Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week in Review

So, our week has been somewhat eventful. I was able to bring pumpkin soup to work several days for lunch. It was still good the next few days!! I must say that I am a pretty good cook, Thomas agrees.

I went to my very first Zumba class on Monday. It was pretty fun, I would go again but I don't think that I am completely hooked. But it was still fun.

Thomas and I had Thursday off due to Veterans Day. While we did recognize them we also went up to Seattle to go to the Seattle Science Center to the Harry Potter exhibit. It was not what I had expected but it was still really fun. I know that the costumes were on fake manikins but I could not get over how small everything was. Hermione made me feel like a giant when I saw how small her clothes were. It was really cool to see so many of the things they used in the movies. I thought that the shop at the end was pretty cool how you could get a real wand, well not a real wand but the ones that they used in the movies. It was however, a little unnerving that you could by Voldemort's wand.

Saturday, Thomas and I did some much needed things around the house and finally got the awful, ugly brass screen off our fireplace. We had our first fire of the season last night, we used a duraflame log. Now we are trying to build a fire with wood we got from my parents and some stubborn newspaper, its taken about 25 minutes but I think that it has finally caught on, its crackling and really fun! I love this time of year. Just a week and a half until Thanksgiving!! I am so excited!

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