Friday, December 22, 2017

Twas the Friday before Christmas...

and all through the house we were ready, or almost at least!!  I seriously cannot get over how quickly this season is flying by.  We officially entered the winter season yesterday and I am just so excited to experience Christmas with the girls again this year!  Last year was pretty magical when we got to celebrate with our two little munchkins and now its going to be even more special as we have another babe on the way!  This pregnancy thing is all pretty crazy, I had another appointment (first with my new clinic since I "graduated" from the RE) and they already scheduled me for my very first midwife appointment for next week!! It's just going by so quickly.

We've been pretty busy lately so let's give a little catchup on what's been going down here on the farm.

First things first, I've been debating over and over about trimming Ellie's hair.  I love her long hair and it has grown past the waist of her pants and since it's never been cut the ends are 4.5 years old and a bit scraggly.  So I was finally able to convince myself and my girl that we should just go ahead and get it over with.  It's been a really hard decision because I've been saying for years that she isn't allowed to cut her hair until she is 18 like Rapunzel, but I just couldn't handle it anymore...and she's been great going along with that idea too.  So after much debate we went for it.  I only took off about 3/4 of an inch and it made a world of difference.  Her hair is still super long and aside from it looking cleaner you can't really even tell that I cut anything off.

Another fun activity that Ellie and I did together was go to Belle's Christmas Party at this cute little party place downtown.  They whole place was decorated for Christmas with twinkling lights, decorated trees, garlands and wreaths galore.  They had activity stations set up for Cookie Decorting, Fairy Wings, Snow Globes, and Picture Frames as well as a station to sit and have a tea party with Belle herself! Once all of the kiddos made it to each station they then all got together for Belle to read them a story and sing a few Christmas Carols.  I was a bit skeptical of Belle's singing ability but she seriously knocked it out of the park and Ellie has the best time ever!

The girls and I also threw our annual Ladies Christmas Party a couple weekends ago and it was a total hit!! We got the house all decorated (more detailed post to come) and lots of friends in attendance!!  I totally went the easy route this year when it came to food, since I've been so exhausted lately and it all turned out smashingly!  I served some red wine, a couple different types of tea, and then all the foods: Irish Soda Bread, Pirates Booty, Hummus platter with veggies and pretzels, butterhorns with assorted jams, cheese plate with salami chips, rice crispy treats, assorted packaged cookies and a chocolate cake from Trader Joes.  Each guest got to take home a goody bag filled with candy canes, caramels, and a holiday tea bag.  The girls had a blast playing with their friends and I loved just hanging out with a bunch of ladies and fellowshipping with them.  My best friends made it and we all cracked up at how they are both practically a foot taller than me.

I've totally embraced being short and I love that my BFFs compliment that.

from Bump Buddies to Mom Buddies.  I wouldn't trade this 33 year old friendship for anything! (our moms were pregnant together and then we had our girls a month apart!!)

We seriously had the best time and I cannot wait until next year!

We have plans to visit Santa this afternoon and then Ellie and I are off with my MIL to watch the Nutcracker tomorrow!!  Happy Friday everyone and a Merry Christmas!!

♥ Ashley

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