Friday, April 1, 2016

Our Easter 2016

Y'all ready for one more Easter post?? Good.

I'll try to keep this short and sweet...but first, Today is baby #2 due date!!! She's not here yet but hopefully soon.

Ellie's Easter Basket this year.  It was so fun and a compilation of things she loves.

And I finally found a copy of this book.  It's one of my favorites from my childhood and I'm so glad that girlfriend finally has her own copy...though she isn't as in love with it as I hoped.

She loved her basket and went straight for the Nemo saying "Oh I need to take a bath!!"

After our basket full of fun we got ready to head to the zoo!!  Our weather app told us it should be sunny in the morning and start raining around 1pm so we wanted to get to the zoo right when it opened.  When we pulled into the parking lot it started to downpour.... It made our moods a little cross and the beginning of our visit a bit of a cluster.  My boots apparently are not waterproof, one of our ponchos had a giant split down the front, one of our umbrellas broke.  Thankfully Ellie could have cared less about the rain - good girl.

We got to see Pumba (x2)!!!

And we took a spin around the carousel.  When we got off the rain stopped and the sun started to come out.  We were no longer in a hurry to get through the zoo and spent the last 45 minutes leisurely walking around and checking out the exhibits with more enthusiasm.


Girlfriend was tuckered out from all the fun...I just love to get pictures of her sleeping.

We got home and transferred her to her bed for a nap (after changing into her jams - that's how we roll) and when she got up we did our first ever egg hunt at our house!!

She had so much fun looking for all the eggs...then she realized we were out in the front yard and dropped her basket making a beeline for the garden so she could dig for worms!!  I love her!

The rest of our day was just relaxing the three of us and watching TWD...OMGGG I am so sad that there is only one episode left.

Happy Easter!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Yay April baby!!! We can't wait to meet you!!! :)

    And yes to TWD. I am so not ready for the finale!


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