Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 52

I'm a little late in posting since we had a pretty epic week this week.  Thomas took Ellie to his parent's new house for the weekend so it was just me and Finnley getting the house put together and torn apart since we got the bedroom floors replaced.  Then on Monday the two of us worked and then we packed for our trip to Victoria (more on that later).  I can't believe that we've made it a whole year with this babe and while there has been crying (lots) we've also had many laughs and smiles along the way.  Finnley has fit in perfectly to our family and has stretched our parenting skills to help us be the best parents all around.

Week 52

Eats: the babe had a bit of a weird week with her bottles and seemed to be unimpressed with them.  She much prefers her pouches and is also totes into self feeding puffs, cheddar bunnies, and the like.  I totally failed at getting her to drink out of a sippy cup so we will have to work on that again next week along with transitioning from formula to whole milk....I can't wait to have my counter back!

Sleeps: Finnley has been a rock star at her sleeping when we are home or at work.  She sleeps amazingly in her crib (or the pack'n'play) and once she settles down in the bed when we co-sleep on vacations she sleeps pretty well.  Naps while we were in Victoria were basically a bust so we have some work to do with the upcoming trips we have planned for the next several months.

Does: the Finn is all about standing.  She loves it and will do it just about any chance she gets.  She is getting more confident in her walking abilities and can walk alongside me for about 8 steps while holding just one hand.  She is self feeding, sucks her fingers (eyeroll) and gets so excited to see her people.  She waves, says "Dadada" and "Momomom" and her little voice is so high pitched it's so cute.  Another thing she does which I haven't mentioned before is after she sneezes she gets the biggest smile!

Goes: So many places.  We took Ellie to ballet, out to dinner with my best friend, and then we rode on a boat to get to Victoria and she toured the whole city with us.  Our favorites were the park and the bookstore.

Loves: give this girl all the fruit and frosting.  She loves to stand and play with her toys.  She also is totally into the TV and will stand up and get within 3 inches of it.  Currently Finnley is obsessed with Moana (as is Ellie) and then just about anything Mickey Mouse will keep her attention for a while.


Mama: I have to admit that I am so excited, happy and relieved to have made it through this first year.  It has been an amazing experience spending every single day (and night)  with this little pumpkin nut and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  We have had our rough days and both cried but we've also had some superb days full of smiles and laughs.  I love how we have both grown this year and that this girl has taught me so much more about being a mama.

Sister: the love these two grows more and more every day.  I feel like a broken record but both love each other so much.  Finnley was definitely missing her sister this last weekend and I know that she is just obsessed with her.  Ellie is still totally smitten with her little sister but is having a hard time sharing toys and has been a little possessive...I know it's just a stage and I am trying to teach her the best way to navigate through it because really how are you playing with all 10 of your little people when you a) only have 2 hands and b) are holding them all so tightly to your chest so Finnley can't have one?? It cracks me up for sure.  However, on the flip side I have the hardest time keeping Ellie's hands off Finnley because she is always holding, hugging, or squeezing her sister! I think they were meant to be.

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  1. Happy birthday to Finnley!!! She is just the sweetest addition to your precious family!


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