Monday, April 19, 2010

A Parsons Update

Well things have changed a lot since my last post. I guess I am not as into this as I thought I might be. But, I will continue on. I am still coaching high school cheer and going into my third season! I finally got a job at the end of October for a part time elementary PE position. It has been so nice to finally teach something that I love! Thomas is still at WAHS and coaching boys and girls tennis.

We had a great time in Montana and we would go again for sure! Our anniversary trip to Vancouver, BC was amazing. We had so much fun sightseeing and being in the city. We took a trip this year to New York and Washington, DC. This was fabulous and the weather was amazing. It was so fun to go shopping in NY, go on a carriage ride through Central Park and to remember those we lost at the WTC. DC was so cool, we found the best coffee place ever: Cariboo Coffee - the best ginger bread EVER! Seeing all of the memorials and going into the Smithsonians was wonderful. We took a tour of the capital and it was so interesting to learn about everything that happens there. My favorite part was going into Virginia and seeing George Washington's home and farmland. It was so cool and educational to learn how they lived back then!

As far as our home life, as many homeowners we are constantly improving our home. This year, our front yard has been the focus. We pulled out all of the tumors (juniper bushes) and shoveled up the rest of the gravel. I built a retaining wall along the street and we tried to level out our yard as much as possible. We got a load of dirt delivered and proceeded to lay grass seed all over and we now have a real front lawn! We moved our edible garden to the side of the house and it is huge! We will be looking forward to a wonderful bounty this year from our harvests.

We have some new additions to our family: we have 7 chickens and 2 pygmy goats. We will be looking forward to having fresh eggs daily at our "farm". Cooper and Sakari are doing well and love their home. We go to the park often and they love to run and chase each other. Rags and Jazz are enjoying their home and I still cannot get over looking out my kitchen window and seeing my horses!!

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