Monday, April 2, 2018

The Monthly Bumpdate - weeks 21-24

I can't believe that we're into April already! Last month I celebrated my birthday, attended my first Centering appointment (basically a group OB), and got ready for Easter!  I also got a super bad cough for about 8 days that made life quite challenging, but with some approved cough medicine I was able to get by the best I could considering. The weeks are just flying by and we're getting closer and closer to meeting our little man.

How far along: 24 weeks and 3 days

Size of baby: an ear of corn

Weight gain: close to 15 lbs, I am back to my pre-weight loss weight (June 2016) so I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Sleep: mostly pretty good, and I got a pregnancy pillow that is divine!  I am having super vivid dreams (which isn't too uncommon) so that's kind of fun.  A few sleepless/restless nights aside from my week long cough.

Cravings:  I dreamed I had a turkey sandwich and it was glorious.  Other than that all the meats, spicy foods, and some desserts here and there.

Miss anything: sandwiches and kombucha.

Movement: YES!!! It's so fun and so strange at the same time but also very reassuring.

Gender: Little Man on the way.

Wedding rings on/off: On and fitting like usual.

Happy or Moody: Mostly happy with some random moody thrown in...mostly when I'm stressed out (but seriously how abnormal is that anyways?)

Looking forward to: DISNEYLAND!! and my next centering appointment to hear sweet boys heartbeat again!!  I'm also looking forward to Spring and all the flowers and outside beauty it brings!!

Purchases: YES!  Zulily is a bad habit and I've found myself adding clothes to my bag much too frequently but little man is going to be just as fashionable as his sisters and no one can really argue with that.  As mentioned above I got a pregnancy pillow, and then some more maternity items.  My MIL gave me a gift card to Pink Blush for my birthday so I got a robe and a couple pairs of jams that are all incredibly soft.

Next appointment: on the 18th...and I have to take my glucose test, so that should be fun 😜

♥ Ashley

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