Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting it Together

I have noticed that my blogging posts have diminished over the year.  It has nothing to do with blogging - let me tell you that!  I love to blog and it fills a need in my life.  So then, why have I been absent?  All I can come up with for you is an Excuse.  I don't like excuses - but here I am giving you one.  Since I lost my job last year I had to turn in my beloved MacBook since it belonged to the district.  Which means that I am computer-less at home.  Well that is not completely true.  I do have a Dell laptop that is from 2005.  It is SUPER slow and annoys the heck outta me.  My old cell phone was a Rumor from 2008 the green one...I loved it.  But it was time for an upgrade (back in October) and since the iPhone 5 was coming out they had great deals - free upgrade to an iPhone 4 or $50 or an iPhone 4S.  So I forked over the $50 and got the 4S.  I adore it but, I am having a hard time getting my photos and navigating blogger on it.  Its a work in progress.  So that my friends is why I haven't been posting very much.

I am still here.  And I did get a new job and I love it!! And I hope to soon get back into the blogging....anyone know how to clear out my Dell to help it run faster?????

♥ Ashley

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