Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Weekend

I do realize that it's Tuesday, but since we had a 3 day weekend I thought I would wait until today to talk about what we did!

On Friday
Ellie spent the day with Nanny (oh I missed her something awful) and she had the best time.  They went to Target (so jealous) and Ellie got to bring this adorable sweatshirt home and Ellie insisted on this necklace...I am in love!!  She certainly is becoming quite the little fashionista and I am loving that she is picking out items that I gravitate towards myself.  I finally got to be reunited with my best girl for dinner.  

When I arrived home, Thomas had stopped by the store to get ingredients for dinner and he got these...my love language!!  I can totally live with these little surprises happening all the time ;)

We had Pizza Bread and its like the best and most easy dinner ever.  All you do is get a loaf of french bread and split it like a hotdog bun, spread some softened butter on it and stick it in the oven to toast up.  Then you slather on some of your favorite pizza sauce or marinara put it in the oven to warm up for a couple minutes and then add on all your favorite pizza toppings: pepperoni, sausage (precooked), olives, mushrooms and green pepper almost always make an appearance on ours, top with cheese and then throw it back in the oven to melt and get warm/hot.  Slice and serve!! You'll love it.

We started off like we do most Saturdays with a trip to our local Donut shop, we usually get a dozen and that will last us for a few days.  They have these doughnuts called "buttermilk bars" and they are seriously the bees knees, I love them so much. Then it was a slightly big day for us because we tackled the closet in our 3rd bedroom.  As I have mentioned on here more times that I probably should our 3rd bedroom has just been a mess for the past 5+ years and I am so glad that we are finally making some progress on it.  A couple months ago I went through and "organized" it and got rid of a ton of stuff and found homes for many other things.  But the closet has always been a hot mess.  We inherited two bookcases that were falling apart in there from the previous owners and that just wouldn't do for hanging up clothes.  SO I cleared out the closet, which then turned the whole room into another mess but then we were left with a blank slate.

That was enough energy for the day and we spent the afternoon with my family for our "Christmas gathering" (finally since we weren't able to make it to Christmas Day).  It was great to spend time with them and to have Ellie be completely obsessed with her twin baby cousins who are just 2 months old.  All she wanted to do was stare at them, pet their heads, and hold them...she is going to be the best big sister here in a couple of months I have no doubt!

When we got home we did some playing around and then got Ellie's Teepee set up again in her room ... we had to wash it because of potty training ;) Ellie is obsessed with her teepee and will constantly be asking us to come sit in her "tent" with her, and I mean how can you say no?  Good thing for both of us that I can fit in there with her... spending time with my girl is my favorite!

Was closet day.  I took all the measurements and made a supplies list then headed to the Home Improvement store.  Our plan for the closet was for half of it to be for clothes for #2 and the other half will be for all my crafting and sewing supplies...I guess that's what they mean by second child problems...but have no fear, Ellie's closet is home to all of my homecoming and prom dresses and all my horse show equipment ;)  Once I arrived home from the store we got right to work.  Thankfully we had all the wood we needed to complete the closet makeover from my American Girl Dollhouse we dismantled last week.  Thomas had to measure twice and then rip the boards to length and width because they were 6" too deep. When Ellie walked into the room and saw our drill, she immediately announced that she needed her screwdriver and promptly retrieved it from her tool box and got to work with us!  Once we got the top shelf secured, we put in the divider piece then followed by my "desk" shelf.  Then it was my turn to get to show off my construction skills and install the hanging rods for all of #2's clothes!! (I can't wait to share her name!!)

I am pleased as plum pie with how it turned out and am ready to tackle the rest of the room next weekend...although I am so motivated to finish organizing Ellie's closet that we might have to do that first!!  I will admit that I need to do a little more organizing on the storage half but I am just so happy that I've been able to condense it to this much!!

The assignment for the January Cure this weekend was to deep clean the Master Bedroom, thankfully I had already vacuumed under our nightstands and lingerie dresser so all we had to do was remove the mattress from our bed to get under there and then we vacuumed the mattress as well.  I dusted off all the surfaces, cleaned the windows and used Pledge on all the furniture and I don't think our room has ever been cleaner!

On Monday,
We got up bright and early to take Thomas' car to the mechanic or the "car doctor" and then drop Ellie off with Nanny while we went on a date.  We saw Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens and it was so good! Thomas saw it when it first came out and I have slowly been catching up on the other 6 films so I could be in the know.  It is super fast paced and full of lots of action...I think it has enough movement that Ellie might be engaged the whole time!  After the movie we had some lunch and then back to Nanny's to pick up our sweet darling girl and head home.  

Of course I am sporting some of my favorite Stitchfix items  see post here.

Once home I got to work on some deep cleaning: like vacuuming everywhere as was the very first assignment from the January Cure, so I moved all the chairs and couches got under the rug and dining room table.  Now that we have our wood floors our dog hair finds itself hiding under our large furniture pieces so those need to be moved more often.  I am just loving this cure to help get me motivated to really clean our house and I have been so encouraged to eliminate some of the things that we don't need or use anymore, like a salad spinner.  I haven't been 100% on top of keeping up with the assignments but I love having the guidance and tips for what to do next!!

How was your weekend? Did you get to just sit and relax? Or did you get some projects started/completed?

♥ Ashley

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  1. What a fun weekend! I really enjoyed having a 3 day weekend with my little man. It is so exciting seeing y'all getting this ready. So awesome!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend if you ask me. Pizza bread, I really should make some of that soon, it has been WAY too long. I can't wait to hear her name. My heart is just so full for you when I think of sisters. It is simply just the best ever!


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