Monday, June 5, 2017

Ellie's Fourth Birthday

It's been a few weeks since our sweet girl turned FOUR!! I have to say though that Ellie is rocking age four so far and I have seen some glimpses of what it means to be four (insert eyeroll emoji).

Our weekend was jam packed with all sorts of things.  Starting off with Ellie's very first Ballet Recital. Friday night was the Dress Rehearsal and she was all about the makeup.  We showed up 20 minutes late but that didn't seem to phase anyone because there were still people arriving after us - so glad I was stressing.  I was brought to tears watching my baby girl up on stage because I was so proud of her but also my dreams were coming true! (give me all the indoor activities please ;)) Ellie rocked it up on stage and I couldn't believe how much of the routine she actually knew - she gets very distracted in ballet class.  

We were asked to send some toys since they were going to be waiting in the gym for the entire 1.5 hour long rehearsal so Ellie packed her own bag...she sneaked in a tape measure and was promptly asked to put it away!!

Our plan for Ellie's actual birthday was going to have us out of the house for most of the day so we decided to give Ellie her birthday present early on Saturday morning.  It is actually a combined gift for both the girls and my Dad helped to contribute to this awesome gator!!  We took a video of Ellie walking out in the morning to it, just like her trike a couple years ago for Christmas and it was priceless.  She had a blast taking it all around the farm that morning before she went down for an early nap since her ballet recital was scheduled at 2pm.

While the girls were taking their early naps we got to work on the playhouse, cutting some windows and figuring out the door situation.

Then it was time for Ellie to get ready for her recital and the two of us were out the door...I mean look at this sweetness.

She once again rocked it in the performance I was just so proud.  I kept getting text photos of her hanging out with her ballet friends.  But her favorite part was probably the flowers that Dada brought for her from our was so precious.

After her recital we made it to her cousin's birthday party and we all had a great time.  Once home Ellie and I took some last photos of her as a 3 year old and then sister needed to be a part of it all.  Love these two to bits.

We were up and at 'em on Sunday morning for Ellie's birthday excursion.  We took a day trip to our favorite Island, Vashon, and it's everything that Ellie loves: Ferry rides, beaches, parks, and a stop at the "toy store".

At the park I made her take some photos of her being FOUR and she was more interested in rolling down the hill than posing for a picture.

I talked her into snapping a few pictures with me and my heart will always cherish these sweet moments with my girl.

Back at home we had "Petit Fours" for her cake - I thought they were delish but they were no cake pop and Ellie wasn't too big of a fan.  We sang happy birthday, she ate ice cream instead and then that wrapped up our special weekend for our Ellie girl.

♥ Ashley


  1. Awww looks like a great day was had! Love birthdays!

  2. I wish I had as much style as this cutie! Looks like you had an amazing day celebrating!


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