Monday, February 5, 2018

The Monthly Bumpdate- weeks 13-16

I can't believe it's already been a month since my last bumpdate.  The weeks are just flying by and the belly is growing bit by bit!  Exciting news this week, baby is the size of an avocado - no complaints here with that superfood comparison 😉.  This month I got the flu shot, went on a trip with Finnley across the country, and came home with a 24 hour bug that landed me in Urgent Care due to being pregnant...thankfully it turned out to be nothing and all is well on the farm.  Over in the Carolina's I got to indulge in all the Southern goodness of food: biscuits, BBQ, and cheesy grits being the highlights of my culinary exploration.


How far along: 16 weeks 3 days to be precise

Size of baby: an Avocado

Weight gain: I'm fluctuating around 10-12 lbs but my boobs are huge!!

Sleep: not terrible but not great.  I keep waking up with a stiff neck and I have the most vivid of dreams.

Cravings: the things I can't have (a sandwich, poached eggs, and copious amounts of coffee) additionally I still like all things spicy, give me all the pasta, and I can't say no to meat.  But I've also acquired a sweet tooth and think that cinnamon rolls and other baked goods are always a good idea.

Miss anything: aside from sandwiches, poached eggs, and coffee - there are some physical things that I miss but honestly I know I only have 5+ more months of this and it's not that bad.

Movement: not yet 😢, but hopefully I will soon.  I've always wanted to feel a baby in the belly (mine or others) and I can't wait to finally have the chance!!

Gender: we find out in a couple weeks and I am so excited.  I have no inclination whatsoever.

Wedding rings on/off: on with room to spare.

Happy or Moody: thankfully I've been happy more often than moody (which I'm sure everyone in the house can appreciate 😉)

Looking forward to: our anatomy scan and going to Disneyland!!! eek, I know I'll miss out on most of my favorite rides but when you go as often as we do I don't think I'll mind very much...just gives me more opportunities to sneak in an extra churro without sharing 😂

Next appointment: our anatomy scan and then my regular midwife appointment on the 28th!

Bumpdate 1, Bumpdate 2

♥ Ashley


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