Friday, June 19, 2015

A Friday in June

Let's keep this short and simple. I was planning a longer post but then on the way in to work Ellie threw up all over herself and her car seat. She's totally fine now, I think it was a combo of moving in the car and drinking milk too fast...?


We are this close to summer and I cannot wait. Today is the last day of school and we are going to take full advantage of this summer with making memories. We have a vacation planned here pretty soon to head up to Canada. I have to admit I love Canada. 

As I was changing Ellie's diaper this morning I asked her if she wanted to start potty training when we get back from our vacation. I mean no sense in starting now when we have an 8 hour road trip ahead of us here in the next couple of weeks. So hopefully if we keep talking about it we will have some success. 

Speaking of Ellie growing up, when is a good age to ditch the pacifier? She really only gets them at bed time but then when I started to think about her being two years old and still using a paci...I think we'll do potty training first. 

I am on the hunt for a big girl bed. I'm just trying to decide if I want to just get the adapter for her crib, get a toddler bed or just get her a twin bed? What are your thoughts? I think a toddler bed is out of the question because she won't be in it for very long and a twin bed os more likely a better investment. If only the Jenny Lind twins weren't so expensive. 

Oh and this was the sunset we were blessed with the other night! No filter all Gods Glory!!

And that's all I've got for today. Happy weekend. We're going to be celebrating our favorite guy this weekend for Father's Day!! I still have to pinch myself that we finally get to celebrate these holidays in this way since our journey to parenthood wash his longer, more challenging and took a few more turns than we ever imagined! 

How are you celebrating the dad's in your life?

In case you missed it this week: 
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  1. We got Odette a toddler bed and although she won't be in it very long, I'm so glad we did! She can get in and out of it herself and really loves it :) She's fallen out a few times and I'm really glad that her bed is so low to the ground too. I think the adapter for Ellie's crib would work good if you don't want to spend a lot or get a twin bed right away :)

  2. I hope you have a great time In Canada! I have only been once.

  3. I just posted about potty training last week, if you're interested in reading about what worked for us. It took a little over a week, but we had success! It's frustrating at first, but I am personally loving a diaper-free house right now!

    I hate, hate, hate the paci and I'm dying to get rid of it completely, but it seems to help Mila with teething (oddly enough). We only let her have it when she sleeps and I have no idea when we're going to try to wean her. I think we want to make the transition to a big girl bed before we do that.

    We opted to do a twin bed for Mila. I didn't want to spend the money on a toddler bed that won't last her very long. The one we found is low to the ground and we got a low profile mattress, so if she does fall out, it's not a big drop.

    Good luck with everything - and enjoy your trip to Canada!

  4. We had a similar too much milk car barfing experience a while back. Not fun. Were you alone in the car with her? Chris was driving at the time so I jumped into the backseat and tried to contain the fun with some cloths. The clean up was not my favorite. I've since banned milk in the car lol.


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