Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Weekend - the one before baby comes

Hopefully baby girl makes her appearance this week. She has an appointment today and we're all praying that they just keep her at the hospital. 

So what have we been doing now that the babe is almost 1 1/2 weeks late? Keeping busy for sure and finishing up some last minute things in the nursery. 

But first let's take a look at Ellie's gallery wall. A project I have been designing in my head for nearly a year! And finally got all the pieces complete this week to be put up on her wall this weekend!! Her room is one step closer to being done and I cannot wait to show the whole thing off!! Check out the inspiration, my pinterest board, and how its come along so far!

I love how it turned out. And let me tell you why each of the pieces are so special. 

It actually all started with this artwork.  I won a Minted giveaway last year and this was one of the pieces I chose! I love the watercolor and the blush background.  It was actually to starting off point for her room and I just love it so much!  The frame is old (and actually originally black) and I grabbed the paper backing from the scrapbook section at Michaels.

And then back during the summer I got this quote and thought it was perfect! It came in my MOPs package for this year and I loved the colors.  I used some extra floral scrapbook paper from Michaels (that I used on her paper garland I made back when Ellie was only a couple of weeks old and the same paper I used for her 1st birthday invites)  I love the colors and how it gives that fun flirty floral girly look. Again its in an old frame that used to be black.

One of my favorite parts of this gallery wall are the glitter letters that I got at Pottery Barn several years ago. They were a bit of a challenge to get level but I love them so much.

Then I have a photo that I took of Ellie for her 1 year shoot when she was still learning how to walk!!  (frame here)

And another photo of me and my girl...I am thinking that we will switch this out with a family picture once baby girl arrives!! (frame here)

When we went to Disneyland back in September we went into one of the shops in Frontierland.  I spotted this dream catcher and knew that one would be perfect in Ellie's room.  We failed to pick one up on that trip so when we decided to head back in February we made sure to pick one up then. 

And finally this past week for MOPs we did a watercolor craft.  I went back and forth as to what I wanted to paint and finally decided on a floral watercolor.  I LOVE how it turned out and it is the finishing touch in Ellie's room.  It's super special to me and I hope in years to come that Ellie will appreciate it.  I still can't believe that I made this!!

Lets talk about what else we did this weekend.

On Friday we went to gymnastics and story time at the library. We skipped out on the craft at the library to go to the park and it was so much fun.  Once we were done at the park we headed home for a picnic. Because I just cannot get over this weather and I love making these memories with my girl!

After lunch Ellie went down for her nap and I did some cleaning around the house. When Thomas got home, and after Ellie woke up, we headed out to the farm and I got Rags ready for a ride.  I have been working with her the past week to get ready to ride, but I won't get on her unless Thomas is home - safety first y'all!  Ellie was so excited to see me get out a saddle for her that she begged and begged to get on.  Thomas gave us a pony ride and then snapped this picture.  This was also Ellie's first time on a big horse and I am so glad she loved it!!!

On Saturday we went to gymnastics in the morning and then over to my In-Laws for a quick visit. On the way home my BFF texted and asked if she could come over and do some painting - yes please!! Look at what she created!!! I have the most talented friend. 

While she was painting (and I was talking) Thomas mowed the back yard.  I hope that we get to spend a lot of time out here this summer and that it turns into our little oasis!

Looking at these pictures...I really need to weed between the pavers.... how embarrassing!

Then Ellie woke up from her nap and requested Cars. This is how she chose to watch it! Melt my heart, I love her love for her Dada!

On Sunday we went out in the morning to look for new Tennis shoes for Thomas since he wore holes in his old pair. We stopped at MOD pizza, a park and of course Target - no shopping trip is complete! We picked up these for the nursery and they're perfect!!

Back home for Ellie's nap and I got to work on some things in the nursery:

I hung up my DIY mobile (details coming soon)

Replaced the top knobs with my new acquisitions. 

And spray painted a hook with Rose Gold spray paint just like the lighting fixture.

I also finally got the gallery wall hung! I had to black out the name because we aren't quite ready to share it, but my fabulous BFF did the calligraphy on it and I cannot wait to share!!  The pictures in the frames will be replaced with photos of the babe and our family!  Plus how awesome is that mirror?? A steal at HomeGoods for $14.99!!! holy moly!  You can also see that we picked up a dream catcher for the babe while in Disneyland as well!

Then I went out to finish up some farm chores.  Keeping up with all the manure is quite the challenge but we finally did it!! We do have some weird dips in our pasture so I have been using the manure to help fill in the holes.  It's a great free resource and gives me a place for the manure.  

And Rags paddock is finally clean of all manure...except for the new ones she gifted me - just a mere 2 feet away from the compost bin....horses!!

For dinner I made spaghetti and meatballs...Toddler approved!

How was your weekend??

♥ Ashley

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  1. That is such a lovely watercolor painting! So pretty!!

  2. I have been wondering and thinking about and praying for y'all. Good luck today!

  3. I can't believe you painted that! I'm seriously impressed.

    You know I love both of their rooms!

  4. Ashley, the room looks great! I LOVE that floral watercolor painting you made and I am adding it to my Watercolor board on Pinterest.

  5. I love it!! I hope she comes soon! I will be thinking about you guys
    Chelsea @

  6. I love that each piece of Ellie's gallery wall holds so much sentiment! I am anxiously waiting to hear about baby girl's arrival!! So excited for you guys! XO

  7. Yeah, good luck with everything! So excited for you guys!! XO

  8. Ellie's gallery wall is so sweet! Isn't picnic weather the best? We love it! That photo of her eating spaghetti is priceless! It's like every kid has that obligatory spaghetti face picture :)

    I am sure you are all so anxious waiting for your baby girl! So exciting. Good luck! I hope she comes soon.

  9. Love this & congrats! I was late with my first and it was such a pain waiting. I adore that paiting your friend did. So beautiful!!


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