Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Dog House

No worries, no one is in the dog house. Actually we don't even have one of those, our house is the dog house (they spend more time here than we do). But I wanted to post about the pups.

I have to say that Cooper is the most adorable little dog anyone could ever meet or imagine, I am pretty sure that I am not biased. He has a little bit of a challenging personality, he doesn't like strangers and it takes a long time for you to be considered NOT a stranger. He loves to bark and alert us of any noise (threatening or not). He loves his toys; Pig, Bear, Bunny, Ball, and Penguin. He knows them by name and will usually retrieve one if we ask him to. My favorite is watching him leap around the house with Pig or Bunny in his mouth as they flop around and trip him up. He chases after his ball as long as we have the energy to keep up. He also loves all things soft, he insists on being on top of a blanket or pillow when on the furniture and he LOVES his bed. It's actually his second bed (he got a little too excited with the first one and chewed it up) and he spends lots of time there. It also happens to be his "Time-out" spot. Yes my little adorable puppy as cute as he is, does have to go into Time Out from time to time. He responds very well and stays there until you tell him he can leave. He loves to snuggle and cuddle and HAS to sleep under the covers. Once he lets you into his "circle" you too will agree that he is the cutest dog with the best personality.

I cannot post about the pups and not mention the "little girl". Sakari is one of the best behaved Huskies I have heard of. While she has had some ups and downs (which dog hasn't?) she has definitely grown into a beautiful, well trained, loving and caring dog. For a Husky she is very calm and naps a lot. She does have a lot of energy and loves to be outside in the cold. She too loves her toys, but is not as apt to share them as her brother. She is the opposite of Cooper, she doesn't make a sound, unless she is growling to let Cooper know that it is HER toy. He obliges and is very polite and doesn't take her toys. However, if Cooper has a toy she wants she hunts him and as soon as he takes his eyes off it, she takes it. The other way we know that she has a voice is when we tell her to speak, even then it can be a challenge. I think a lot of her calmness comes from her ability to run around outside (Cooper chases her), but also because she chases Cooper inside the house and they rough house a lot. She is a little cuddle bug and her favorite place in the house is on the foot of our bed. If we leave the bedroom door open and Sakari is inside and we can't find her she is most likely to be on the bed curled up, doesn't matter the time of day.

Our pups are the cutest and without a doubt have enriched our lives in so many ways and our love for them runs so deep. We look at them and talk about them all the time and cannot come up with what is so special about them or why they are so adorable. They just are.

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