Monday, March 18, 2013


I had the best birthday weekend!! We drove over to Spokane on Friday to meet a potential birth mom and dad to see if we are a good fit. We met with them on Saturday for lunch at Tomato Street (like the best Italian restaurant ever and had a wonderful visit. They brought their son and the paternal grandma along and we had a great conversation.

We all decided that we liked each other and that this would work. So we let our adoption agency know that this was a good to go placement. They are having a little girl and she is scheduled for a cesarean on May 21st!!  I can't believe that in two short months I am finally going to be a mom!!!!

More details to come as they arise! 

But man oh man do we have to get a move on finishing up the nursery, read some baby books, and get all ready for this little bundle of joy!

My birthday was yesterday.  Yes I am a St. Patricks Day baby!! I love that my birthday is on this holiday, I get to pretend that everyone is celebrating my birthday and I get to honor my Irish Heritage!!  We went to this great restaurant in Puyallup that was on Diner Drive Ins and Dives called Crocketts and it was delish.  They had a live band playing and we got to drink green beer (Stella)!!!

♥ Ashley

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