Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Little Things I want to remember

Life has been so crazy busy lately that I haven't carved out much time for this blog.  I would like to pretend and apologize but honestly, I am just living life and I have nothing to apologize for - except to maybe myself since I love having this blog to document our lives and by not posting about what's going on....I might forget!

I have a whole list of posts that I want to write - including finishing up our latest Disneyland trip, but other things are taking precedence: like our new floors, preparing for Christmas, working and potty training.  It's no joke y'all.

But there is ONE thing that I don't want to forget or miss in all this hecticness - Ellie.  She is growing and changing daily, her imagination is flourishing, and is seriously the sweetest girl ever.  She has her meltdowns for sure (and has spent a good portion of today crying...) but I can't help but love her even more.  I knew I loved her when the nurses brought her into our room and placed her in my arms but I had no idea how much more I was going to love her, and I must tell her that very often.

So here are some sweet things that Ellie has been saying and/or doing lately that I just have to share:

+ during potty training if she kicks her legs and makes contact with me, I tell her "ouch no kicking Mama" to which she replies as she tries to give my leg a hug "I love Mama leg too much!"

+ when her tantrum is over and I tell her to stop crying "I stopped crying Mama"

+ when she poops in her diaper "Mama I pooped in my butt"

+ whenever someone kisses on the TV she has to have a kiss from both me and Dada

+ she will just randomly come up to me throughout the day and as "I love you Mama"

+ when she counts, she will use her fingers and count "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10" always skipping 7 and will occasionally go into the teens

+ when we pass by a yard Santa or fire station "I want to go by Santa again!" or "I want to go by fire station again!"

+ she insists on having her Christmas tree in her room plugged in - but it has to be off before she gets into bed

+ how she doesn't always make the "s" sound at the front of words like Stop Sign = top dign and that she cannot make the "f" or "ph" sound so she always wants to play with the pone = phone 

+ how she absolutely adores babies and they always get all the loves first

+ and I love that when she sleeps she will sometimes cover herself with the pillows and I just fall in love all over again


  1. She's just the cutest! That little tree is adorable. Definitely don't apologize for being absent! You gotta do life first :) The only way I blog is late at night and that doesn't happen a lot ;)

  2. Love the no appology approach #fistbump.

    I had to lol about the "I pooped in my butt" comment. Oh those kiddos and the things they say.

  3. I love this post. I think to often we think that our blog posts have to be some huge, elegantly wrote to-do but they don't. Listing out all the little but oh so important things is just a beautiful.


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