Monday, March 12, 2018

Things I'm Loving - kitchen edition

Today I wanted to share with you all the things that I am loving for the Kitchen!  Ever since we moved into our house (10 years ago) I have wanted to remodel the kitchen...we made the first big change back in 2010 and painted the oak cabinets white.  It really brightened up the space and modernized it but still leaves for some things to be desired.  We're entertaining the idea of an addition to our house or possibly moving in the next few years.  So I'm really unsure if I want to invest in a new kitchen when  we might be moving, how about let's leave it to some accessories to tide me over until we make a decision, shall we? ;)

Lately I am all about the natural elements.  Give me all the wood slices, marble, slate and a touch of metal and I am one happy camper.

I adore this cake stand because it combines two of my favorite things right now...marble and wood!!  Can't you just see it on the counter piled high with all sorts of baked goodies?  Try these butterhorns, they're delicious!

Trays are always just a great thing to have in the kitchen you can either lean them up against the backsplash or use them as a place to corral your countertop staples like salt, pepper, and oil.  I have a wood one (similar) I picked up at HomeGoods and I love it, and how about this agate one? use it for a touch of whimsy and elegance! If you're dreaming of adding a touch of marble to your kitchen (like I am because marble countertops are just not going to happen) this marble cutting board is on point or how about this awesome marble slab?  I actually have this and it has made a huge improvement on my pie crust abilities.  Or if you are really into both pick up this wood and marble board - the best of both!

I didn't know about spoon rests until I lived in an apartment in college (that was one of the only good experiences I had out of that...).  I actually have a mellamine one that has a beachy coral theme to it because back in the day I thought I wanted to have a coastal home on the farm...silly girl, but now I have found this wood and marble spoon rest and I can't stop thinking about it!!  I think it's time for an upgrade, don't you?

For all you coffee lovers please take a look at some of these goodies.  Up until a couple months ago we used to make our coffee with a French Press, I am loving this copper one, y'all it is seriously the best way to make coffee but I ran across this little diddy a Poor Over Coffee Drip and it looks so freaking cool.  I just want to have it out on my counter as a talking point for when guests come over ;)  I already have this mug tree but I'm loving it in white and then there is gold!!!  Not sure which color I want.

When it comes to pots and pans there are so many options out there.  But the one pan that I keep grabbing for time and again is my Cast Iron.  I have done a lot of reading on how to care for them and I might be using it all the time because it is always out on my stove top or in the oven drying out ;) They are seriously so versatile; you can fry, you can sear, you can bake or even take it outside over the fire!! Talk about getting your money's worth outta one of these! And when you find yourself doing as much frying and searing as I have been doing you're going to want to pick yourself up a splatter screen.  You just put it over the top of your pan and it helps keep all the splatter from getting all over your kitchen - cleaning lifesaver!! Since we are talking about fat and oil nothing ruins a soup or gravy like all that fat from the juices.  It's really a simple fix, a fat separator will do the trick.  I refuse to make (or eat) gravy without using one. 

If you didn't know I am also currently obsessed with copper lately.  It has such a fun modern vibe to it but it lends itself well to my farmhouse style I am trying to create in our home.  While these babies may not be out on display all that often they would get daily use in my house.  Our current measuring cups are from our wedding and have seen better why not add some bling to my cooking and baking with some copper measuring cups? I am also really in love with these rectangular measuring spoons, I picked up my own set several months ago and I love how they can fit into all my spice jars.

I love the idea of storing all your pantry items in glass containers.  These weck jars are so beautiful and I can think of a dozen uses for them!  They are perfect for all those smaller items you pick up like baking soda, baking powder, or specialty salts and sugars!!  I am in desparate need of some new large storage jars for my flour and sugar.  I have tin ones that work great but I can't see how much I have left or tell which is which...getting  some new glass jars will solve my daily dilemma and since I use a lot of flour I am in need of some big jars.

We do a lot of hand washing in our house and I wouldn't be able to do it without this dish drying mat.  It cushions my more delicate dining items and soaks up the water effortlessly and it's a nice neutral color that it doesn't create an eyesore on my counter.  Before I picked this up (years ago) we would just use a dishtowel but it never did the job as well.  So do yourself (or your husband) a favor and pick one of these up.

♥ Ashley

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