Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday : August 2015

I can't even believe that we are already to the last Wednesday of August....I swear the 4th of July was just last weekend!! 

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Let's get started!!

What we're eating this week: Thomas and I have kinda taken a break from meal planning and its been a little bit stress causing (I never knew how relaxing it would be to have the meals planned out for the week!)  We haven't really sat down to discuss this weekend yet so I am not too sure.  However, I was watching Farmhouse Rules the other day and Nancy made Chicken Taco Pacos and they looked so good.  I whipped them up for dinner last night and they were so good, we have a few left over so those will be our lunches...yum.  Then on Thursday we are planning on grilling some pizzas.  And my Okra is ready to harvest so this weekend I'll probably make some Gumbo and maybe try some fried okra?!  Have you ever had it?

What I'm reminiscing about: I love that FB gives you the option to get daily notifications of what you were doing on this day in the years past.  7 years ago I posted pictures from our Honeymoon to Cancun and have just been thinking about what a fun trip that was for us (despite the food poisoning!)  Other things, I think about times with my mom often and the house I grew up in as my dad is putting it up for sale :'(

What I'm loving: So many things but I really am in love with our deck makeover and the start of Ellie's toddler/big girl room!

What we've been up to: Home improvements for the win.  This past month Thomas has been hard at work each weekend with his dad to expand our deck and put a roof over it.  The hard part is complete and now we just need to work on the tedious finishing touches like painting and staining.  I have also been interviewing up a storm to try and fill the rest of my week up with another nanny family and I am so pleased to have been hired!!

What I'm dreading: The end of Summer and getting to have Thomas home all week.  I'm also dreading the end of our vegetable garden and needing to finish up harvesting and preparing the bed for the winter (I dread it so much that I've never actually done it before...)

What I'm working on: Ellie's bedroom for sure and then I am slowly working on our Adoption Portfolio.  It's so fun to go back through old photos and to reminisce about our beginning, but it is a lot of work putting it together and trying to sell yourselves to potential birthmoms.

What I'm excited about: Starting my new job and having the opportunity for Ellie to make new/more friends.  It's going to be busy but I think it is going to be great.  My new family mom is a teacher and I am so excited to get to "work" on a teacher schedule again.  The best part is I get to bring my other two nanny charges with me - its going to be busy with 5 kids but I can do it!  

I am also super excited that Fall is just around the corner.  I am ready for some boots, scarves and sweaters.  Not to mention some hot coffees and lots of pumpkins!!

What I'm watching/reading: DVR is my life.  We just started watching Fear of the Walking Dead, it took a while for the show to draw me in but I am pretty sure its going to be good, although nothing can beat TWD.  Other shows of note: The Jim Gaffigan Show, Last Comic Standing, Real Housewives of OC/NY, Another Period, and The Pioneer Woman, Southern at Heart, and Farmhouse Rules.  Reading...blogs, that's all I have time for.

What I'm listening to: ummmm.....the radio? when the radio in my car decides to work....

What I'm wearing: leggings, shorts, t-shirts or tanks...and flip flops.  Basic stuff but I love it.

What I'm doing this weekend: We were planning on having a garage sale but the forecast is predicting 60% rain so we're going to put it off for another this weekend we will be cleaning, organizing, and pricing all our stuff.  

What I'm looking forward to next month: We are going to Disneyland again!! This time it is to celebrate Ellie's Adoption Day!!  So that will be our highlight of the month for sure, so I am not sure what else I am really looking forward too...

What's new: I was asked to be a Table Leader in my MOPs group and I am pretty excited to take on this leadership role.  We had a meeting a couple weeks ago to gear up for the year and it has me all hyped up for this coming year!  I am really hoping to make some great connections and build a sense of community with my ladies.

Question of the month: What is your favorite back to school tradition? Wow! This one is hard, growing up I think I loved going out and getting new school supplies (I used to wear my backpack around the house all the time) and also getting new clothes!  Now, I don't really think we have one....

♥ Ashley

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  1. That Big girl room is looking beautiful! Its almost bittersweet to make that transition but since you cant stop the clock might as well enjoy the process! I love the color scheme.

  2. I love that Facebook is doing that now too! My husband got food poisoning on our honeymoon last year. I hated that for him! I'm sure we'll laugh about it in the years to come :)

  3. Love the backyard deck addition! We have similar lights for our patio and they look so pretty at night!

  4. We have okra coming out of our ears! We get it in our CSA box, and the garden is producing tons - so much that I forget to harvest them and I few have grown to be comically ginormous. Loving the deck - I totally want some bistro lights like yours.

  5. Fried okra is the best kind of okra!!!! You will not regret it!
    We LOVE the Walking Dead but I haven't started Fear the Walking Dead yet. My husband and I are just finishing season 1 of True Detective and it's super dark so I can only do one creepy show at a time lol. i "found" your blog through the PNW blogger facebook page. Excited to follow along.

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! May I ask, how did you guys hang your café lights on your back porch? We just extended our back porch and I have café lights ready to be hung, but I have no idea how to go about doing it. Did you guys use nails? I actually just blogged about this the other day!


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