Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Christmas Home Tour

Because I know you like to snoop into people's homes just as much as I have my permission to look around without judgement!!!

Lets start with the street view.  Its been a work in progress but this is by far my favorite year for lights on our house (might have something to do with the new paint color...) 

We stocked up on the red lights at Target for the day after Christmas Sale and I am so glad we did.  I just need to figure out where we can add in some green because y'all know that color gives me life.

When you first walk into our house you can see straight through the slider to our backyard and farm.  

You can drop your keys, bag and coat off here.  I am so glad that I got rid of the tiny little entry table we used have and replaced it with this old dresser.

Then we have Ellie's kitchen and table.  They don't usually look like this - I had to stage them for the photos of course!! Girlfriend is still in the stage of shoving everything off of a surface so this is usually empty ;)

Then just to the right is a newly blank wall (it used to have a giant pine hutch here but I sold that and replaced it with this old table from Ellie's nursery) I love how much more open the room feels with that furniture piece gone!

And a little bit more to the right is the dining area.  If you have seen my old home tours you will notice that I replaced the curtains in here.  I sold the old brown ones and switched them with Ellie's old nursery ones.  I think it makes it so much lighter in here and they really are the perfect colors for my home!

My dining table isn't usually so full of food, but I was hosting my Annual Ladies Tea over the weekend so I thought I would take some photos then.  Our table usually has a bunch of "stuff" on it and we don't use it nearly as often as I wish we would - maybe a New Years Resolution??

And then taking a step further to the right you can see our tree and more of our dining area from the living room.

I love that we switched up the layout in here and were able to add in more seating by bringing in the couch that used to be at my Mom's house and these chairs just look so cozy with my blanket scarves on them.

Another view of the chairs and dining area.  I love displaying all my Christmas themed books, here is the Polar Express (which was actually a gift my mom gave to Thomas) and then Christmas with Anne (from the Anne of Green Gables series)

Here is the Fireplace.  I switched it up this year and put one of my garlands on the mantle and kept it pretty simple with our stockings, a nutcracker, and my favorite little Nativity that used to be my moms.

Over by the window over our old couch I have a fun non red Santa and another garland over the window.  I also display these really fun "snow screens" that are just cotton balls strung on fishing line...they are so pretty but a pain in the A** to unravel each year.  I was thinking that maybe next year I would get a wreath to hang in the center of the window...what do you think? Oh and as I was taking pictures Ellie insisted on playing with her train set - so that made it into this picture.  I am still trying to figure out what to put on our coffee table and how to edit/display things with a toddler.  Usually there isn't much on it except toys when we have to leave the house...

Another shot of the snow screens and...Jingle Bell Rock!  Here you can see another Christmas themed book called "Why Does Santa Where Red?" and it goes into the history of the Christmas Season and traditions from all over the world!! 

I love this display tower, I got it for a steal at a Junk Show several years ago and it is one of my favorite finds.  

And then another view of our living and dining area and off to the kitchen we go!!

Here is my chalkboard this year, this is actually our pantry doors!  I love how it turned out but I can tell that I am going to need to paint another coat of chalk paint pretty soon... back before Ellie was walking I was able to use the whole board, but now the lower half is reserved for Ellie so I have a smaller area to work with.  I also have some of the Christmas cards we've received displayed just to the left (ours are almost ready to be sent out!!).

And into the kitchen. Again I kept it pretty simple this year and just have a few touches in here.  Ellie helped to decorate the small trees and so I felt I just had to display the one she did all by herself (mostly) out here in the kitchen.  We also got a new fridge...big things happening on the farm lately (thank you Black Friday Deals and 18 month financing!!!) So now just our little microwave is the only appliance that looks out of place...but she works good so we'll keep her for a while!

And then here is our hallway with some Christmas festiveness on the doors: Our Advent Calendar, a faux wreath on the bathroom, a fun swag on Ellie's door, and my very first wreath I purchased for my dorm room in college on our bedroom door!

Here is a peek into the bathroom, just a little holiday with a tree... and you can tell we are full fledged potty training here on the farm!

And then Ellie's room!! I love how its turning out.  My favorite parts are her tree and her holiday sheets!!

Well that's it for the tour!! I hope you enjoyed taking a look around!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Oh I still love those floors so much. They make the decorations even prettier :)! Everything looks amazing Ashley!

  2. Oh I still love those floors so much. They make the decorations even prettier :)! Everything looks amazing Ashley!

  3. Cute place :)
    Maria V.

  4. Your house is so cute! I love all the Christmas decor everywhere!!! <3

  5. I love your Christmas decorations. We have the Polar Express book displayed in our house too. (By the way, I LOVE house tours.)

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