Friday, November 17, 2017

The Friday before Thanksgiving

I had all sorts of ideas for posts this week but then when I got the energy to sit at the computer my mind went blank...I guess that is just what happens sometimes.  I've been reflecting a lot on all of the "stuff" we have and feel this strong desire to just get rid of it all...but then how do you get your kids on board with getting rid of toys??  I just can't handle all the clutter anymore and am pretty sure that they wouldn't notice if I got rid of a bunch of their stuff, but then Ellie has the memory of an Elephant and will ask me where a certain toy is that I did actually donate and then she gets all sad about it being gone.  It hurts my Mama heart but then it doesn't because it means we don't have as much crap 😉


Now that Halloween is over (yes that was a while ago) we've done some minor updating with our decor.  Mostly I switched out the ghosts and goblins for turkeys and am still enjoying this less is more decor.  I have also become obsessed with Trader Joe's flowers, I can get a couple bouquets and then split them up to use all around my house and they seem to last for weeks!

I recently made a trip to IKEA and picked up a couple of these throws because I have a hard time saying no to green.  And I love them so much, if it wasn't weird I think I would have 6 of them.

So as you can see I've kept things pretty simple around here but I am itching to put it all away and get Christmas out.  I mean I have been rocking Christmas music in the car (and at home) since Nov 1st so the mood is already set 😂.


I've also had my eye on this blanket at Target for quite some time but was having the hardest time choosing which color, my heart said green but my brain said to try something new and then I realized that Ellie needed one too so I got two different colors and I am so glad I did.  I can't wait to transform both of our bedrooms into Christmas Wonderlands and use pops of Red in Ellie's room and then pops of Green (surprise) in our Master!!  I got Ellie some flannel sheets a couple years ago already but I spotted these and they are so adorable!  I went with a plain off white flannel sheet in our room, I actually got them at Costco because I couldn't believe the price...and I like to keep things simple in our room.  Whenever I buy at Target I use my RedCard for extra savings and bought the blankets online through Ebates for store pickup and that's my favorite way to shop!!  Talk about some great savings.


Finnley has her 18m photos coming up this weekend and I am just crossing my fingers that her personality shines through and that we get some good ones.  Ellie wore the cutest red and white striped dress with a gold tutu and I was this close to having Finnley wear the same thing but knew that probably wasn't a good idea, so this week we made our way to the mall and I was on the search.  While the dress doesn't have to be Christmas/Holiday themed it just seems right given the time of year.  It was so hard to choose between this grey one, this cream one, this green one. and a striped one I already had (similar).  Obviously we came home with the green one and now I just have to choose between the green and striped one...which do you prefer?


While we're on the subject of Finnley, I made a very minor change in her nursery.  Now that she is 18 months old and we are nearing the cold winter season, I felt it was time for her to get some new bedding.   I had already gotten the crib comforter from IKEA back when Ellie was still in the crib and I knew that I wanted to go for an all white look with the duvet, because that's where I'm at design wise these days.  Luckily IKEA had just what I was looking for and it came with a matching pillow case so I got another pillow too.  I have to say that I really like how it turned out and Finnley adores having a pillow now too, just like the rest of us!

and yes that blue animal is Hoppopotamus, from The Wuzzles back from 1985, Ellie has Butterbear in her room, anyone else remember that show? Gosh I loved them and I am so happy that I kept them from my childhood because they are being loved on again by my girls! And no child's stuffed animal collection would be complete these days with out a Jellycat or two.


Not only are we having Finnley's 18m photos taken but we are also hoping to make it to see Santa this weekend!! We received a flyer in the mail about the Santa's Wonderland they have at Bass Pro Shops and are convinced that the girls are going to love it.  I'm hoping for no tears this year but with Finnley I really wouldn't be too surprised.  I already have Ellie's dress picked out (last years version of this) and am still undecided on Finnley's...surprise, surprise amiright?

Well that's pretty much all I have for this week, now I'm off to get ready for this months Supper Club and I am super excited about it because...#mamaneedsabreak 😉

♥ Ashley


  1. I am just torn. I really like fall and want to keep the fall decor going (I'm in NC so we have fall from October until April) but there is a tiny, minimal, minute piece of me that's like OK C'MON TREE! Eeeek! Your little lady is precious! I straight up remember the wuzzles. xo

    1. That is a very long Fall season ;) Tell me about the's so magical with the lights. Hooray for the Wuzzles!!!


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