Thursday, January 11, 2018

Our Christmas Holiday 2017

oops it's already the 2nd week of January and I'm just now recapping our my defense we had to postpone one of our Christmas celebrations to January 1st due to SNOW!!

We hosted Christmas Eve at our house with Thomas family (per usual) and we went Parsons traditional in the food dept. they grew up with Prime Rib, potatoes, a veg and bread.  This year due to my pregnant condition we had to cook the Prime Rib past its prime (which was appreciated by the kiddos and a handful of adults...) but with enough horseradish it tasted fine 😉.  We also made mashed potatoes (of the red variety) and boiled carrots with butter.  Thomas brother brought two loaves of his homemade sourdough bread that was the perfect accompaniment to the meal.  Additionally Thomas mom brought all the treats: linzer cookies, rice crispy treats, buckeyes, sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, and layer cookie bars.

Unfortunately not all of the family was able to make it due to sickness (the dreaded HFMD) but we made due with them via dinner and presents via FaceTime...what would we do without technology these days??  We had a great time eating, visiting and then opening the obscene amount of presents.  The kiddos all had a great time but my favorite part was after Ellie opened her first present she was so confused why I told her to open another, she exclaimed "but I already opened my present!" after some coaxing and explaining she realized that there was more than one present for her.  It was so incredibly precious and she loved every single present she opened.  She was so excited for each one and told the giver that it was what she had always hoped and wished for! I wish I could be that gracious of a receiver!!

One of the most exciting things that happened on Christmas Eve was that it started Snowing...and if you know the PNW it's very rare for us to get a white Christmas, let alone an actual one where the snow falls on Christmas Eve!! It was a happy surprise and the kids absolutely enjoyed it...thank goodness for Papa who was willing to brave the snow with all the kids!

Once everyone left we set out Milk and Cookies for Santa...and Finnley had to make sure that the treats tasted A-Okay for Santa, Ellie was a bit upset 😂.

Christmas morning was slow and the girls slept in til nearly 7am! Unheard of from our early 5am risers.  We opened our stockings and presents and then I finished up cinnamon rolls, (I had made the dough the day before) and when they came out of the oven they were simply heaven.  I'm still dreaming of them and can't wait to make them again.  We went on a walk around our neighborhood in the snow, followed the footprints of our neighborhood coyote, and built a snowman which Ellie immediately knocked down.

Originally my family was supposed to join us for Christmas Day festivities but with the snow and another sick household, we decided to postpone it for the following week.  So our little family of Four got to spend the whole day together at home with no plans.  We did go out to Starbucks and a drive around town to see if anything was open (mainly a Chinese/Asian restaurant) and when we saw black storefront after black restaurant we made our way back home to enjoy all that we have.

Finally January 1st came along and we hosted Christmas with my family.  We had Ham (which everyone was surprised - since I have proclaimed my disdain for ham since forever) cheesey cornflake pototoes, a salad and biscuits.  The food was great, Ellie and the rest ate copious amounts of ham, while I ate my dutiful single bite 😉 (have no fear I filled up on appetizers and practically all the potatoes) the cousins all loved hanging out with each other.  Ellie and the second oldest cousin spent most of the gathering watching her kindle in her bed - so freaking cute.  Opening presents was a bit of a mayhem but it was so fun to see the excitement of the kiddos.  This time however, Ellie kept asking where her next present was...oh well.

It was such a fun Holiday Celebration and I can't believe it was the last one we will celebrate as a family of Four!!

Happy New Year y'all.

♥ Ashley

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