Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Toddler Tuesday - Disneyland Essentials

Hey there ladies!! I can't even believe how long its been since I have posted on a Toddler Tuesday Post!!

In case you didn't see on my IG account (@lifeonthefarm), you should totally be following btw, we took another trip to Disneyland!  We got the 4 day hopper this time and had a total blast. It was hot but not too busy and we just love creating these memories with our little sweetheart.

You can see my recaps for our First Disneyland trip here, here, and here.  This time our trip was to celebrate Ellie's Adoption Day and we had a total blast.  Don't worry I will have another round of recaps for our second trip.  

But first I wanted to share what we feel are Essentials when taking a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!!

Disneyland Essentials

First up when traveling with a Toddler (or any young child for that matter) a Stroller is a MUST!!  We have the Jeep Stroller and absolutely love it.  While it is a little bulky it has a TON of storage and 4 cup holders, plus snack holders, a compartment for you iPhone6 and a fun little steering wheel to keep your tot entertained.  Not only was this useful in the Park but also for carrying around our luggage in the airport (don't worry I will have a traveling post coming up as well!).  It is super comfortable for Ellie and I love that it is has "all terrain" wheels so we could pass people by going on and off the curb.  Ellie loves to sit and stand and turn around in her stroller and this one has plenty of room for her to do that and she can sleep in it too!!

Whenever you are going to SoCal, you need to remember to use sunscreen - especially if you are from the rainy city of Seattle (we don't see much sun around here).  I actually received this sunscreen in an Influenster box several months ago and we just love it.  It spreads on nicely and isn't greasy.  The best part is that none of us got burned on our trip and that's saying something since it was nearly 90 the entire time we were in the Parks.  And a fun fact, the lid turns blue if it comes in contact with UV rays so you know when to apply!

Ok so this may not be an essential for everyone but Ellie still uses her pacifier.  When we are home it is only for naps and bedtime but when we are traveling its nice to give her something to keep her happy and not complaining (amiright?!!)  These are her favorites but as she has gotten older she isn't quite as picky since she knows she rarely gets them.  I think that using a pacifier was a life saver on this trip especially since the heat was so much hotter than we are used to.

Before we left for Disneyland, I stopped by Target and picked up a package of toys (similar).  Ellie has recently become OBSESSED with "Docastuckins" or Doc McStuffins so I knew these would be great to keep her entertained while we had to wait in lines or at meal times and they were.  She threw them out of her stroller a few times so we had to keep an eye on them but they were a hit (not to mention they are a Disney product - so that is DL approved ;) )

Snacks and Drinks are a must when doing the parks (for both toddlers and adults...we can all get a little hangry!).  I love that Disneyland allows you to bring in your own foods because it can get pretty expensive on a Disney trip.  We brought some snacks from home and currently Ellie is all about pretzels, fruit snacks and popcorn. We also brought some graham crackers to mix it up and she was a happy girl.  Most of the dining places will give you free cups of ice water which is great in the heat we experienced but Ellie is still all about her whole milk.  We found that it was actually way more cost effective to stop at Starbucks or one of the coffee carts and order a grande whole milk with ice than to get the cartons (of nonfat) they sold.  We just transferred them into the sippy cups we brought along with us and girlfriend was good to go!

Lastly and practically the most important is to bring a lightweight blanket, you know like those swaddle blankets we all use so much?  These are perfect for creating a shade cover in the stroller when you toddler finally falls asleep.  We use these blankets a lot anyways and it might benefit you to bring several on your trip since they are bound to fall on the ground and get dirty....

and one last essential for those littles that are just a hair too short for some of the rides...like out little 31" darling who needed just a boost to go on Autopia and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree a pair cowgirl boots did the trick!

Have you been to Disneyland? What are some things you would add to this list?

♥ Ashley


  1. Great list! Hope you had a great time at Disney! I can't wait to take Odette someday :)

  2. What a great list! I hope you had an absolutely fabulous time at Disneyland!!! <3

  3. We took our son to Disney World last year for our birthdays, and it was SO fun, but you definitely need that stroller. Their little legs can only handle so much! <3

  4. Great list! Before kids I just brought my purse, now I bring enough stuff to go camping ;) Thank goodness for the lockers!


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