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A Friday Post - Stitch Fix Review (#6)

Oops...I did it again, I got another fix in the mail and my love for Stitch Fix continues to grow!!  This was my 6th Fix since I started back in December 2014 and it seriously just keeps getting better.  BUT....I need your help with what I should keep!!! Keep scrolling down to see how you can help.

I have to be honest though, I almost cancelled this shipment...partly because I forgot to leave a note for my stylist and partly because I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go "shopping".  But in the end I decided to go for it and I am so excited to show y'all what I got in my birthday Fix!! (I can't believe my birthday is in 14 days!!)

I thought I might try to do things a little differently this time around and we shall see if I like this format.

First I tried to get all fancy with this intro photo...good thing I haven't planted my primroses yet and they're just hanging out by my front door!!  I have to admit though I do get pretty giddy when I see this box on my door step...

Have you heard of Stitch Fix before?  Basically its a clothing subscription that you can schedule to your wallet's convenience, not only that but you fill out a style profile/questionnaire, along with your size preferences and your own personal stylist goes shopping through their giant warehouse for awesome picks for you!  Then they send it to your house and you get to try it all on in the convenience of your own home and see how the items go with other pieces in your closet - genius I tell ya!! Click here to get started!! (It's a referral code and if you sign up through my code I'll get $25 towards my next fix - thank you in advance!)

During Ellie's nap I opened my box and took the items out, here they are all nice and folded like.  As you can see I only ask for clothes, I am quite confident in my ability to pick out my own accessories (I think they're more personal anyways...)

In this Fix I got a pair of pants, a maxi skirt and 3 tops.

I got a nice variety of patterns, all in the blue and my signature request of floral. I just can't get enough of floral patterns these days.

After I pulled my pieces out of the box I got out my styling card and note from my Stylist. I was so happy to see that Erika styled my fix for me again, even though I didn't have a chance to request her.  She left me a sweet note and seriously knows what I like!

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee in Light Grey......$44

The first piece I tried on was the grey top because we all know that I need more grey in my life ;)  I actually already had on my Liverpool Skinny Jeans from my 4th Fix (see it here) and they were a great compliment.  I have to tell you that I love this top.  It's light and flowing which is my preferred fit and it was long enough to style with leggings if you want to actually leave the house.  The material is super soft and has a great heathered grey color.  I think that it hangs really well, but due to the type of fabric I have a feeling that it might snag easily??

See...nice and long in the back.

Then I tried to get all fancy and put on one of my new necklaces I picked up at Charming Charlie

Then I figured I would see how it looked with a pair of shorts (also from Fix #4) for when it gets hot out and I think this top might actually work!  I like how it's a neutral solid color and I feel it's a good staple piece.

Gilli Alina Printed Maxi Skirt in Blue.....$58

Erika suggested that I try on the maxi skirt with the grey top and to tie the top on the side at the I did it.  The great thing about this maxi is that it's a petite size - which is perfect considering I'm only 5' tall!! It's always so hard to find maxi skirts/dresses that don't drag on the floor by about 6"....and this one was the perfect length. It was nice and fitted up at the waist and then was more flowy as it got to the hem.  I loved how it moved and that I can wear my favorite summer staple...flip flops, with it!! Walking around in this skirt gave me some insight as to what it's like to be of regular height for clothes! I mean how awesome is it for the 5'5" and taller crew to be able to just walk around without tripping over their skirt hemline???? haha

The reality of me actually wearing the top like that is slim to none, so here is how I would most likely style a top with it.  I also put on my super fun turquoise colored Elephant necklace that was the perfect compliment to the light blue in the skirt.

Next I threw on a navy blue top but I don't like how it went together and looking back at these pictures it looks like the skirt just falls off my hips making me look a little too hippy for my liking. I think that is the danger when wearing something that is so highly patterned.  But it's still cute and I love the length.

Papermoon Marisol Mixed Material 3/4 Sleeve Knit Top in Navy.....$48

This top was super cute with the polka dots in the back. I love me some polka dots they're practically my love language.  It looks like I only took one picture of this top...from the back and it was lack luster.  It was super boxy on my and seriously I thought I looked like a whale.  The fabric was nice but I just didn't love the fit.  Not to mention we are nearing spring and I really don't need that much navy in my life...I need spring green and pink!!!

Just Black Dean Skinny Jean in Light Green.....$78

I am pretty sure that $78 has to be the lowest price that Stitch Fix has for their denim.  These were a good length if not a bit short and I actually liked the zipper detail at the ankle...though I am still unsure of the point of it???  The color says that it's a light green but really it was more of a minty blue in person, bummer because I really like green!  The fit on these pants was decent but I have a weird fold at the crotch...can you see it? Yes I just told you to look at my crotch!!!  And when I squatted down I have a bit of a plumbers crack showing, but I think I'll get that in just about any low rise pant because I have determined that my butt crack is abnormally high!  What I did love about these pants was that they were a color!! Totally out of my comfort zone since I normally go for black or denim and these have shown me A Whole New World (any Aladdin fans out there??)  I am pretty confident that I will be able to find a pair of colored pants that have a better fit and a much lower price at a discount I will be keeping my eyes peeled next time I decide to go clothes shopping for myself, which will probably be in about 10,000 years!!

Crescent Jardell Chiffon Overlay Blouse in Navy.....$44

Yay for another floral!!!  Unfortunately I just wasn't digging the navy base color.  It's nearing Spring and I want some light in my life.  I feel like the fit of the top was okay, but I am pretty sure that since I wasn't into the navy I was a bit biased as I was trying it on.  I loved though how it went with the pants and this solidified how much I now know that I need some colored pants in my wardrobe!

I wanted to see how a jacket looked on so I grabbed my jean jacket that I got 15 years ago at Brass Plum and now I know I need pants other than denim so I can wear this jacket more!!  This top looked much better with the jacket on so I think it's more of a layering piece than a stand alone.

Another reason I was hesitant about the navy floral was because I actually kept one very similar from my 4th Fix (can you see a trend with that one??) that I love so much more.  And again, you can see I need some light green/mint pants in my life!

So here's the deal....I am not sure if I should even keep any of these items.  But I do keep thinking about the Market & Spruce top, so maybe that one should live at my house!!  

What do you think? Help a sister out!!

Want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself??? Click here to get started!!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. I've never tried Stitch Fix before!! I just love the floral tops! They seem to be very versatile! =)

  2. The color of those pants is so pretty! Bummer they don't fit just right though, because they are sooo cute!

  3. I have the Market and Spruce top and love it! I wear it all the time and it has definitely become a staple :)

  4. I'm cracking(OMG) up about your butt crack comment because I totally think that about my butt! I don't understand how it seems like no one else has this problem lol.

    I have mint pants. I wear them all the time. So yes, you definitely need some.

    I'm so bummed about the polka dot top! It looks sooooo cute. Such a bummer that it fit horribly.

    What a fun box!

  5. Hi! Just popping by on the Friday blog hop. Stitchfix sounds like a fun service and I keep seeing it on many of the blogs I read. It is interesting always to see what you girls get in your boxes and how they fit. I enjoyed reading your account. Your quite hilarious. Unfortunately I don't think stitchfix is available in Canada or if it was we would be paying exorbitant rates for postage. I love me a grey t also but $44 is a wee pricey. I suppose if you've already paid your $20 styling fee then and if that is applied to your purchase it makes it only $24 which is a great price for a tee and I'd go for it to. That's how I reason out most purchases. Mint pants would be a great selection for pants too. And that zipper detail? I had that on my pants when I was in grade five back in the late 80s. I'm dating myself. It was so cool then and necessary or we likely would have never got our tight pants over our ankles.

  6. All are cute, but I'm not a skirt girl, so i would be sending it back. It looks really cute on you though. But here's where I have issues with all these Stitchfix posts I see...$44 for a gray tshirt?? Even a nonstandard one like that? It blows. My. Mind. I could never justify spending that much.

  7. Love those pants too but $78 is way too much unless they fit like a dream. I have the same crack problem too. It's just the dumb way they cut jeans now days.


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