Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road Trip

We had the pleasure of going on a Road Trip to Spokane over the holiday weekend for my Cousin's Wedding. It was beautiful but First I want to share about our Road Trip.

Our trip to Spokane was supposed to start super early, but as usual we take longer to leave than when we are coming back. So we ended up leaving about an hour after we had hoped. We took along our husky, Sakari (Sah - car - eee). She was such a good girl in the car we stopped once on the drive there, but the place we stopped didn't have any grass so she held in her bathroom break until we got to Spokane...what a patient little girl. To help keep her hair at bay we needed to cover the seats with sheets, it looked really good.

On our way to Spokane, we stopped at the "Running Horses" just East of Vantage. I have been by them many times but never stopped and hiked up to go see them. It was so fun having a first experience with Thomas and our little girl. I didn't think that the hike was going to be as steep as it was, I got to take Sakari up the hill, but no way was I taking her down the hill (I somehow hurt my knee and had to take it slow on the way down).

Although the trip took around 6 hours it really didn't seem like it took longer than about 90 minutes! That has to say something good about the company we were keeping.

On our way home we left SUPER early so that we could stop in Ellensburg and Thomas could fish on the Yakima for a little bit. Then we stopped at Rossow's U-Tote-Em for burgers and malts. We love the Burg and it always brings back such great memories of that wonderful place. There are so many things to do in the Burg, but not on a holiday, just about everything was closed on July 4th.

Please enjoy some pics from our road trip.

She disappeared one night in our room at Hotel Ruby in Spokane and we found her here in the bathtub. It was a pretty nice little room. This is a little hotel with great room rates and an awesome location in downtown Spokane. The only downside is that all the windows in the rooms face the outdoor walkway so it is not very private with your window curtains open. I would probably stay here again. My favorite part was the shower head, we are going to invest in a massaging one.

Our last night in Spokane we got to stay at the Davenport Tower, this was an amazing hotel and the beds are gorgeous to sleep in. If you have the cash I would recommend this place in a heartbeat.

What vacations are you planning during this summer season? Any hotels that you would recommend?

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