Thursday, October 21, 2010

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I am not sure how much has really changed since my last post. Lets see, since I was hired on after the start of the school year I was on a "Leave Replacement" Contract that meant that my job was up at the end of the school year. That was a bummer but I had already known that going into the job. Still it was a rough time applying for new jobs and being on the hunt again. Luckily just before July, I got an interview and a 0.7FTE Elementary PE position, on a continuing contract in the Bethel School District! What a relief especially with hopes of getting even more time! And more time I did get. We had a lot more students register than planned so that allowed more time for me so I am now a 0.9FTE and I get to work every day. This has helped out so much more and I am so excited to have a job for next year (hopefully - as long as there are no more RIFs) Thomas is still teaching at the same school and has really found his niche with the kids. He gets along well with his staff members and new principal. We are both still coaching. I have a team of 15 girls and 2 boys and they are fantastic this year, it is so nice having the boys on the team they tend to level it out a bit. Thomas is still coaching boys and girls tennis.

Our summer was full of outdoor improving. We spent long hours weeding and planting flowers in the flower bed by the road as well as tending to our vegetable garden. I knew that the flower bed I had created was a big project but I didn't realize how much until I started planting in it. It takes up a lot more flowers than I thought so even though it is one long strip, it is split in half and looks different. I was also able to get my birthday present this summer which was two Birch Trees that we planted in the front. They really have completed the look of the garden which is really nice. Our vegetable garden was somewhat successful, given the strange summer we had. Our cucumbers did very well - I have even taken a liking to them. Our snap peas and green beans did awesome as did our lettuce. We had more luck with the onions this year, but still not successful. And as far as our corn is concerned...we only got two good ears off of 8 plants, so that was definitely a bust. Carrots and Parsnips are doing well as are the strawberries and herbs. The tomatoes didn't do too well, but I am sure that is true for just about everyone. All in all it is very rewarding growing your own produce.

Unfortunately one of our chickens "Buffy" turned out to be a rooster "Rude-y" so we were able to take him back and get a hen in his place, but we ended up getting two instead! They have acclimated well into the coop with the other hens and all seem to get along. I was nervous that there would be some pecking issues but as it turns out the new comers are the rulers of the roost. It is so much fun having the chickens, we let them out to roam the yard, feed them table scraps and give them organic feed. We get on average 6 eggs a day, so we have a bounty of eggs and have began selling Parsons Farm Fresh Organic Eggs to co-workers for $3 a dozen. So at least the eggs are not going to waste.

While we didn't go anywhere for our 2 year anniversary this year, Thomas planned the most amazing day for me as a "tourist" in Seattle. We went to the water front for lunch at Ivars, then to Pike Place Market and he bought me flowers. It such a romantic and thoughtful day. I enjoyed it so much. For dinner he took me to Lombardi's in Ballard (this was the restaurant we had our rehearsal dinner at) and we had the most amazing meal. It was a day I will never forget and I still get overwhelmed with love for my husband when I remember how thoughtful and kind he is.

We have felt extremely blessed these past few months and are looking forward to what the future brings.

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