Friday, May 26, 2017

Five Things on Friday - the end of May edition

It's been a hot minute since I've done a 5 on Friday post.  I love these because they are a smashing of all sorts of things.  And really life has been so crazy busy lately with all the things I have going on that this is just the thing I need to get it all written down and out of my head.  Between working on the Playhouse (slow and steady), redecorating our Master Bedroom, and prepping for Ellie's birthday party I'd say my plate is pretty full.


I've been hard at work on Project Playhouse.  This project is taking it's sweet time to get complete but when you are dependent on the weather (PNW probs) and can only work during naptime it's bound to take a while.  I have to say that some serious progress was made this week.  We got the front window holes cut out and then this week I was able to get out there and build the frames for the windows and got them installed!! All the praise hands because now it can really start moving along.  I still need to caulk the windows in, they are going to be inoperable due to rainfall.  But seriously y'all I love how it looks.  I can't wait to get them painted white on the outside and black on the inside!!  We still have one more window that we need to make a hole for (and then frame and install) and then Thomas needs to put up the plywood walls.  Hopefully he'll be able to get three of the walls done by the end of this weekend!! Once that gets done then I think the girls will be able to play in there, for sure once the last window and wall goes up!


Ellie had her ballet recital last week and it was the most adorable thing ever.  I was a little nervous she would be a stinker since she tends to not pay much attention in class but Y'all she was so into it.  She was determined to stay in her spot and did so amazingly well, almost as if she actually knew the whole dance ;)  I couldn't have been any more proud of her and am taking in great joy at getting to experience this part of being a girlmom, it was one of the main things I was most looking forward to.


Last year when we were working on finishing up our deck (which still isn't 100% complete - is anything ever though?) I had visions of a row of boxwood in front of the railing.  I've been on the lookout for a great deal on a decent size since I need so many of them and I found them.  Home Depot and Lowes were having a great price a week or so ago, so I scooped them up and got the ground prepped for them.  I got them planted this week and I am loving the look.  Also our ferns didn't survive the winter so I pulled them out of the hanging baskets and replaced them with some pink geraniums...I have to admit that I love them even more than the ferns.  Their color is so bright and vibrant and they remind me of my mom.  Every year she planted over 100 cotton candy pink geraniums all over her yard in various pots that I can't imagine not having them at my house.  While mine aren't the same color as hers I still feel her vibe.


Speaking of planting things.  Back in High School I used to dream about owning a horse farm in Kentucky.  I envisioned a long driveway with horse pastures on either side and lined with an allee of magenta flowering Magnolia trees.  I wanted to name it Magnolia Farms.  That isn't going to be a reality nor do I want that farm any more but I have always wanted a Magnolia tree.  I have had a hard time finding just the right tree and the right spot.  But this year I got it all figured out.  So much of my focus has been on our front yard for the past 8 years that our backyard has taken a back seat.  But now that our deck is such a pleasure I want to spend more time out back.  I found the perfect corner for my Magnolia and I got a pair of Prince Edward Flowering Currents to go on either side.  These currents also hold a special place in my heart as they too remind me of my mom and the last Flower Show I attended with her.  It's so funny how something as simple as a flower can bring so many memories and emotions.


We are celebrating Ellie's 4th Birthday this weekend with our family and friends.  I am so excited to have a special day with this girl.  She decided to go with a Moana theme and I am so happy that the weather is looking favorable to be able to have guests outside.  I'm trying to go pretty simple with her party: sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, a cake from Baskin Robbins, and a pinata to top it all off.  I have a few pieces of decor ready to go and am hoping that the food brings it all together.

♥ Ashley

what have you been up to lately?

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