Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ok so I am now officially on the countdown to the holidays with Halloween just over. While I am super excited for Thanksgiving, the whole Christmas season is way more exciting.

Halloween was a laid back holiday this year. Thomas and I got more headstones to go in our front yard to make a graveyard. We carved pumpkins and got lots of candy for all the little trick or treaters we were hoping to get. I turned on lights in the house lit the pumpkins and waited in costume to greet them and hand out candy. But No such luck, we were stiffed. We did not get one trick or treater what a bust, on the positive side we have lots of candy that we can get on a sugar high from.

I need to begin decorating for Thanksgiving in my house and outside as well. We still have a lot of Halloween stuff up. I just haven't made time to do it yet. Our pumpkins are rotting on the doorstep and I don't think that I can in my right mind give them to the chickens - so into the yard waste they will go. Hopefully today. As far as decorating for Thanksgiving, I am not too sure what to do. All I can think of are turkeys, gourds, and leaves. Maybe I will make a garland of leaves to hang on the mantel.

I do have a little bit of a creative side in me. I have fallen in love with block letters, though they are hard to find. So, I found these great wooden blocks at Michaels (except they only carry like 3 at a time and don't replace them for 5 months) that I always buy every time I see them there. I am determined to get enough to have a word or saying for each holiday. So far all I have is for Valentine's Day "LOVE". Each block is painted a different color that goes with the holiday and then I stencil on the letters. I have acquired enough blocks for Thanksgiving to say "GIVE THANKS" and I believe that I have enough colors to make it. I was however lucky to find blocks for Easter "EASTER" and for Halloween "WICKED". The blocks are displayed on the mantel of my fireplace.

I have been receiving daily emails from Better Homes and Gardens for ideas in decorating your house for Christmas. I am so inspired and I cannot wait to begin. I am going to make wreaths to hang in the windows, a garland to go around the garage door, and "candles" to go on the windowsills. More ideas to come and pictures might be posted if I can remember how to post them.

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