Monday, November 27, 2017

Our Thanksgiving Holiday 2017

I thought we were Thankful last year but nothing compares to this year!! 

I love our little family we have and getting to see the girls grow up and become friends is just the best.  Ellie is still as protective as ever and loves her sister very much (as long as she isn't trying to touch any of her toys 😉) and is constantly telling us that she wants another sister and a brother and a sister and a I'm not sure if we'll be able to meet those requests but it sure is sweet.  Finnley loves to laugh, suck her fingers and is really into jumping and galloping which is the cutest thing ever, and lets not even start with her love of Target girlfriend runs around that place like a mad woman!!! (Good thing we're usually there around 7am so we're only bothering the workers with her shenanigans).

Ellie was so excited for Thanksgiving this year and has become a Turkey fiend and will practically eat half of the bird!!  Finnley was just happy to be surrounded by people she knew and free reign to run around like a crazy.  We made our way over the mountains to spend the holiday with Thomas family and despite me coming down with a migraine we had a lovely time.  The food was great, family was fun, and the girls loved playing with their cousins.  Traveling around the holidays can sometimes be chaotic but luckily we timed our travel just right that we didn't get held up in any horrific traffic.

We spent Black Friday morning (I was recovered from my migraine) taking it easy with breakfast, the cousins playing, adults talking, online browsing and just basic relaxation from the crazy of the day before.  Then we all headed out to check out the brick and mortar deals, the boys took all the kids and us girls had the best time doing some shopping sans parenting! I kept saying I felt like I was missing something - turns out it was reprimanding the girls for touching things!! haha  We all met back up at the house for lunch said goodbye to the family that was leaving and then I hit up Ebates to get some Christmas presents ordered (and cash back too) online.

Later we watched a movie and then headed out to dinner because who can do Turkey three meals in a row?? And after dinner we showed off Finnley's adoration for Target and then back to the house for my family time and then bed.

Saturday morning we were up, had breakfast and made our way home.  Once home we got down our Christmas decorations, Ellie and I took a nap, watched Beauty and the Beast and had dinner.  Not too busy but just what we needed.

Then Sunday we got out our boxes of Christmas decor and started decking the halls by putting up our Christmas trees.  We have one in the living room and then both girls have one in each of their rooms.  We switched things up this year and went with a smaller tree and used colored lights...not sure if we'll go with colored again but it sure is fun to mix things up!!

♥ Ashley

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