Saturday, September 29, 2012


We have been wanting to compost for a while.  We kind of pretended to start back in with the horses and their poop but that is all that goes in there - horse poop, our neighbor comes over once a year and cleans us out of our horse poop so that she can till it into her garden.  We are thinking about doing the same.

Back in July, we went to Half Price Books and I found an awesome book about composting.  I had so many questions and it was hard getting the answers online.  I was so happy when I found this book because it explained just about everything I needed to help me out.  I finished the book while I was in Jury Duty- so that took me about 2 days time since all I did was sit in the jury waiting room waiting to be called to a case.  After I finished the book I was determined to make a compost bin.   It took me a few weeks but I collected a bunch of free pallets from the feed store to create it.  Then these pallets just waited by the goat barn until we put them together.

Last weekend, Thomas and I finally got our act together and made half of our compost bin.  I am so excited to get started.  We have already put some dried leaves, sunflower stalks and horse poop in, as well as some used coffee grounds and tea bags.  We don't have enough to make a "hot compost" but we will be turning and adding stuff so hopefully we will have a good amount by next spring to add to our veg garden!!!

Have you completed any projects lately?

♥ Ashley

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