Friday, June 9, 2017

Five on Friday - all about the girls edition

I feel like since I stopped doing Finnley's weekly updates back in April I haven't really given much of an update on the girls.  They are both growing and thriving and we are in the throes of toddlerhood with both of them.

Before I get into the girls I wanted to make sure y'all checked out my post about where to eat in Victoria, BC.  We vacationed there over Finnley's birthday and I am still dreaming about all the food - and great coffee - we had!! Read all about it HERE!!

Now lets get on to those girls!


Finnley is walking!! Hooray hooray.  She actually started on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and is getting stronger, more stable, and adventurous every day!  I cannot tell you what a relief it is to finally have her walking and how ecstatic I am about it.  She isn't walking well and still prefers to crawl most of the time but seriously y'all, total game changer and I am all over it.


Ellie is officially done with the paci...I know she was nearly four years old and still using a paci for naps and bedtime.  Back in December I told her that when she turns four her paci goes bye bye.  We talked about it a lot and when we asked her what happens when she turns four she said "I get no more pacis" but was still excited to turn four. The week leading up to her birthday we took the paci away for naps...she wasn't too happy about it.  Then on her birthday the paci was gone.  Since then, before every nap (yes she is still napping PTL) and at bedtime she tells us "but I don't know how to go to sleep" this never happened with the paci so we are still working on that transition.  However, she falls asleep within 10 minutes so I guess she actually does know how to fall asleep.


Finnley is drinking milk out of a straw sippy cup, downing pouches like no tomorrow and is finally starting to prefer some table food.  She loves yogurt melts, goldfish, lil' beanies, pretzels, mac'n'cheese, breads, and canadian bacon. Sometimes she is just completely over the spoon feeding or pouch sucking and just wants to pick up her food and shove it in her face.  She is quite adept and self feeding and I love that she desires some independence - though I know that will come with its own challenges when she gets a bit older.


Speaking of independence, Ellie is gaining quite a bit.  She can now get most of her shoes on by herself...though she still acts like its a huge struggle and is constantly asking me "is this the right foot, Mama?"  its the sweetest thing and she even asks it after she already has one shoe on the correct foot!!  She can get herself semi-dressed but is a pro at getting undressed.  She has made a few trips to the bathroom all on her own without any assistance whatsoever, but still prefers our help in some areas.


These two girls love each other so much.  Ellie is constantly telling me that "I love Finnley so much, I always wanted a girl baby", now if that doesn't melt your Mama heart I am not sure what will.  Finnley is the happiest when she is with her tribe and when Ellie is engaging with her.  I am constantly finding Finnley playing in Ellie's room and reminding Ellie to hug her sister softly.  They have an incredibly precious bond and Finnley really excels when she has a chance to spend some quality time with her sister.  While Ellie loves her sister something fierce, she is still having a hard time sharing the toys with Finn, I am pretty sure that that is common and once Finn gets a little older and can hold on to a toy I think they are really going figure this whole thing out.  I really think my favorite thing is how much Ellie still truly loves her little sis and is watching out for her.

Life with these two girls is pretty fantastic and I wouldn't change it for the world.  I feel so lucky to have them in my life.  It isn't always easy and we have some rough times...I'm not sure we have ever gone an entire day where one of us doesn't end up crying but what's life without a few tears?!  I know these years are short and sometimes the days are l o n g but just getting to watch them grow and their imagination blossom is the best.  I love being a Mama!

♥ Ashley 

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  1. Big milestones for both Finely and Ellie! Yay! Great job girls.

  2. The sweetest update post! I loved reading about the girls. And I LOVE those shoes Ellie put on! Absolutely adorable.


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