All About Ashley

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am so glad that you stopped by to check out my blog!!

  • I live in Washington State.
  • I do not have a sense of smell.
  • I am short (like 5 feet) and I LOVE it!
  • I attended the same private school from Pre-School through 12th Grade and graduated with 89 other students in 2002.
  • I graduated with a Bachelor's in School Health and Fitness K-12 from Central Washington University in 2008 - Go Wildcats!!
  • I met my husband, Thomas, Freshman year of college but we didn't start dating until Junior year.  
  • We got engaged on December 6, 2006 in my parents living room.
  • We bought our first house in January 2008, a small farm.
  • We got married on August 8, 2008 in Seattle.  Our colors were Chartreuse and Brown and our main flower was a Hydrangea.  We had the best weather for our rehearsal and wedding, the following day was a huge rainstorm!
  • We had our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico and had a fabulous time despite both getting food poisoning!
  • We were both Teachers but now I have the privilege to be a SAHM and a part time Nanny!!
  • I was a cheerleader in High School, Community College, and at CWU, I was also on an All Star team in Bellevue for one year (somehow I convinced Thomas to join the CWU team and All Star team with me!!).
  • I showed my horse in 4-H and started an Equestrian Team at CWU that is still going strong.
  • I struggle with infertility - you can read about my journey on My Infertility Journey page.
  • We adopted our first daughter, Ellie, in 2013 and our second daughter, Finnley, in 2016.
  • I like to write about our life on our little farm and of course Ellie and Finnley


  1. Hi Ashley,

    I just read your infertility journey and you are such a strong woman. I'd love to talk to you more about it because I'm getting ready to start down the same path as well. As you said, not many people talk about infertility so it's been a long and lonely fifteen months for my husband and I. I hope you and your family had a great holiday and New Year!


  2. Hey Ashley! I can't wait get to know more about you and your journey through life!

  3. Ahh! Another Washington blogger!! Love it :) ♥

  4. Love the part about your wedding day! My husband and I got married on August 6th 2011 and it was beautiful the entire day. Luckily we had our reception indoors because it started pouring down rain the second we walked in the door!

  5. Hi Ashley! I found your blog via the 5 on Friday linkup and wanted to say hello. I'm a proud farmers daughter and was pretty much raised on the back of a horse! Do you still ride? I'm excited to follow along and read more about your farming adventures!


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♥ Ashley