Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Séamus Weekly - week 25

These weeks are seriously just flying by! How is sweet Séamus 25 weeks already?  That means he is nearly 6 months old and we're getting closer and closer to him being a big boy!  Honestly though, I am loving it! He is trying new things, is so curious, and making his way to hitting new milestones every day.  I have been intentional to soak up everything baby from him but I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't say that each day gets better and better!

Eats: we are still nursing strong over here! I am trying my darndest to not introduce any solids until next week when he hits the 6 month mark, but I did head out on Saturday to teach an oils class and left little man at home...even though I have bags of milk in the freezer - I gave away all our bottles 😁 so Thomas had to resort to some avocado.  He took maybe 2 bites, I've let him suck on a french fry, and he keeps grabbing for all the things!  But still we nurse!  We went on our island adventure this weekend and went to the we nursed on the beach and I am so thankful every time I get to nourish my babe from my body, honestly something I never thought I was going to get to do.  We are still nursing all throughout the day, and just once (maybe twice) at night!! 👐

Sleeps: we have been super busy this week and thankfully this guy has been totally go with the flow (PTL).  He has taken lots of car naps, nursing naps, and lap naps.  He got to take a couple of naps in his crib but not as many as I would have liked.  However, we are still putting him in his crib for bedtime and he is making it longer and longer in there!! He even slept through the night on Monday!!  He hasn't since, but there is light y'all, light!!

Goes: We have been to all the places!! To the library for Play Group (twice), story time, Vashon Island (parks, beaches, coffee shops, toy store, restaurant, ferry), our Nanny house, McDonald's for a friend meetup, and then the regulars of car, school, to the Post Office to mail out oily packages.


Does: he is a sitting machine! He is getting better and better at it, is more controlled when he "falls over" and is grabbing for all the things.  He rolls and wiggles to get to where he wants to be, gets focused on a toy and makes his way over to it reaching the entire time.  He has also figured out how to get onto all fours and has started rocking!! Ahh my favorite!  He is still putting everything and anything into his mouth and drools like a Newfoundland, so that makes me think that teeth are in his near future.  I've been applying Copaiba on his gums and y'all the personality change is something else, I know he is getting relief from it and that makes my Mama heart so so happy!

Wears: well I have officially removed all of the 0-3 out of his dresser and we are in 3-6 month clothes.  He does NOT like to have his feet in pajamas so we have to make sure we get the footless kind...what he does is pull on the toes and then his legs get stuck in the crotch and he gets all sorts of mad, so if he's in the footless ones that doesn't happen!  He sleeps in a sleep sack and sometimes gets frustrated with the constriction of his feet.  We have him in size 2 diapers and there are still a few items of clothing that I had gotten for the girls that were "gender neutral" that he wears and I have to tell you, there is something about seeing your children in their siblings clothes!

Mama: I cannot even tell you the excitement I have that little Séamus is rocking on all fours!! If you've been reading along for a while you know that I welcome a mobile baby with most open of arms!!  Hands down something that makes me so so happy!! I have been focusing on my word of the year a lot and am just thrilled that I get to watch my children grow up together.  Even when I want to knock Finnley on the side of the head because she will not leave Séamus alone or get exasperated with Ellie because she is now insisting on doing all of these things by herself (getting snacks, using glue, and hiding all the things in her bed...) not to mention that both girls have decided that it's okay to jump on the furniture - news flash that is never okay.  When I take a pause, I can't help but be so happy (while deep in irritation) that this is actually my life.  I have been one to try and focus on the positive side of things because mindset is everything.

 Dada: I know! I have never included this before...but this guy is rocking all things in the dadhood category.  He is the baby retriever at night, the diaper changer when he's home, and he is theeeee best at preparing all the rooms for bedtime: sound machines, filling the diffusers, reading the books, and getting on the jams.  He lives for being with his kids and is hands down the best partner in this wild a crazy adventure that is parenthood.

Sisters: as I mentioned above Finnley loves her brother hard.  She loves to make him laugh, bring him toys to play with, and lay on top of him.  Since we've been busy with play dates and going out in public this week, I have been rolling her Unicorn Roller on her like crazy so that we can all have a good time.  Her attitude and ability to just be herself and play is the best when we remember to oil her up.  Her vocabulary is bursting, her favorite word is still a very dramatic "NOOOOOO", and will be constantly asking if Nanny and Papa are coming.  She has been singing songs, loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and refuses to wear a jacket if she is wearing her Moana shirt.
Ellie is still rocking it at kindergarten.  We've had a couple of accidents at school but we're still working on it and hopefully soon she'll be listening to her body better and remember to use the bathroom on her own.  She is silly and goofy, and says the best things.  She told me the other day that when she grows up she wants to be fat, also that she is NOT getting married, and that everyone needs oils.  She is still drawing all the pictures, is obsessed with Ryan on YouTube, and would live in the bathtub if we let her.

Previous Weeks

Finnley at 25 weeks
Ellie at 25 weeks

♥ Ashley

Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Favorites!!

I can't believe that it's Friday already...this year is already flying 😆

I finally finished up our Kitchen reface and let me tell just looks so much better. I sanded, painted, sanded, painted and sanded the cabinet doors and drawers...and let the coats dry for quite some time in between (patience is always the hardest).  I also sanded and painted the bases, which really needed to happen in addition to spray painting our hardware oil rubbed bronze.  It was a relatively cheap project since all I needed to buy was sandpaper!  I was also able to give each of the cabinets and drawers a thorough cleaning since I had to completely empty them out.

I am participating in the January Cure again this year and it's so nice to be given simple and easy daily tasks to clean our home and tips to keep it up year long.  Some of my favorite tasks are cleaning out a drawer (which then turns into many), deep cleaning the bedroom, and cleaning all of the floors everywhere (under furniture, in closets and including the baseboards).  My other favorite task is the permission to buy flowers every week!!

Last year my Word of the year was Let Go.  It was the perfect word for me because I have been hanging onto so many things (mentally, emotionally and physically).  By focusing on Letting Go, I gained so much freedom and grew a ton.  I was able to get rid of boxes full of home items, clothes, trinkets, etc.  Just the extra space has been amazing not to mention less stuff to clean and collect dust.  I started listening to a couple of minimalist podcasts during the year and they were so helpful in my transformation.  I have also been able to let go of some control (unbelievable I know 😆😆), the girls have gone on sleepovers over at Nanny and Papa's, I was totally go with the flow with Séamus crazy birth, and I'm not always following behind and correcting everything in the house after Thomas 😂.  Probably one of my favorite self developments I've worked on ever! This year I'm focusing on Embrace! I cannot wait to see how this year pans out!

I got this diffuser for Séamus nursery and I love it!! I'm not of the camp that everything under the sun needs to come from Young Living, don't get me wrong I absolutely adore my YL diffusers and the customer service is top notch.  But when I came across this one I just knew it would be perfect!  It has two diffusing settings: 1hr high or 13hr intermittent.  It also has a couple of lighting options and the plastic design is super kid friendly.

Young Living just announced their January Jump Start Sale!!! Y'all you can get 10% off the Desert Mist Premium Starter Kit January 11-14th!! Bringing it down from $160 to $144 PLUS I'll send you an additional $25 back, Heck yes!!! I also have a special going for anyone who enrolls with me through the 14th and you DON'T want to miss out on this!! The Premium Starter Kit is the best way to get started, you get 11 of our favorite oils (I seriously use these almost every day), the Desert Mist favorite ever! Plus samples of Thieves Cleaner (y'all know my love affair with this) and Ningxia Red (if I could sing a song!!).  In addition to all of this you'll get your wholesale membership getting you 24% off of future purchases of everything forever!! I will be available to help hold your hand AND you'll get access to our member exclusive online communities that are absolutely priceless!! I would love for you to come Oil with Me!!!

♥ Ashley

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Séamus Weekly - week 24

Y'all I can't believe that Little Séamus is almost 6 months old!!  We are loving every single minute of it and now that he is sitting up, life is so so much better!!

Sleeps: we started off the New Year with having Séamus begin sleeping in his crib in his room.  He doesn't always last very long in there but it's a start.  He tends to nap better in there than he does for nighttime.  Although we did get one night that gave us a glimmer of hope!! He still nurses about 2x at night and then will nap several times during the day.  Sometimes I am able to transfer him and others not so much.

Eats: we are still exclusively breastfeeding and it's still my favorite ever!!  Though now that little man is sitting up I am getting anxious to have him try some solid foods!!  BUT we're waiting until he is 6 months old for that.  It's funny because I couldn't wait to start feeding solids with the girls but I haven't really given it much thought this time around.  Maybe it's because I know he's my last baby or maybe it's because I don't have to do bottles this time around. Whatever it is I am embracing it.

Does: as you all know little Séamus is sitting up and it's just the best.  He got to sit in a high chair (at McDonald's) for the first time and hallelujah Mama got to eat with two hands all by herself with 3 kids at the table!!!!  He is reaching out for more and more of his toys and still gnawing on anything he can get in his mouth, his favorite are his own hands (or toes).

Goes: not anywhere new this week. Thomas got the snip, we went out to eat a few times, had a huge windstorm so we went on a search for our trampoline...found it four neighbors down and now have to take it to the metal recycle.  Ellie didn't have school due to the power outtage, so I took all the kids to McDonald's.  We also worked at our Nanny house and just went to all the regular places.

Wears: little man is in size 2 diapers, has pretty much grown out of all the 0-3 pants I held onto, so I have to go through his drawers and closet again.  I am still loving all of the 3-6 month tops we have and getting to see him in all the fun clothes and sitting up and being a little person is just so fun!

Mama: my heart could burst that we have all three of our kiddos!! They are all growing and thriving and I've found myself just pausing and watching them with the biggest smile on my face.  I want to soak them all in because I know it's not always going to be like this.  We are going to have easy days and we are going to have even harder days than we've already experienced.  Even though I am constantly telling the girls to get off their brother, I have to laugh at it at the same time because honestly what a problem to have...the kids loving each other too hard!! I finally got the kitchen completed this week and while I was waiting for the final coat of paint to dry...I couldn't help myself, I had to rearrange our great room and flip the living room and dining room.  So now they've switched places, I sold the coffee table and the chandelier.  It gave me a chance to do some deep cleaning (like under the area rug) and now I feel like we moved into a new house! It was the creative stretch I have been craving and I hope we keep it this way for a while.

Sisters: both of these girls live to get all up in Séamus's business, they are constantly giving him kisses and hugs, trying to get him to laugh and Finnley uses the gruffest voice saying "cute baybay", She also rather enjoys being the boss of him and I hear her telling him No a lot...I wonder where she gets that from 😉.  Ellie was so happy to go back to school and while she misses us every day I am pretty sure that she is enjoying the "free life" from Mama!! She talks about our oils every day and wanted to make sure that I am not planning on getting rid of them like I am with some of their unused toys!! Kids are so so funny and I love them to eternity.

Previous Weeks

Finnley at 24 weeks
Ellie at 24 weeks

♥ Ashley

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

em⋅brace 2019

accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.

When it comes to choosing a word for the year, it takes some deep thought, consideration, and self reflection to choose what it is exactly that you want to work on.  In year's past I've chosen "Content", "Just Be", "Just Do", and last year (2018) I didn't share was "Let Go".  It's important to ruminate over previous year's words to see how you have changed and the impact that word has had on your life.

This year, 2019, I am choosing to embrace.  There is going to be so much change happening this year and I want to cherish all of it.  

Séamus is going to go through so many changes: sitting ✓, crawling, eating, cruising, walking, and talking, and sleeping 🤞.  I want to embrace all of this because I know it's the last time, 1+ is my favorite so I tend to wish the first year away...I don't want to do that this time.  

Ellie is well on her way to growing up.  She is in Kindergarten, will be turning 6 and starting to read already.  I want to focus on her and cherish this fleeting time with her.  I want to focus on reading with her, celebrating her achievements, and soaking in all that is good with a 5/6 year old.  

Finnley is changing by the day.  Her personality is shining through, she is hilarious, so full of emotions and has such a giving heart.  Soon she will start Pre-School and gone will be the time of her being with me all the time.  She is our first babe that I got to stay home with from the very beginning.  

I have BIG goals for my business and I know it's going to take a lot of work, dedication, time, and sacrifice.  It's all going to be worth it knowing the benefits and impact Wellness will make on the families I help.  I am so excited to see it grow but want to make sure that I focus and appreciate every step of the way.  


Thomas and I are embarking on a new season in our marriage...gone are the days wishing for babies, dealing with pregnancy loss, and infertility.  We get to put all of that away and focus on where we are now, parenting our THREE children, enjoying them and raising them to be little people we love to be with.  We also get to focus on each other more this year and embracing each other without all of that emotionality in the back of our heads. We get to grow together, prioritize together, dream together, plan together, and be together! and take more pictures together....

We have home improvement projects planned, lots of DIYs, and trips and vacations on the calendar.  2019 is going to be our year and I am so looking forward to it.

The whole year is ahead of me and I cannot wait to embrace it all.

Do you choose a word for the year?  What are you wanting to focus on this year?

♥ Ashley