Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our 4th of July 2017

I'm not big on fireworks but that doesn't mean that I should deny my girls the joy of the show!!  We had a wonderful day celebrating our nations birthday and freedom!  Thank you to all who have given their lives and devoted their time to making this country we live in so great.

We seriously had a fantastic 4th!  Finnley was up and walking around this year (compared to last year where she was just a baby blob).

Our morning started out with a bike ride for Thomas and some sister time in Finnley's crib.  We then made our way to Starbucks for coffee and a treat, then to our destination of the Zoo!!

(the best family picture we got from the entire day)

When we were driving into the zoo there were two deer wandering around and then as we were walking up to the entrance they were along the pathway.  Ellie was enchanted with them and so was I.

Finnley got a little restless as we were waiting in line and Ellie did what she loves to do to her sister, gives kisses on her head.  PS. I am loving this new double stroller a friend gifted us, it's a sit'n'stand stroller and it is perfect for Ellie - who is constantly wanting to get a ride and then walk at the same time ;)

beautiful Mt. Rainier in the distance

On our visit to the Zoo we saw the Red Wolves and the Polar Bear who was napping when we arrived but promptly got up and went for a swim!

The Rocky Shores exhibit was finally open after months of restoration and the girls had a blast checking out some of my very favorite animals: Harbor Seals, Walruses, Tufted Puffins, and Sea Otters.  This area was perfect for Finnley to walk and wander around and she had a total blast.

After checking out all the animals from above we went down to the underwater viewing and we made fast friends with one of the Puffins.  Ellie insisted it was a "she" and we named her Pretzel.  Pretzel was obsessed with Ellie's dress and kept trying to get Finnley's finger through the glass.  Both girls were completely enamored and didn't want to leave Pretzel - they both started crying when it was time for us to move on.

Over to the Budgie area where we bought a seed stick and the girls were in heaven with the birds flying all around.  Ellie was all about holding the stick and getting a bird on it and all Finnley wanted to do was grab the birds (and maybe eat them, the jury is still out on that).

We also visited the aquarium as Ellie wanted to go to all the touch tanks.  She loved it and Finnley cried all about it.

On the way out, Ellie just had to take a picture with the Gorilla, especially the flower in his hand.

We stopped at our favorite grocery store for lunch and some last minute dinner items and then headed home for a photo shoot in front of our festive chalkboard.  Ellie loved the flag prop and once Finnley figured out what we were doing she wouldn't leave the chalkboard for another 5 minutes once our shoot was done! 

Then it was time for the girls naps and we took advantage of our 3 hours to get the house prepped, garden work, and yard work done before my best friend and her husband arrived for our neighbors spectacular fireworks show.  My friend made these delicious drinks, we had a cheese plate, chips and salsa and guacamole for our apps.  Then for dinner we had fajitas and dessert was Red White and Blue Shortcake with homemade shortcake and hand whipped cream by yours truly.

The fireworks show was awesome, Finnley slept through the whole thing, the dogs hid in the closet  and we only got bit by about 15 mosquitos! It was a great day and I loved spending it with my favorite people.

♥ Ashley 

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