Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{weekly update} week ten

How can we already be at 10 weeks today. Time is just flying by but I'm enjoying every minute with this sweet little girl.  I feel so blessed and just love being her mama. 

Weight: We have quite the eater so I'm sure she's gaining weight. Probably around 11 pounds. 

Sleep: Doing pretty good at night, close to 6-7 hour stretches and then usually a 3ish hour nap during the day. 

Crying: When she's hungry or tired. Usually can stop it with a bottle, or swaddle and paci. 

Diet: Ellie is still doing well on the Similac Sensitive Formula and is now getting 4 ounces six times a day.

Clothes: Can you believe that this little girlfriend is still wearing newborn clothes?!?! Still in size one diapers. She does fit into a few 0-3 months onesies. 

Social: Little butterfly. We have had a few solo drives together this week. She got to meet up with my family on Sunday for a sip and see shower my sister hosted and I got to drive in the carpool lane for the first time!!!  We also had family photos done yesterday by a friend and fellow blogger, Susie from www.theallisonwonderland.com can't wait for those!!
(my car doesn't have the ability to put up a baby mirror so I take photos of her at stoplights to see how she is doing-some angles are better than others!)

Sneak Peek!!

Milestones: Miss E is still rolling over and grasping well with her hands. Her foot/eye coordination is improving on her activity mat as she kicks her hanging toys! She really is starting to recognize us and is just a smiling little girl!!

Baby Gear Love: basically the same list as previous weeks. No new gear to report, unless you count puppies as baby gear!!

Mama: I am enjoying the longer spans of time for sleep at night!!  But just absolutely love having this girl co-sleep with us!!  I love that she is just right there. I am also having so much fun with her interacting more and I also adore watching Thomas play with her!!

Sweet sweet baby Ellie, you are just the light of our lives and are so in love with you!!  These ten weeks have flown by, please slow down!!


Bachelorette Link Up Bash!!

Well let's just say that this last episode of the bachelorette was a little obnoxious. Don't get me wrong, I love Desiree, but seriously. 

Her date with Drew was fun. He once again shared with her his love and devotion to her. They kissed. A Lot. And asked the camera crew to please leave. 

She had a down to earth, what happens when this is all over, reality check conversation with Chris about moving to Seattle (which she should because I live there). After beating around the bush she finally said that she could. It was like pulling teeth to get that out of her-I wonder why? (Brooks maybe?)

And then there is Brooks. She is in love and he isn't. She thinks he is but he has already told her that he is way behind her on his feelings. Remember she is running and he's just starting to jog? Oh well. what is the bachelorette without drama?

One thing Des, well actually like two. Of you knew Brooks was the one then why have all those make out sessions with Drew?  Also she said she doesn't know what it feels like to have passionate love reciprocated. News Flash how do you think Drew and Chris feel about you?

Well we have to wait until next week to find out of she stays or if she goes. I think she will choose one on the remaining boys. I like both of them better than Brooks anyways!

That's all folks!


[birthdays] Happy Birthday Momala!

Today marks my moms birthday. She would be 58 if she were here. Lidda, as she wanted her grand kids to call her is partying up her birthday in Heaven with Jesus today. I miss her terribly but take great comfort that she is in Heaven with our Lord.  

Today, I am reminiscing and thinking of her. I have a candle lit and sing happy birthday to her. I love you Momala and am so happy that I can share my memories of you with little Ellie. She will grow up know what a wonderful woman her Lidda was!

I love and miss you very much!


Monday, July 29, 2013

[birthdays] happy birthday daddy

Today is my dads birthday and tomorrow is my moms. I used to always forget who was born on which day but then I figured it out- my dad was born first so his birthday is first!!

He is such a wonderful man and a true testament to faith, reliability, and love. I am so blessed to call him my daddy and so happy that he is Ellie's grandpa!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!! I love you!


Weekend in Pictures

Even though we are on summer break and every day is a "weekend" we had a great one over here in the farm. 

On Friday I had the opportunity to be a "hair model" for a friend of mine.  With the exception of 3 visits, I have been going to the same hair salon for 15 years. Friday marked visit #4 away from my "home" salon and I had a great experience. My friend works at Gene Juarez and is becoming a Balayage specialist an she needed a model for one if her exams! So for $10 I got an awesome new do!! (Much needed since my last hair appt was back in October!!)

I just love it and she did a great job!! If you live in the Seattle area and need your hair done I suggest you set up an appointment with Elle at the University Village Gene Juarez an tell her Ashley sent you!!

On Saturday we went to the "parking lot sale" at Coastal Farm & Ranch in Auburn near the SuperMall and picked up these beauts for a song to add to our growing collection!!

They are so comfortable!! And they kinda match - promise that was not on purpose!!

We also stopped at the new Hobby Lobby up in Federal Way and picked up this really cute rustic wooden frame and some green chalkboard paint to turn it into a chalkboard. 

This was a super easy project. I just removed the glass from the frame and took it outside with the can of chalkboard spray paint and did four coats on the glass. I love that we chose the color green (mostly because that was the only color available at hoblob) because it is a nice separation from all the black chalkboards out there!!

Also the puppies got baths this weekend so they are all clean a can start playing with Ellie now!

Today we are getting ready to have pictures taken of our family of three! We are so excited! 

Hope you all have a fantastic day!!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Cara Box!! Sail Away

I participated in the Cara Box over at Wifessionals this month. What a fun experience. How it works is you sign up and get paired with two other bloggers in the states. One you learn about in their blog and then send them a gift and the other one learns about you via your blog and the sends you a gift!!  There is a catch the box has a theme that you must abide by and send it off by the 20th of the month. Go here to participate: http://www.wifessionals.com 

I was paired up with Tiffany at Style Honestly. She is adorbs and has great fashion advice!  I am so happy for her because she just landed an awesome job at Anthropologie!!  To see what I got Tiffany hop on over to her blog: http://www.stylehonestly.com 

The sweet and adorable Elise from Books Bottles and Bags was my gift giver. I had to check out the blog of the woman who was gifting me. She is a nanny and I think the perfect person for me to be paired up with for my first Cara Box adventure!!  I LOVE everything he got me. It was so thoughtful and a great boost to my morale! 

She totes stayed with the theme even in the box! Love those stamps!

Inside I got the best stuff!! The note she included was uplifting and I love that she gave an explanation of each item. 

Elise sent me a pair of jammy shorts since I am a new parent! And I also got two pairs of boot socks since I live on a farm and in boots!!  She also helped to ensure that our home doesn't smell like farm animals by including a wallflower fragrance with an anchor applicator. (Thomas will greatly appreciate this!!)

Ellie was not forgotten and I am so happy that she was included in the box!!  She got the cutest little outfit. Polka dot ruffled boomers and a sweet neon pink crab patterned top!  I love how it is open with the matching polka dot bows in the back!!

Thank you Elise for the great box!! Make sure you go check out her adorable blog:  

Also you an follow me on bloglovin!

Linked to: http://www.wifessionals.com/2013/07/july-cara-box-reveal-link-up.html


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{weekly update} week nine

I can't believe that I am already writing your nine week update. We have had so much fun and we have done so many things. What a great week I am so excited and just love my dear little Ellie Faith!!

Weight: official Two month weight is 10.6 pounds. 

Sleep: Baby girl is sleeping really well.  At night we're getting at least 6 to 7 hours between feedings. We were going to move her into the bassinet at two months but after having a discussion we decided that we just are not ready for her to leave our bed yet so we are still cosleeping in our bed. 

Diet: Little Miss Ellie is eating 4 ounces at each feeding and she's getting them every 4 to 6 hours. 

Crying: Still is a pretty good baby she cries when she's hungry and when she just does not want to control her arms and is overly tired.

Clothes: Little Miss E is still wearing newborn size clothes. She has fit into a few select 0-3 size onesies but still rockin the newborn. 

Social/Outings:  Little Miss Ellie has been on quite a few outings. She attended Vacation Bible School last week in the nursery, was such a good little baby and got to spend time with three other toddlers. She has also been to a few restaurants, shopping and she had a doctors appointment this week. Little Miss E also attended her second wedding this summer and she was such a good baby many many people loved her and squeezed very cute little chubby cheeks. 

Baby Gear Love: Girlfriend loves her little giraffe and mouse stuffed animals they go everywhere with her, in her car seat and also in her swing. She is still a fan of her swaddle and loves her pacifier she got from the hospital. Ellie has become quite fond of her mobile in her crib and is also really loving to bat at the toys hanging from her tree top friends activity mat. 

Milestones: She went to her two month appointment, got her shots and was a very brave girl. She is also starting to get a little better with her baths. Little Miss E has pushed up just a couple times well doing tummy time. Also her future husband was born yesterday we don't know his name yet but she was so excited to find out that the Royal baby is a Prince!!!

Photobomb award goes to Cooper!!

Mama: I got to see what it would be like to have more children while volunteering at Vacation Bible School this week. I could tell that would be a little bit challenging but learned I could totally do it.

I just love my dear little Ellie Faith. I am so thankful and grateful to God for bringing her into our lives. Little E I just can't wait until you're officially ours.