Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ellie's First Ice Skating Adventure

One of the activities I was most excited about on our Advent Calendar this year was to go Ice Skating.  I loved ice skating when I was little and even had my own pair of skates...I'm not very adventurous on the ice but I sure do love being out there.

Turns out that Thomas has never been ice skating so this would be a first for him.  I really talked ice skating up with Ellie so she had an idea what we were going to do and I just couldn't wait to see how she was going to react.  

When we got to the rink, girlfriend was pretty excited and dressed as the cutest little reindeer! 

After we paid for our admission and skate rentals they laid our skates out on the counter...I mean how adorable are those little skates?? Ellie had to wear a size 7 because that was the smallest they had.

She would NOT sit still while waiting to get her skates on...she was just too excited!

Good thing they only had a 7 because those were hard to get on, I think her right foot might be a little bigger because we had to take the extra sock off... but she was so excited!!!

All that joy in one little face and she hasn't even hit the ice yet.

It took her a little while to get the hang of it but she had so much fun going around the rink!  We took a lap together the three of us..but it worked out best if I just held both of her hands, then Thomas took a lap around by himself while Ellie and I worked on our balance (and breaking my back from bending over to reach her hands....) So once we reached an exit we got off the ice for a short break.  Thomas was nice enough to hang out with Ellie while I took a lap around by myself and when I came back by them Ellie's face was all red and it looked like she was crying!! It was true she started bawling once I got back on the ice because "I want to ice skate AGAIN!!!" and I ditched her!! 

By the third lap she was still having so much fun and was getting the hang of it but we were getting close to naptime so we had to leave the ice (for good this time) and she started crying because she didn't want to "no stop ice skating!" Oh it was the most precious thing and since then she will just randomly tell me that "I want go Ice Skating AGAIN!!!"  Lucky for this girl we have a permanent ice rink about 10 minutes away and have gone a second time already (where Ellie insisted on trying to skate all by herself!!!) so we will be making more frequent trips to the skating rink! I can't wait to see her in the Olympics ;) haha

♥ Ashley


  1. So cute! I didn't even know they had ice skates that tiny lol!

  2. Adorable teeny tiny skates <3 Hope you had some advil for that back!

  3. Oh my goodness so stinking cute. I love those leggings btw. Buffalo plaid ftw! I really wish we had an ice skating rink closer by!

  4. Oh my goodness, how fun! She looks so adorable in those skates!! We had an outdoor rink up in Snoqualmie this year, but I thought Ryder was just a little bit young -- next year!

  5. That's great that she loved it! Future Michelle Kwan maybe!


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