Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

 I am still here I promise!!
Its just been a little crazy over here.  As I am sure many of you can sympathize with.

We had a lovely Easter weekend here in the PNW, I think it reached close to 70 on Easter Sunday. Needless to say we were in our shorts, tank tops and dresses for the festivities.

We celebrated with the Hubs family on Saturday with an Easter Egg Hunt.  And I got to ride in one of those mini jeeps - I just made the weight limit.  I always wanted one but my parents told me I didn't need one since I had a horse.  But they are still fun to "tear around in"  all 2mph they go!!
And as usje we had the famous Parsons Chicken and Noodles dish, serve up with boiled potatoes and a nice French bread roll.  (Even though I didn't officially do lent - since I give something up every month anyways - I did cheat and have bread on the last day of the month...I gave up bread for the WHOLE month of March, by far the most difficult one so far - cheese is going to be the worst!)
On Easter Sunday we spent with my family.  We had our traditional Leg of Lamb (Jesus is the Lamb of God - never could understand why people eat Ham on Easter...)
We had a lovely time and it was so nice to spend time with both our families!
Hope you had a lovely Easter!!
♥ Ashley


  1. I always wanted one of those little cars. Cheese would be so hard to give up for an entire month. Good luck!

  2. Hey Kendra!! Thank you for commenting! Yes I think that giving up cheese will be very hard, I am thinking of doing that in May...

    ♥ Ashley


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