Friday, September 4, 2015

Hello Friday!

Wow it's Friday already and I have gone this whole week without a post! That was not intentional.  As I mentioned before, I got a new nanny job and it has been keeping me BUSY!!  I don't mind though because it is not only giving me the chance to help contribute financially to my family but it also means that I get to "stay home" with Ellie and that she has the opportunity to socialize with some other kiddos.  Yesterday was my first day with FIVE kids and all things considering I would say it went pretty smooth, despite no overlapping naps...

Lets get on to this weeks FIVE:


Sprint is having a promotional deal right now on their iPhones so Thomas and I both upgraded to the iPhone6.  I got the 64gb with the Gold case and I love it.  We have only had them for a couple of days and I can tell you that the fingerprint passcode is probably my favorite.  Now that I have a 6 there are so many more case options (I previously had a 5c and it was nearly impossible to find a case for it).  If you know me, I am totally obsessed with floral and THIS case is just speaking to me - not to mention it's on sale!!!


Ellie is talking up a storm these days and it's just so sweet hearing all she has to say. About a month ago she got all these weird bumps on her thighs, they didn't seem to be bothering her so we just kept a close eye on them. After about 10 days we took her to see my dad and he didn't seem too concerned but after another few days they still weren't disappearing and she started to itch them we took her to her doctor. He diagnosed her with Contact Dermititis and prescribed some ointment to put on the affected area. A week later the rash spread all over her legs and onto her arms so we went back in and were advised to switch laundry detergent, bubble bath, shampoo, and no more spandex/Lycra clothing. I'm happy to say that after eliminating these possible triggers and religious applying her ointment we are finally seeing some improvement and girlfriend is getting some relief!!! Through process of elimination we are pretty confident that she has acquired an allergy to Honest brand shampoo 😞.  The other day as I was rubbing her ointment on she said "thanks Mama for fixing my legs" heart just about melted. This girl of mine is so sweet. She also exclaims her love for everything under the sun (except me!! Haha) "I love Dada too" "I love Mickey Mouse" "I love my shoes" "I love Daniel Tiger" "I love my bunny" "I love my blanket" "I love my goats" "I love horses" "I LOVE baths" it's just the sweetest. She also says "thanks Mama" for lots of things and that is one of my favorites. 


School is starting up next week and I am so glad that I am NOT returning to the classroom. I absolutely love being a nanny and bringing Ellie to work with me every day. It just warms my heart incredibly to get to raise her in these formative years. It's not always easy watching other people's kids but the benefits of getting Ellie to be able to socialize, contribute to my family, and have Ellie be used to sharing me is my favorite. 


Speaking of being a nanny, I mentioned that I got hired on by a new family and will be in charge of FIVE kids twice a week - which also includes school drop off/pick up so I will be driving all five of them around. While we have a vehicle that can hold all 6 of us, we are on the search for a 7 seater vehicle - I prefer to not have a van - so I am looking for an SUV that will fit both my needs and financial situation. I would love to have some recommendations, please send them my way!


That's all I've got for today. Happy 3 day weekend and Happy Labor Day!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Good luck in the car pool lane :) sounds like you have a great new set up with your little one!

  2. Sounds like the perfect job to be able to stay home with your girl as well. Good luck finding a new car, I will say I adore my odyssey!

  3. Have you heard of "Hot Tot Haircare"? We use it on my two year old who has sensitive skin and have never had any issues. It's kind of spending but a little goes a long way!

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  4. Wow! Props to you for watching five little ones at the same time :) My mom did daycare when I was little and it was so much fun because I always had little kids to play with during the days I was home from school. I bet Ellie loves it too! Have a great weekend :)

  5. I thought I had my work cut out for me as a first year classroom teacher this year, but GO YOU for keeping up with five little ones all day! And really, it does sound like so much fun! Your daughter sounds too sweet. I love the quotes you shared with us!! What a doll.

  6. Oh my goodness 5 kids that is so crazy and awesome all at the same time. So happy that the nanny thing works out well for you and you get to be with Ellie that way too. What a huge blessing.


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