Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekend in Review - Project Completions Edition

You guys!!!! Life has been so crazy lately and we still only have Ellie.  I know that once number 2 gets here life is going to be even more crazy and hectic and secretly I cannot wait!!  Part of the reason that life has been so busy is that I have been spending all of Ellie's nap times working on the nursery (and other house cleaning....) And then I  get a great idea to have more projects....lol

I am so excited to say that all the bones of the nursery are DONE!!! We finally got the chandelier finished and installed this weekend and I love it so much.  We also installed a dimmer switch which I think are so necessary in any kids room, we use Ellie's dimmer ALL THE TIME!  

It was actually a pretty easy DIY.  I found the metal orb at HomeGoods and then ordered the pendant fixture (similar) and splitter from Amazon.  I got a can of spray paint for the orb (Metallic Rose Gold), and then used some left over black spray paint to cover part of the white on the pendant fixture to give it a seemless look.  We added a ceiling medallion (similar) because I love the way they look and seriously I couldn't be more happy with how it all turned out!!  All together it was about $40 which I think is a great price!!! 

All we have left to do is get new door knobs (thinking these) find some curtains, and then get all the decor up on the walls!!  

Some other projects we completed:

In Ellie's bathroom we finally replaced the old flush mount with a SchoolHouse fixture!!! I love it so much!!  I feel like this room is almost done too, I have been working on it for 2 years... but all we need is a new light fixture above the sink and to switch out the towel bar to an oil rubbed bronze and I think we're set!! (oh and some crown moulding...)  This one has obviously been a long process, but Rome wasn't built in a day!

And then we finally switched out our kitchen faucet!! (similar) I know it's just a small thing but it is a huge improvement.  We replaced an old off white one that was chipping all over the place and the sprayer portion of it was all muffed up, we got this beauty at Lowes during Christmas and finally put it in on Saturday!!  It is helping me to like our sink better (I really want a Farmhouse Sink...) and to live with our counter tops for a while longer ;)  What I love about this new faucet is that it has two handles and a separate sprayer (and the white porcelaine details on the handles)

And the last project I completed this weekend was to paint a fresh new coat of chalkboard paint on my pantry doors.  I don't know what it is about a fresh coat but the possibilities are endless!!  It only took me about 30 minutes to do this and I have no idea why I only do it once a year...I should do it more often because it's so satisfying!!

So that was my weekend!!  What did you do for yours??  Any big projects you have in the works?

♥ Ashley

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  1. I love the idea of chalk paint on the pantry! Brilliant! The nursery is so beautiful. Both of those little girls are so lucky to have you ❤️

  2. I just love what an impact those little changes have made. Very fun! Good luck with the new baby.

  3. SO many great projects!!

    Do you think you could just spray paint the towel bar and call it a day? That would certainly be a quick fix!

  4. So many little changes really make things feel nice and new right. Everything looks fantastic too. Can't wait to see what you doodle on your board. I love that you have that HUGE space.


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