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{Travel Diaries} Vancouver, BC - Butchart Gardens

I know that we are already well into July but I just have to share about our visit to Butchart Gardens back in April.  For years I have been attending the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle and Butchart Gardens always has a booth and I just die every time because I want to go so bad.  Well it finally happened over Spring Break and I am so happy to let y'all know that it did NOT disappoint.  Spring really is my favorite time of year so I'm so glad we got to visit during all the spring bulb blooms.  We booked our vacation through Clipper and added on a tour to the gardens.  We arrived to the bus a little early so we could snag the best seats and then were entertained the whole way by our driver telling stories and history about Victoria, Butchart Gardens, and his life growing up in Victoria.

The best thing about Butchart Gardens is that it really can be a great place to take the kids.  There are expanses of lawn for them to run around on, lots of wildlife to search for, flowers to smell, food to eat and there is even a carousel!

My favorite was Finnley falling asleep on the way there holding Dada's hand (swoon)

Upon arrival there was a feast of flowers for our eyes and I could barely contain my really are my happy place!

Since we were there in early Spring the rose garden was not blooming but you can just tell how beautiful it will be in July.

One of my favorite views: a fountain, a pond, manicured lawns and formal gardens.

I'm not sure what else can be better than all these Spring bulbs blooming at once.  This was the Italian Garden and I loved it so much. (I loved everything...)

These Magnolia's were just to die for.

A little secret garden entrance...for employees only

In the distance you can see three figures, they are moss deer statues and just so beautiful.

Here we are in the sunken garden, originally dug out as a rock quarry (what the land was purchased for) and then transformed into colorful beauty.

There was a "tower" that you could walk up stairs to and get the most gorgeous 360 view of the Sunken Garden.  It was simply spectacular and one day when I become a multi-millionaire (as a SAHM) I want to have a property like this.

just under the evergreen tree on the bench you can spot Thomas and the girls.

Here is another view of the Sunken Garden from up top, right in the center of this picture you can see the "tower" where you can get the 360 views from.

The "Private Garden" of Jennie Butchart, no admittance.

And finally we made it to the carousel.  Ellie's favorite part, I'm sure.  We got her two rides and her first ride was with me.  She picked out the Firefighter Horse because Firefighter and was one of the only riders.  She had a blast and she loved it so much.  For her second ride she was telling me which animal she wanted to ride next, so I was telling Thomas (who was in line) and the other kids ages 7+ heard what her choices were and beelined it for all three of her top choices since they were first in line.  Poor girl had to settle for the Pig (which would have been my mom's first choice #alwaysandforever) and was just so upset about it.  Once the ride was over we let her sit on her beloved Orca Whale but she was still just so sad about it.  In hindsight we probably could have asked to wait for the next ride - since there was hardly anyone there - but it was a good lesson for Ellie that you don't always get to ride on the animal you want, so you should have a thankful heart that you get to ride at all.

It was a long day for the girls and Ellie fell asleep almost instantly when we got back onto the bus.  Finnley was a happy camper just checking out all the sights out the window she missed on the way in because she was sleeping.  We had a new driver that was equally entertaining and I have decided that tours are so fascinating because you get to learn things you wouldn't otherwise hear if you rented a car and drove yourself.

We seriously had the BEST time and I was checking out pictures of the summer season and the flora is breathtaking so I'm pretty sure that we are going to have to go back in July 2018!! 

Have you been to Butchart Gardens?  What is your favorite flower?

♥ Ashley

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  1. I live in Victoria and I absolutely loved this! You've captured the beauty of my little city and butchart gardens is beautiful!!!

  2. This is so beautiful! I just love Victoria.


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