Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2nd

Ok so now I have officially gotten into the whole "blogging" thing! It took me a long time to get onto myspace and facebook, and then that whole texting thing on your cell phones was a very difficult concept for me, but now I totally understand! I got one of those texting cell phones just about a year ago and finally got Thomas to get one a couple of weeks ago (what a mistake haha, he is just as obsessed as I am).

This has been a whirl wind of a year. Just four days before our Wedding I was offered my first teaching job at Puyallup High School, which was very convienient because I was already coaching cheer there. (Go Vikings!!) And on our Wedding night Thomas's principal, who was at our wedding, told Thomas that he was going to be at West Auburn full time!! What a great way to start off our marriage! We went on our Honeymoon to Cancun Mexico, where we both suffered from the stomach flu. But it was relaxing, good food, lots of sun tanning, and best of all -- we are married!

Since our Wedding and Honeymoon, we have been enjoying life as a married couple. Spending most of our "free time" working on our house and yard. We hosted Christmas Eve at our house and Thomas got his promised Christmas present from me: a Siberian Husky, her name is Sakari and she is the perfect addition to our family rounding it out to 2 girls and 2 boys. Cooper is a very good big brother though at times he is very jealous that he is not the only dog in the house! We have been painting the rooms in our house during each holiday school break. It is so nice being able to change the look of a room with just a can of paint and a couple hours of painting labor.

We started a living vegetable garden in our front yard which seems to be doing very well!! So excited to be able to eat our goods!!

We are into the summer and almost 11 months into our marriage. This year has gone so quickly, probably because of us being so busy with teaching all day and then coaching after school and attending games and matches. This summer break is a wonderful thing and it is much needed. Thomas is working for the City of Maple Valley coaching a summer tennis program and I am focusing on the horses and my cheerleading team of 19 girls!!! We have lots of plans this summer so it is almost not like a break! We are going to Montana and Yellowstone, I am going to cheer camp, then we are going to Vancouver BC all while Thomas is a die hard Sounders Fan with his season tickets he is at every home game! What a Blast.

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