Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the Corner

I love my dogs. They have the best personalities and are just so darn funny. We take our shoes off when we get into our house. Often times I still have my socks on but after a while they start to bug me so they have to come off. So I just take them off where I am (usually at the computer - so they are under the desk). Or next to our slider door cause I need to put them on with my boots next time I go out to the farm animals.

Cooper loves to redecorate and rearrange things in the home. Cooper also loves corners. Sometimes when I go back to grab the socks to put in the laundry I only find one. Sometimes I start looking for them and other times I just figure I will find them later. Lately I have been doing LOADS of laundry, a never ending feat - even with just two people in the house. So I was searching for the missing socks. Cooper loves to hide things, sometimes between the seat cushion in our chairs in the living room or in the corners. Surprise!!! my missing socks were in the corner in the dining room, practically pushed under the baseboard. I had to smile.

Cooper is the cutest and if you ever have a missing sock...check the corners!

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