Monday, February 26, 2018

Weekending - Disney Style

I can't believe that February is basically over! It just flew by...but of course that probably had to do with our anticipation of our Disneyland trip, yep that's right we went to Disneyland again!! And I realized that I still haven't even recapped our trip back in September for all the Halloween Festivities...don't worry that's coming soon and will probably just be a bunch of pictures because I'm not sure how much I can remember.

Anyways this was Finnley's 4th trip and Ellie's 7th trip to Disneyland.  I have to say that the 22 month age is practically the perfect age for kiddos to experience Disney to its fullest (almost).  Finnley had so much fun running around, going on rides (including one's Ellie wasn't tall enough for until she was 3!!), looking at the characters from afar and just loving the Disney Magic in general.  Seeing these two girls enjoying themselves so much is what dreams are made of and I cannot wait until we get to share the Disney Love with our 3rd little babe on the way.

Our flight's with the girls went pretty smoothly and even though we had a 30 minute delay for our return flight we were lucky enough for the girls to sleep through almost the entire flight!!  Ellie is obsessed with maps and diagrams of all sorts and her favorite reading material is always the safety pamphlet on the plane!

Another fantastic trip to Disney and I promise that I will have a more timely detailed recap before our next trip in April!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Sounds like such a fun trip and you pictures are adorable! Love seeing families travel together!

    Sarah Kate from A Bit of Rosemary


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