play in the girls room, tries to put all the things in his mouth, and is seriously so so happy.  He claps his hands and feeds himself and it is all just the best ever!



Goes: Thomas left us all alone on Friday night to go to a Fly Fishing event with his dad so it was just me and the three kids Friday afternoon through Saturday evening.  I met a friend for lunch on Friday after Finnley and Séamus doctor appointments and it was so fun to catch up! I had some friends over on Saturday for a Make & Take and we had so much fun!! We made Perfume Rollers and Body Butter with Essential Oils.  We made a trip to Trader Joe's (always my favorite) and then all the regular places: the library, store, schools, and just driving around.

Mama: my heart is so incredibly full.  Spending over 24 hours with just me and the kids was so good, a bit of a challenge for bedtime since Séamus usually nurses to sleep and Thomas gets the diffusers ready in the bedrooms and he also gets the girls into their jams (who am I kidding? he gets Séamus ready too).  So figuring out how to get that all done was a trip, but we made it and everyone slept in. I mean if you consider 6:15 sleeping in 😆.  I also had a couple people come look at my horse but she just wasn't the right fit for them so we are still on the lookout for the perfect home for her.

Sisters: these two sisters are my favorites ever!  They are so loving, kind, funny, and push our buttons all the time.  Ellie says the funniest things and Finnley is just a goof.  I am always wondering how Finnley knows how to be so funny, I guess she just knows.  Ellie is the sweetest and is really trying to stretch her independence.  I love seeing her growing up and taking on new roles, though it is so incredibly hard for me to let go of control.  We got the trampoline up for the girls and they are having a blast with the beautiful weather we've been having going outside and playing on the swing sets and jumping on the Trampoline.  Finnley is doing so great in school, her teachers tell me she is very quiet and is the observer.  I just adore getting to see her out on the playground when I come to pick her up and seeing her doing her thing.  She loves to sing songs.  Her favorite right now is the Hands Clap song and I am quite impressed with the amount of lyrics she knows!  Ellie just wants to color and draw and craft all the things.  She is improving so much on her sight words and can read some of her books to us which is just so so cool.   She is spirited and friendly and is obsessed with Unicorns right now. So much fun.

 Previous Weeks:

Finnley at 40 weeks
Ellie at 40 weeks

♥ Ashley

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Séamus Weekly - week 39

Séamus has ticked another first holiday off his list.  Easter happened and he loved it!  We all celebrated hard and had a great time with family.  These weeks are going by so quickly and Séamus is just as busy as ever!

Eats: little man is still nursing all throughout the day and has some nighttime snacks as well.  He loves to sit at the table with us and eat puffs or whatever other food we give him, he is very adventurous. With only 2 teeth he doesn't chew very much but sure does move the food all around in his mouth.  He does have a bit of a gag reflex that really freaks me out, but I am getting more comfortable with it.

Sleeps: he is a great napper in the car, usually falls asleep when we take Ellie to school and pick her up.  Occasionally he'll get to sleep in his crib for a nap and I've been able to put him in there awake for him to fall asleep on his own which has been great.  He is still getting up around 2:30 for a quick snack and then he goes back to sleep.

Goes: I went to Costco with Séamus and Finnley and they were both so well behaved, and then we celebrated Easter at my inlaws.  We also did all the other regular things: library, school dropoff/pickup, and other errands.

Does: he crawls around everywhere, puts just about everything into his mouth, can crawl up the stairs (hasn't figured out how to get down, bonks his head on everything, and is the happiest of babies.  He is constantly pulling up on anything he can and find the most fun to be in the girls room!  One thing is for sure...he is busy!

Wears:  we have a selection of some 6month and 9month clothing that he wears interchangeably, mostly because we don't have as many 9 month options.  He is in size 3 diapers and I haven't mentioned it on here yet but he now can wear footed fleece pajamas and it's so nice!

Mama: My sweet little children bless me so much and I am so so thankful to be in this spot.  Life gets busy and chaotic but it is so worth it to have our hands full and all the love that goes around.  Watching each of my children grow and flourish is so exciting.  The sun has been making an appearance and it has been so great to get outside and be in the garden again, getting outside with my horse (who I still haven't sold) and just connecting again has really fed me so much.

Sisters: Ellie is doing so great in school! She is really starting to read and is enjoying it so much.  She talks about her friends all the time, all of the things she wants on her birthday list, and about her together birthday with her sister and brother almost daily (spoiler alert: there is no together birthday with Séamus this year).  She is so exuberant for all of the little gifts she gets and said that our Easter Bunny was soo nice this year!  Finnley is getting better at being more gentle with Séamus, though she does still have her moments.  She loves to carry him around everywhere, she is talking more and more (and we can understand more and more), she lives for sunny weather because she could be outside all dang day if we let her.  She had so much fun at Easter this year and totally understood finding the eggs, it's now a game we play where we put out the eggs and she walks around with a basket exclaiming "I found an egg!!" so incredibly pleased with herself!

Previous Weeks

Finnley at 39 weeks
Ellie at 39 weeks

♥ Ashley