Thursday, June 16, 2011

Difference of a Week

What a difference a week makes. Here are some pictures of our garden from last week and how much they have grown to today!

Lettuce and Spinach June 9th

Lettuce and Spinach June 16th.

Strawberries June 9th.

Strawberries June 16th.

Tomatoes June 9th.

Tomatoes June 16th. We have a blossom!

Lemon Cucumbers June 9th...they are getting a little bigger this week!
Lupine and some front bed plantings June 9th.
Lupine and front bed June 16th (above and below)

Mystery weed that looks interesting so I am letting it grow June 9th.
Mystery weed a week later June 16th - Its a volunteer Foxglove. I love these and really wanted to plant them but they can't be in Full sun -- Well apparently they can!! So happy. I have no idea how this got here since I have not ever bought one or any seeds for that matter!
Lavender by the front door and the hydrangea's (hopefully they will flower this year - but they are in almost full sun so who knows!)

How is your garden coming along? Anything exciting?

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