Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 1

I have gone back and forth about whether or not I was going to do Weekly Updates for Finnley but have ultimately decided that I just have to.  They are so fun to go back and see how Ellie was at each of these ages and the weekly photos are a favorite of mine.  I'm going to try and keep them short a sweet because some weeks can get a bit repetitive. 

Week 1

This has been a whirwind of a week with our 5+ hour road trip to be at the hospital for when Finnley was born to waiting for the "okay" to head home and then the 5+ hour drive back home with TWO children in our car!! Its been an adjustment to having a newborn back in our home and we couldn't love it anymore!  One thing I did forget was how much they sleep the first week, and how hard they sleep!! 

Eats: Finnley has totally figured out the whole milk in the bottle thing.  We are feeding her Similac Sensitive since she seems to have a slight spit up issue...but we have some regular Similac that we will be trying out again.

Sleeps:  Finn is a pretty good sleeper.  We are working on getting her days/nights situated since the first 5 days were sleep all day - party all night....not okay baby girl!! Although Monday night she slept for almost 6 hours - no complaints here! Also of note, we have learned that Finnley doesn't like to have her arms swaddled.

Goes: Since Finnley girl was born on the other side of the state we road tripped for 5+ hours back home at just 3 days old and she did awesome!  We made our first stop to Target when we got discharged from the hospital, to a park, out to dinner at the Olive Garden, out for Sushi, grocery store and to visit her Great Grandma at her new retirement home.

Loves:  Still learning about what this baby girl loves...but I can say that she really enjoys her food and a clean/dry diaper. But things that I am loving: our Solly Baby Wrap, crib, nursery, Dr. Browns bottles and our SkipHop mat

Does: not much besides eating, sleeping, and diaper duty. She has started to look around quite a bit more the past couple of days and just seems to have a calm personality - just what I have been praying for!

Of Note: we had her 1 week appointment already on Monday and she was already above birth weight at 8lbs 1oz and grew 1/4" of course that was probably just from stretching out a bit.  She got her heel poked for the second Newborn Screening Test and just flinched a little at the poke, no crying or pulling her foot away.  She was a champ!

Mama: seriously I am just living up this new baby.  We've been waiting for her for a long time and this whole process has been so smooth and timely.  My favorite part of all of this is just watching how much Ellie loves her new sister. I am not complaining at how chill she is either, the perfect second baby!

Sister: Ellie seriously couldn't be making this transition any better! I had a feeling that it would go smoothly because she and I are around babies all the time with me being a nanny to infants and now working at our church's nursery.  Often times if Ellie doesn't see her she will get worried and ask us if we know where she is (like Finnley can just get up and walk away ;)).  She loves to pet her head, give her kisses, and help watch us with changing her diaper.  She is constantly asking if Finnley can do "x" with her or says "When Finnley gets older she can do x with me" or if we are going to go somewhere she insists that Finnley gets to come too....melt my mama heart!!

♥ Ashley

Ellie at 1 week

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  1. She is just adorable and I absolutely LOVE her name!! So glad big sis is adjusting so well! So happy for your little family, Ashley! XO

  2. So amazing! I couldn't be happier for your little family! My daughter is only 8 months old and I already miss that newborn stage!!!

  3. OH my goodness. She is so perfect. I am so happy for you friend. I just want to smooch those little baby cheeks. Congratulations again, praying you continue to adjust well!

  4. This makes me smile :-) She is adorable.

  5. I LOVE that you've included her big sister in the 1 week photo!

  6. beyond adorable. Good name choice too, I'm only a little biased since Aria's middle name is Finley. So great how well Ellie is taking to being a big sister!

  7. So sweet! She is adorable! Such a cute idea keeping track of each week as she grows :) xoxox

    ~ Nicole


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