Friday, March 23, 2018

Hello there Friday!! pillows, playhouse, bra's and more

Seriously how is it that March is nearly over?  Time is just flying by and is it possible to take a rain check on your own birthday?  Because I was coughing something miserable last week and totes didn't get to enjoy my birthday to it's fullest.  We still did most of the things we had planned and had ourselves a delicious Irish Meal (made by yours truly) with one of my besties but is it even legal to have your birthday when you're not feeling 100%?

In other news, we are about 17 weeks from little man joining our family and that means that I really need to start figuring out how to design a together room for the girls.  Ellie's room is the bigger of the two, so obviously they'll both be living in there.  Bunk beds are what make the most sense for their tiny space but I'm having the hardest time with the thought of parting ways (temporarily) with Ellie's vintage bedframe 😢.  While Ellie is more than willing to share a bed with  Finnley, I am just not sure how practical that is...

Anyways....on to this week's Five.


I've been on the fence about getting a pregnancy pillow but when I came across this one and figured I could use it for nursing as well I decided to go for it.  I actually got it on Amazon and with my free Prime shipping it was totally worth it.  I've been using it since it arrived and y'all I am a total convert. The real reason why I wasn't sure if I wanted to get one or not was because I wasn't sure how I was going to make my bed with it...but I decided I needed to put my vanity aside and just get the damn thing.  It's large and in charge and is perfect in every way (much like Mary Poppins) and I learned that I can just put it in the back behind all my pillows and none is the wiser its on the bed during the day.  I have a feeling this pillow is going to last way beyond the 17 weeks I have left of this pregnancy 😉.


I've been on a Netflix binge lately watching gardening shows. Love Your Garden and Big Dreams, Small Spaces.  Both of these shows actually take place in the UK so it's fun to listen to their accents and jargon but I'm just loving the inspiration they're giving me and it's taking everything in me to not grab a shovel (and my credit card) and not do all the things.  Because if there is one thing that gives me life it's my garden.  I've got all sorts of plans now and just want to get started but a garden is ever changing and never done so I'm just putting ideas on paper and will hopefully get a couple of them done this year.


It's spring time which means we're ready to start hanging outside more and both girls are one year older meaning they can play more independently outside.  This also means that we are ready to start work on our Playhouse makeover again (update 1, 2, 3). If you follow me on Pinterest be sure to check out my Playhouse board for all my inspiration.  We got to work on it a couple weekends ago and finally got the beadboard up on the ceiling!!! I have a couple more items to check off before we can start moving the girls toys and stuff inside and I'm hoping that we can make some headway on it this weekend!!  It's been a long process to convert this old chicken coop into a play space I feel is safe for the girls but I know that the end result is going to be amazing!!

Here's what is left:
 The Short List
* stain and install 2x4 beam along center of ceiling
* install trim boards on ceiling to cover board gaps
* caulk seams on ceiling boards
* paint ceiling/trim boards
* install linoleum flooring
* add baseboard

The Long List
 * paint windows 
* add trim around windows
* add trim around doors
* finish building, painting and installing dutch door
* add beadboard wainscoting to back wall
* paint trim and wainscoting
* stain, build and install ladder to loft
* stain, build and install loft railing
* paint exterior and trim
* remove old coop metal roof
* pour cement patio
* add picket fence around patio
* build, paint and install flower boxes for windows

Y'all I know I'm crazy but I just can't help myself.  The more we get done and the more inspiration I get the more I want to do to this cute little space that I hope the girls will love for years to come.


With my ever growing boobs during this pregnancy, bra's have been super difficult.  I used to be able to go into the shop grab a cute bra in my size and buy it.  Since my girls have grown I had to go in to get resized and am in utter disbelief at what size I have to now look for, then the first bra I got didn't fit so well and rubbed me in the wrong places, so I returned it and tried out a new one which was a different brand and was much tighter around my rib cage making breathing uncomfortable so I exchanged it for a larger size and that seemed to make the difference.  Meanwhile I was contacted by Cake Maternity to try out a couple of their bras and not only do they fit well and can be used for nursing but they're super cute as well!!  Hooray for keeping my girls in check!!

I went to my first Centering appointment this week and I have to tell you I was actually pretty excited about it.  Centering is basically group OB appointments.  I was intrigued when I found my midwife but then didn't think I would do it since the group they offered me was not ran by my midwife, but when I spoke to her about it she told me I could join her group even though my due date was a week off of the rest.  So I signed up and it was actually pretty fun.  Our appointments are 2 hours long, but we still get private time with our midwife to check out baby and then the rest of the time we get to talk about pregnancy related information and ask questions and share experiences with each other.   I am so looking forward to getting to go through this experience with a group of women and form some relationships as well. 

♥ Ashley


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