Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekending - Baby's First Easter edition

Lately we've been packing our weekends so full there is hardly any time for us to sleep!!!  This weekend was no exception.  It was the tail end of Thomas Spring Break and we wanted to make sure to make the most of it.  

The funny thing about having a baby born in early/mid April is that sometimes they get to celebrate Easter twice in one year (or every other year).  Finnley got to celebrate her First Easter this year just days after turning ONE since Easter was in March last year!!   Let me tell you that ONE looks good on her ;)

Our Friday night was a late one after I got home from work.  Our floors got finished while we were in Victoria so I had to vacuum and mop (b/c I'm a control freak) before we could put our bedroom back together...and when Ellie saw me get out the mop she begged to help!! So you get a sneak peek at our room/closet (which needs a complete overhaul btw).

my little "cinder"Ellie

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em pretty early to get our farm chores completed before we had to catch the Ferry to get to our favorite island...Vashon!

It was a beautiful day and Ellie had so much fun on the quick boat ride...she jumped and squealed with excitement when we were docking in Vashon.  I think it's safe to say she loves it there as much as we do.

We stopped for coffee and breakfast pastries at Snapdragon and y'all it was so good!! I didn't get any photos of our food but believe me when I say I might have to go back next weekend and pick up some things for Finnley's birthday party!!  So freakin' good.

Then we went into town and started our walking around.  They have the best grocery store with an awesome floral dept and Ellie was taken with this Sheep Balloon!

As we were walking to the park for the Easter Egg Hunt (the reason for our visit) we ran into the Easter Bunny herself!!  Ellie was beside herself with excitement and couldn't wait to wrap her arms around her.  Finnley jumped in the pictures too...and once she realized all the fuss was about squealed in delight at the Easter Bunny and kept trying to climb out of the stroller to get back to her once we started walking away.

At the park we playing on the swings, a whirly-gig, slides and whatnot.  It was getting close to naptime (actually passed it) and the Finn almost fell asleep in the swing!! Then she got her second wind and was raring to go for the hunt.  Which was a little too crazy for our non-walker so Ellie just made sure to get some eggs for Finnley too!

The Egg Hunt was crazy and I'm glad we kept Finnley out of it.  After all the eggs were picked we took Ellie to a nearby table and started opening all of the Eggs...when what should we find? The Golden Egg Ticket!!!!!! I don't know how this girl gets so lucky.  She was awarded an awesome Easter Basket for her find and it was the highlight of the day.  Along with some candy in the eggs there were also coupons for many of the shops on the island where the kids could go in a pick out a prize (candy, toy, ice cream, or a coupon for Mama to get a bouquet of flowers).  A great move to get the stores some extra action.

After all our playing and hunting we got pretty hungry and decided to have lunch at The Hardware Store Restaurant and it had a bit of a wait so we put our name and number down and went over to the Pharmacy to play while we waited.  The food did not disappoint, Thomas had a burger and I had falafel, both were incredibly filling and delicious.  Then we had to stop for some ice cream before getting back in the car to catch the Ferry back home.

moments after Ellie finished her ice cream she fell a sleep and missed the whole Ferry ride...Finnley was rearing to go so I took her up to see the sights!

It was a late night once we got home as I put together the Easter Baskets, put out some bunny footprints, and got my flowers into vases.  Fresh flowers in your bedroom are always a great idea!

For the first time in forever Finnley woke up first and was able to have a bottle before Ellie got up.  Ellie collected all the bunny footprints on her way to the baskets and the girls had so much fun seeing what they got!

Then we had some playing around before we went out on another adventure!

We stopped by Thomas' grandma to have a quick visit and then made our way to see my Mom.  It's always so hard and emotional for me to see I don't go very often.

We then made our way up North to have lunch in Snohomish.  We ate at Thai Naan and it might be our favorite place in town.  We got the Golden Noodles and Special Fried Rice...I might make a trip up there specifically for eating ;)  We looked in a couple of shops, stopped in The Snohomish Bakery for a treat and then made our way to Flower World...if you're local make a trip there.  They have a huge nursery and then a whole area of animals: goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, and peacocks!!

The only "farm" animals Finnley won't cry about ;)

The girls fell asleep on the way home so we were able to set up our egg hunt while they were sleeping in the car.  Once they were up they went for it.  I think it was a success and am so grateful we had such beautiful weather to celebrate's not often it's sunny in the PNW for outdoor egg hunts!

How was your Easter Weekend?

♥ Ashley


  1. I love Vashon Island! It looks like you had such a fun Easter weekend around Seattle.

  2. Gosh, you're making me miss my hometown! It looks like you had such a fun Easter weekend with family!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun! My little guy just turned 3 yesterday!


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