Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the BIG project

Well its not done yet. But here is a sneak peak of what we - I mean my husband has been working on. Actually I did help a little bit, like the design and color, and maybe I hit in a few nails.

We are building a new Chicken Coop to replace the Temporary One. (notice how flimsy and terrible it looks with the tarp on the leaky roof). The floor frame.

Floor is level and installed. The boys working on building the walls.
Siding is almost all the way up and putting on the rafters.
Framing all the way done. Just have to finish up the roof, put in the windows and door (both were great deals 3 1920's windows for $25 and a $35 exterior door with windows already painted the right color!!). It also needs the inside walls put in, a nice paint job and the outside coop attached, but we are well on our way!You can just see Penelope in the foreground. It was challenging to get pictures without the goats since they are so curious. Out temporary door installed to keep those crazy goats out!

Will post pictures of the finished product when its all done. It happens to be taking longer than anticipated, as goes the story of my life.

Have you been working on any BIG projects lately?

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